Auto-Rig Pro

by Artell in Scripts and Addons

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  • Zikomo 15 days ago

    Once I got past the Global Undo part, this has saved me a lot of time and headaches

  • Cybernik3237 27 days ago

    It did not rig my models properly, the finger rigging was messed up and distorted every time. I tried to use different settings but all I got was the same results. I paid for this 40$ addon to automatically rig the models, not create a screwed up skeleton that I have to try to fix.

    • Artell 27 days ago

      The Smart feature that automatically set bones for humanoid characters may not work in certain cases, as explained in the documentation:
      However, if you think the character is standard enough and should be working please file a bug report:

  • cubicwang 29 days ago

    Just when I was rigging a character in Blender 2.8 or 2.9 with Auto-Rig Pro, I noticed this problem: some of the bones don't rotate/move when I use the mouse, even though it works when I input the Euler angle in the Rotation boxes. Is there any way I can fix this ?

    • Artell 27 days ago

      It's not easy to diagnose the issue, more informations would be needed. Please file a bug report is something is not working as expected:

  • Shawn Blanch 30 days ago

    Dev is constantly updating the add-on and I love the notification emails because you can tell a lot of dev work went into the fine details of how this tool works. This dev definitely makes the purchase worthwhile with all of the support.

    • Artell 27 days ago

      Thanks for the rating Shawn! Happy new year and happy blending :)

  • Jin about 1 month ago

    Exporting to unity without any problems.

    • Artell about 1 month ago

      Thanks for rating Jin!

  • Semerkhet about 2 months ago

    I have just started with Blender and 3D modeling not long ago. This tool helps a lot but it's not a miracle for absolute beginners. You may rig low poly characters almost perfectly and automatically, but for anything more compley you still need to have some basic understanding of rigging and weight painting. After this Autorig will save you lots of hours of manual work by shortening the repetitive workflow at complex rigs. It's a must have.

    • Artell about 1 month ago

      Thanks for rating! Yes, machines haven't totally replaced us yet and some manual work is needed (which is in a way reassuring ;-) ! This is what make an art piece more valuable. But maybe in the future more artificial intelligence could be used, who knows.

  • JG about 2 months ago

    Good addon. But I bought it for Unreal with Peception Neuron Mocap System. ARP system only provides A-pose armature system. And Peception Neuron is only provide T-pose system. I made my character and bones with ARP, but export only A-pose. So I made armature again with vanila system by myself. Can you teach me T-pose export for Unreal?

    • Artell about 1 month ago

      Thanks for rating JG. Sorry I don't understand "ARP system only provides A-pose armature", since ARP supports any type of pose, but the Smart feature supports only T and A Pose. If you need help, click "Ask a Question" on the right of this page.

  • flojo79 about 2 months ago

    Really Outstanding Addon! The support was really great as well! Definitely a recommendation!

    • Artell about 2 months ago

      Thanks, happy to hear that!

  • Evan about 2 months ago

    It was really fun to get a model I've been working on rigged and in Unity in less than 15 minutes. It would have taken 5, but I needed a refresher on the quickstart video to get all the steps right. My model still needs some work, but this tool makes rigging incredibly easy. I'm excited to get into the facial rigging and different rig types (horse, bird, etc) too.

    • Artell about 2 months ago

      Thanks for rating! Happy blending Evan

  • Carwyn Morgan about 2 months ago

    When ever I hit undo in pose mode it breaks everything and I have to re-set up the rig from scratch.

    • Artell about 2 months ago

      It may happen when the Blender undo is going out of memory.
      It's not directly related to Auto-Rig Pro, it must be re-enabled in the user prefrences:

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