Auto-Rig Pro

by Artell in Scripts and Addons

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  • JasboJones 1 day ago

    I usually build product shots or sets for comping into photography or for short animations, but not characters or rigging. Most of the other great add-ons I use essentially save me time, but this one has opened up new possibilities for me. Quickly and easily.
    Bravo I say, bravo!
    (currently using Blender 2.90)

    • Artell 1 day ago

      Thanks Jasbo! Happy blending!

  • Milos 2 days ago

    This addon is worth every cent. I'm using it for importing mixamo anims with fuse characters to blender, retarget them to autorig (because it has IKs) and then export it o Unreal Engine. It saved me hundreds of hours as I'm not a professional animator. Although I had some issues with non-consistent bone transformations (they were not the same in blender as in unreal) it seems that it was fixed in the last update, before I even had time to inquire about the problem.

    • Artell 1 day ago

      Thanks Milos!

  • FBra 6 days ago

    Great tool and great support!

    • Artell 1 day ago

      Thanks for taking the time to rate!

  • Jeromy Smith 13 days ago

    Love this addon, but after updating to 2.9 I'm unable to install. Are you working on a new version for 2.9?

    • Artell 1 day ago

      Thanks Jeromy!

  • Andreas Hnida 27 days ago

    Just loooooove this addon.

    • Artell 1 day ago

      Thanks Andreas!

  • Ray Bergeron 29 days ago

    This Rigging tool works great!
    What's more, exporting a character to Unreal is a breeze and the creator of this addon quickly answers my random questions.
    10-15 minutes to rig a character, send it to unreal and have it ready for Live mocap using an unreal plugin, it rocks :P

    Thanks for this addon!

    • Artell 1 day ago

      Thanks Ray!

  • Neil Stewart 29 days ago

    Really glad I bought this. I don't enjoy rigging characters and this takes the drudgery out of the process. It let's me get on with the bits I do enjoy - modelling and animating - and has saved me hours of tedious rigging time so far. Very responsive developer and very helpful.

    • Artell 1 day ago

      Thanks for the positive feedback Neil!

  • niittymaa about 1 month ago

    This is the best tool for fast rigging in a blender. If you want to create rigging fast and easily, just buy this one.

    • Artell 1 day ago

      Thanks for reviewing!

  • razer2 about 1 month ago

    After installing the addon, blender stopped undoing the action ctrl z does not work how to solve this problem?

    • Artell 1 day ago

      Please see here:

  • Grady about 1 month ago

    Are you kidding me? I just FULLY rigged a character in 3 minutes flat with this addon. Down to the fingers! With an advanced rig that can switch between FK and IK for each hand, foot, etc. This thing is insane. It's not perfect, I think the weight painting will need a little bit of manual adjustment, but it pretty much got me 97% of the way there in a few clicks. Very impressive, keep up the great work.

    • Artell 1 day ago

      Thanks for rating!

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