Auto-Rig Pro

by Artell in Scripts and Addons

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  • Regulus Fen about 24 hours ago

    This is a great tool, so much documentation is wonderful, Thank you for this tool!

  • Ivan 11 days ago

    works very well!

  • Munyaradzi Feremenga 12 days ago

    I love this addon, It makes my life easy. Thank you so much for creating this addon.

    • Artell 12 days ago

      Thanks for rating! Happy blending :)

  • BIgBoss105 24 days ago

    I did download it in blender 2.92.1 and I tried to enable proxy picker but it is visible in the UI like the tutorial, I really wish if anyone can make a guide on how to properly use auto-rig

    • Artell 14 days ago

      Hello, did you take a look at the documentation?

  • techykitty about 1 month ago

    ARP is SUPER!!! It's easy to use not only for rigging but also for retargeting and even exporting fbx to the game engine. It works flawlessly, for example, retarget mixamo rig, export to UE4 with the skeleton perfectly optimized for it. I'm a modeler, but with a help of this add-on, I can literally rig any kind of character. Artell is a very nice person and supportive. No-brainer, highly recommended!!!

    • Artell 14 days ago

      Thanks techykitty!

  • Jaakko about 1 month ago

    It gives you a professional level rig in a blink of an eye ready to animate. You can also use mocap and export your characters to Unity very easily with its own fbx exporter (just to name few of its features). Ive used it many projects and it has always worked like a charm and the support is awesome too!

    • Artell 14 days ago

      Thanks Jaakko!

  • Allan about 1 month ago

    Amazing! Very quick support when needed!

    • Artell 14 days ago

      Thanks Allan!

  • Sunil about 1 month ago

    Hello, I have purchased the Autorig pro and star using it. Unfortunately not able to find a good guide for the IK and FK for the legs. The legs are moving beyond its limits.
    Can you help to fix it with some turorials?

    • Artell 14 days ago

      Hello Sunil, have you taken a look at the documentation?

  • Konrad about 1 month ago

    Excelent addon. Really helpful. With this one rigging and animating are easy processes of making character. I'm glad. Thank you :)

    • Artell 14 days ago

      Thanks Konrad!

  • Hoa about 1 month ago

    Quick and easy to use. Documentation is clear and good support for my problems.

    • Artell about 1 month ago

      Thanks for the rating! Good luck with your project

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