Auto-Rig Pro

by Artell in Scripts and Addons

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  • Nick6 about 2 years ago

    This is my first buy of a blender addon, i really impresed, great tool!

    • Artell about 2 years ago

      Thanks for this appreciation Nick6!

  • tytiki about 2 years ago

    Bought specifically for the UE4 export. The addon works flawlessly and the remap function is super useful. Also, the customer support would be worth another five stars. Thanks again.

    • Artell about 2 years ago

      Thanks for taking time to write this review tytiki, good luck with your projects!

  • dantus over 2 years ago

    Fantastic product overall!
    I could not wrap my head around all the details, but wanted to make sure that I am not forgetting to review this product. Even without that, there is a lot for that price which works very well for the use cases I tried out so far.

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Very much appreciated, thanks dantus!

  • biblesinger over 2 years ago

    Keeps getting better and better. 5 stars for always keeping it up to date and adding new features. Few do that anymore. Thanks again!

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thank you!

  • anna-draws-things over 2 years ago

    This is a beautiful and intuitive rigging mechanism with so much flexibility I could hardly believe it. I absolutely love it, and I can't wait to see what the future holds. My only issues are a couple tiny tweaks that would make it easier to understand or use, specifically;

    -When I try to tweak the weight painting on certain bones I can't find them/pick the wrong ones, which is a long and tedious fix. Granted, there isn't ever going to be an easy solution to this. I would suggest making a quick "how to" on selecting correct bones/modifiers for people who don't have very much experience in the area. (not like a weight painting tutorial or anything, but just a clarification on how to really get in there to the bones you want to find/what bones could be affecting what part of the mesh. Heck, there might already be a video about this and I just haven't found it.)
    -No T-pose support (which could be a bug?) More of a "time is money" pipeline issue. For those of us who like to use Adobe Fuse or happen to have more complex meshes that have asymmetrical components, it's a fiddly and time-consuming process to go through and retool everything, especially with deadlines. You could change the pose in a program like Mixamo, but this will usually destroy your mesh topology. I'm sure it's being looked at, so for now, I am happy to just tweak stuff.

    These issues are minor, and really don't get in the way of my appreciation for this awesome addon. It's completely worth the money. I can't wait to see what happens next!

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Hey Anna, thanks a lot for the feedback.
      About weight painting, I advise you to display only the bottom last layer of the armature (31) to display the deforming bones. Thus you can pick the bones and select the associated bone automatically.

      You can force the rest pose to T-pose by posing your character in T-pose, apply the armature modifiers of the meshes objects, and in pose mode, hit Ctrl-A to apply the pose as the rest pose. But be aware the reference bones position haven't changed, so if you click Match to Rig again it will go back to the original rest pose.

      Feel free to send a support message to chat about it :)

  • Claudio Malagrino over 2 years ago

    This is a great investment! Auto-Rig Pro is getting better every version! It was hard to get it at first, but with the help of the latest videos I could make it work at its best!

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thank you Claudio! Doing my best to keep it cool :-) I hope you'll enjoy.

  • KANITABE over 2 years ago

    I bought Complete Version.
    but It wasn't as satisfying as I thought.
    If there are Rigify, then it's enough I think.

    Now that I have paid, I want more advantage. such as automation into bone, such as many driver for grip.

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Gasp! When you buy a car, the vendor gives you a full list of the car features, you can even choose its color.
      Then after buying, would you say to the vendor the car is bad because now you want it blue instead of red, and want new features in it?

  • Vavrinec Foltan over 2 years ago

    I'm glad to give five stars. This purchase was worth it.

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thanks larry, very appreciated.

  • Latheesh V M over 2 years ago

    A 1000$ worth plugin!! Awesome updates. Customer service is one of a kind A++++++. Thank you, Lucas for making Blender better !!

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      thanks Latheesh!

  • purpleshine over 2 years ago

    Fantastic product, also for mocap and very great support (one of the best I had). Would rate it 6 starts if I could.

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thank you!

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