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  • matar 3 months ago

    Smart feature not working with blender 2.8, .81 and 2.82, Blender keeps crashing...

    • Artell about 2 months ago

      Please report bugs:

  • Laurent Reynaud 3 months ago

    One of the few essential Blender add-ons in my workflow! I've been using ARP for a couple of years to rig my characters for Unreal Engine, and this tool is super, super useful! I love how versatile Auto-Rig Pro is, how you can go back and forth between the different steps of the rigging, the UE4 FBX exporter, the possibility to add advanced bones, and so on. 5 stars without doubt, warmly recommended!

    • Artell about 2 months ago

      Many thanks!

  • aj jimenez 4 months ago

    I think I'm IN LOVE with AutoRig Pro! This add-on lives up to its promises and then some. I re-targeted an animation from a KinectV2 mocap to an AutoRigPro armature in minutes! Afterwards, I was able to easily add/substract any additional animation from the existing recording (no small feet). All made easy with this tool. Don't wait you won't regret buying this amazing tool!

    • Artell about 2 months ago

      Thanks a lot for the review!

  • Magnus Lundin 4 months ago

    I purchased this add-on many years ago and with each new update it slowly have become an indispensable tool working with animations and very fast rigging and exporting to any game engine, for example, being able to skip the dreadful retargetting in Unreal makes it worth it's weight in gold, just add the extra spine-bone and on Export tick the "Unreal" settings and watch the magic happening.. Stunning..
    Even fingertracking now seems to be even more accurate and handles weird A-poses with ease, just minor tweaks to a phalanx or 2..

    Some minor things that would be nice would be having a configurator to set certain functions at the rigging-stage so there would be no need to reset for example Autostretch on every controller that uses it, or having a button to set FK->IK switch for all targets and not having to check each separately ( i mean for a startup situation on a new rig) and finally 5 separate fingercontrols in the "Finger-grasp" controller that also could do negative numbers... these things may exist in the Picker but i mean to have these in the sidepanel.

    If you're into this kind of game in Blender this is definitely one of those top add-ons you don't want to be without.


    • Artell 4 months ago

      Many thanks for the feedback Magnus! It's been a while!...
      These are absolutely interesting features to consider. Indeed a quick configurator to optimize the rig features for export or internal Blender use only could be useful when adding a new armature. This may be added in a next version. Cheers!

  • Steph 5 months ago

    Easy to handle,responsive creator for fixing bug,working pipeline to Unreal Engine.(with multiple Neck bones now!!)
    The smart rig creator allow you to get a usable result in 10 minute,not a final one but largely enough to feed your unreal programmer until you refine it.Will be perfect for gamejam.
    May be missing some more detailed video tutorial on the animation part.

    • Artell 5 months ago

      Thanks a bunch Steph!
      Indeed, there are not much documentation when it comes to animate, however the rig functionalities are fully documented here:
      More video tutorials may come later :)

  • Heatwave Games & Consulting LLC 5 months ago

    A great Addon! Great support!!!

    • Artell 5 months ago

      Many thanks :)

  • Roseodimm 5 months ago

    Face rig easy to use than Rigify, God tier customer service!

    • Artell 5 months ago

      Thanks a lot!

  • vijesh 5 months ago

    Your Product is already awesome. But You are Constantly Updating with new and good features. Keep your good work and thank you...

    • Artell 5 months ago

      Thanks for the review! Cheers!

  • soreiyu 5 months ago

    This is the first add-on I bought.
    This is joy!!!!
    Thanks for a great tool!!

    • Artell 5 months ago

      Thanks for this heartwarming review, cheers!

  • yukirin 5 months ago

    Great plugin and great support!

    • Artell 5 months ago

      Thanks! Glad you enjoy.

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