Auto-Rig Pro

by Artell in Scripts and Addons

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  • Steph 12 days ago

    Easy to handle,responsive creator for fixing bug,working pipeline to Unreal Engine.(with multiple Neck bones now!!)
    The smart rig creator allow you to get a usable result in 10 minute,not a final one but largely enough to feed your unreal programmer until you refine it.Will be perfect for gamejam.
    May be missing some more detailed video tutorial on the animation part.

    • Artell 11 days ago

      Thanks a bunch Steph!
      Indeed, there are not much documentation when it comes to animate, however the rig functionalities are fully documented here:
      More video tutorials may come later :)

  • Heatwave Games & Consulting LLC 16 days ago

    A great Addon! Great support!!!

    • Artell 11 days ago

      Many thanks :)

  • Roseodimm 21 days ago

    Face rig easy to use than Rigify, God tier customer service!

    • Artell 11 days ago

      Thanks a lot!

  • vijesh 28 days ago

    Your Product is already awesome. But You are Constantly Updating with new and good features. Keep your good work and thank you...

    • Artell 11 days ago

      Thanks for the review! Cheers!

  • soreiyu about 1 month ago

    This is the first add-on I bought.
    This is joy!!!!
    Thanks for a great tool!!

    • Artell 11 days ago

      Thanks for this heartwarming review, cheers!

  • yukirin about 1 month ago

    Great plugin and great support!

    • Artell 11 days ago

      Thanks! Glad you enjoy.

  • Benedict Varga about 1 month ago

    Wow! This makes rigging a character an actual fun and less time-consuming experience. Thanks so much for making ARP. :-)

    • Artell 11 days ago

      Thanks for the great rating!

  • LU about 2 months ago

    Good tool but Facial rig can be more better

    • Artell about 2 months ago

      Sorry that it doesn't meet all your expectations.

  • clinford about 2 months ago

    This product saved me hours of time, would recommend 100%.

    • Artell about 2 months ago

      Thanks a bunch for your review!

  • Adam about 2 months ago

    It is so far my best Blender addon. Very frequently updated (not only in fixes, but new features), well documented and maintained with visible enthusiasm. Thank you!

    • Artell about 2 months ago

      Many thanks, more to come :) Happy blending :)

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