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  • Absent Minded
    about 18 hours ago

    This is INCREDIBLE, it saved me HOURS during a game jam! For anyone looking for which bone collection to do custom weight painting in Blender 4.0 (formerly "Layer 31" in previous versions of blender), you want the "Deform" bone collection!

  • Rooftop Productions
    1 day ago

    There are so many little features that one can overlook, but when you find them, it just makes this addon that much more special.

    Plus, the support is excellent!

  • Manuel Garcia Perez
    1 day ago

    Incredible useful, not only to getting fast completely functional rigs but also to speed up tedious and cumbersome tasks. Full of features. If you are completely new with rigging it will save your day, and if you know what you are doing it will save you so much time you wont event think about what you paid for it. Really good investment.

  • Malzeick
    6 days ago

    A 100% must have app for video game pipelines.
    Rigging is intuitive, the fbx export is time saviour!
    Not yet tried it on Blender 4.0+ but it never get corrupted between updates so far.

  • taira
    7 days ago

    I sent message about my problem here, the I add facial it always freeze blender and not able to continue further.
    Is it still broken for Blender 4.0?
    Im using auto rig pro 3.69.11 btw

  • Jonny
    7 days ago

    Really love this tool as it has sped up some of my UE workflows. I do really wish that the facial rig could be setup in a way for metahumans so that I could easily take metahuman facial recordings and plop them right onto an auto rig face. Is there a plan for something like that in a future release?

  • Matt
    8 days ago

    This is great but retargeting is still broken in Blender 4.0, when trying to retarget from Mixamo to my rigged character it says "attribute error: NoneType object is visible does not exist" it would be great to be able to use this again

    • Artell

      7 days ago

      Hello Matt, the Remap tool has been tested and it works fine here on Blender 4. Maybe something something specific is leading to a malfunction in your case. Feel free to send a support message with your blend file attached ("Ask a Question" button on the right on this page), I will investigate if necessary.

  • Jelly
    11 days ago

    Speeds up Rigging workflow substantially. It's currently broken in Blender 4.0 (I know, I read the post), I had to kept using 3.6. But I hope it brings in the new Rigify features. If I recall, I think they ported CloudRig's B-Bones (Bendy Bones) to 4.0, I've been playing around with it, and it seems very promising with Automatic Weights

    • Artell

      10 days ago

      Hello Jelly, the new update will be released this week. Maybe today or tomorrow if things go well. The challenge is I want it to be backward-compatible with older Blender versions too (3.6, 3.5...). It has proven to work so far, but it takes more time than a simple update.

  • charles tietjen
    15 days ago

    I went from barely getting anything done futzing with janky rigify solutions to a damn near seamless and easy create > animate > export workflow from blender to godot.

    I absolutely love ARP even without understanding half of it's features. Best tool I've ever spent money on for game dev.

    • Artell

      12 days ago

      Thanks for rating charles!

  • Kaan
    18 days ago

    Can you make the Rig Export For Unreal Engine 5 mannequin skeleton

    • Artell

      17 days ago

      Hello Kaan, the exporter works by default for UE5 humanoid skeletons, if Unreal Engine is selected in the export setting, and "UE4 Legacy" turned off.

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