Auto-Rig Pro

by Artell in Scripts and Addons

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  • Bryan Stone almost 2 years ago

    Great addon, just a plethora of updates. Good to see the support though.

    • Artell almost 2 years ago


  • alexandergin almost 2 years ago

    I got your full version of addon i that is amazing thing! Now working with pleasure! Thanks, man to you!!! Ten stars from five! ) Respect!

    • Artell almost 2 years ago

      Thank you!

  • Steven Babb almost 2 years ago

    This addon is truly stunning. It just works out of the box so well I'm amazed. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in a very powerful and very user friendly rigging system. For me, as a real time Unity artist, getting good rigs exported cleanly to Unity has always been a bit of headache, but this addon 100% fixes all issues I've had with exporting Blender rigs and animations to Unity. Also, the price is impossible to beat. If you regularly export characters from Blender to Unity or Unreal, buy this and save yourself days work.

    • Artell almost 2 years ago

      Thanks for this positive echo Steven!

  • IzwanShaari almost 2 years ago

    I just bought Complete version today (3am) and tbh i know how to rigging a character but only basic (Not fully). So i found out that Auto Rig pro has full body IK tracking and im glad because it can save alot of time than doing it manually. Im still new with Blender (i only know how to rig)also gonna learn more by checking out your videos.



    • Artell almost 2 years ago

      Thank you! Glad it's useful to you.

  • Warren Reed about 2 years ago

    This is fantastic. All the lightning updates and usability makes this so helpful. And with the remap of animation... I'm still not done with my feature animation but I am rerigging some of my zombies using this. I also forgot, the voxel relationship is also great, I could go on and on. Did I say how much I love this add on! Artell will be a cherished anointed Blender Saint.

    • Artell about 2 years ago

      Thanks a bunch Warren :D
      Good luck with your movie!

  • snebjorn about 2 years ago

    Absolutely amazing tool. Found it while searching for a replacement for Mixamo's auto-rigging system, which seems to have been abandoned completely after they were swallowed up by Adobe. This is much better, and the price is absurdly low for what you get. Definitely pro level at a very indie-friendly price.

    • Artell about 2 years ago

      Thanks for this meaningful feedback!

  • Adam Inskip about 2 years ago

    Love this, very easy to use and clean to animate with. The Smart align tool is such a time saver and barley had to adjust anything. The fact you can adjust the bone positions at any point for a non-destructive workflow is worth the money on its own, with the standard blender rigs you lose any animation and bone grouping I noticed when regenerating a rig. Had a couple of support questions and was emailed back same day. It would be good in a future release to have checkbox to generate the UI picker objects or not if not needed for a tidier scene. Also, maybe some constraints for the in-between controls on the lips and brows so they flow together when selecting the end and midpoints.

    • Artell about 2 years ago

      Thank Adam, I guess you're right for the picker on/off checkbox. It's definitely on the roadmap. For now, do you know you can delete the picker bones and the "rig_ui" empty and its hierarchy to disable the picker? But it's not possible to restore it easily.

  • jstone about 2 years ago

    For me, one of the most irritating things about working with UE4 and Blender is trying to get a custom character to behave as well as the Mannequin. It's fiddly and time consuming and everything is based around it. This addon works great and removes this frustration. Not only that but the creator has been extremely helpful, prompt and approachable. Would rate this 10 stars if I could.

    • Artell about 2 years ago

      Thank you, I'm glad the Fbx exporter is useful to you!

  • Ryo about 2 years ago

    Great add-on. Perfect Customer support.

    • Artell about 2 years ago

      Thanks for taking the time to rate and review Ryo, very appreciated.

  • spoons666 about 2 years ago

    So easy to use and a really nice result out of the box yet still allows so much customisation/tweaking. Where has this rig been all my life.

    I would like one thing to be changed if at all possible;

    When i edit a shape and apply it, it kicks me out of pose mode to object mode making me click the rig again and then going back into pose mode to mirror the shape to the other side. It's just a little long if you have a lot of shapes you want to edit/mirror. It'd be better if once you edit the shape and hit "apply" then it just puts you back into pose mode with the shape selected so you can click the mirror button right away without the extra steps needed. This would speed up the workflow quite a bit, i think.

    Just an idea. Not sure if it's possible, amazing work either way and you've more than earned a 5 star rating for this masterpiece.

    • Artell about 2 years ago

      I agree, I wanted to fix that a while ago but been always busy doing other stuff and kind of forgot about it... Thanks for your feedback and this reminder, will work on it!

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