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Go Auto!

Need to rig characters quickly while aiming for feature film quality ?
As a professional animator  and a Blender head generalist/coder, i'm sharing this addon to offer a proven workflow to animators and riggers.

Before rating it: if you encounter any bugs please report it. Sometime a new Blender version makes something unstable and buggy, or some special cases may be hard to predict, we're just humans! So please report it, and be assured i'll do my best it to fix it quickly. Updates are free and will remain free. Thanks for your understanding. Also make sure to read the FAQ and the documentation below.

Place the markers, adjust the guide bones, click the button and there you go! You get a customized rig with an ergonomic bone picker, facial setup, IK-FK snap, a complete set of secondary bones, a dedicated tool for shape key drivers, and more. Import your BVH files and retarget it on Auto-Rig Pro or any other armature type with the Remap tool!

Plays fast, 25fps on these characters (using standard hardware): Anna, Kevin

Auto-Rig Pro Documentation and FAQ

Remapper tutorial

How Does It Work?

  1. Append the Auto-Rig Pro armature in your model file
  2. Install the addons
  3. Place the markers/reference bones
  4. Click the match button to generate the rig

So basically all you have to do is positionning the reference bones so that they match your character proportions. To speed up this process, a built-in solver will automatically try to find the body parts (head, neck, arms, fingers...) and place the bones accordingly. Then, edit the result to get an accurate facial bones placement or whether the character does not match the requirements for auto-detection (no T-pose, special model...). Check the product documentation and the youtube channel for more details and instructions.

It's modular: only use and display what you need, set the number of toes, fingers, whether the character has a tail, breasts, or ears, duplicate or remove limbs...

Then clicking the Match To Rig button  will carefully move, rotate and roll all of the hundreds of necessary bones, resetting constraints if needed and so on, so that you don't care at all about the technical stuff behind to make the rig mechanic work properly. Just tweak the controller size if they don't fit the volume of your character at the end of the process.


Tell Me More!

What's in the box:

  • Automatic bone placement solver based on mesh recognition
  • Edit Reference Bones feature to modify the reference bones and adjusting the rig anytime you want. No need to redo everything if a bone is not where you want it to be.
  • Bipeds and quadrupeds support
  • Modular: only use what you need. Choose the number of fingers, toes, add optional tail, ears, breasts. Duplicate or remove limbs to rig multi-peds creatures.
  • Easy bone shape edition:

  • A clear, easy to use and colorful bone picker
  • Fully cartoon compliant: Stretchy spine, legs, arms...
  • IK-FK snap with autokey working, and snaps properly when unlocking all the leg/forearm rotation axis
  • Knees and elbows pinning
  • Multiple Child-Of constraints support for the IK hands and feet to change their parent space any time
  • Complete set of secondary controllers for fine pose sculpt
  • Advanced facial setup
  • Shape keys drivers creation tool
  • Game engines support: Unity FBX Generic and Humanoid rig type
  • Bone remapper to retarget any armature action to another one, with different bone names and bone orientations. BVH files compliant.
  • Compliant with X-Muscle System
  • And finally, the best thing: by buying this addon you support my work and the Blender foundation, its developers financially. It's worth a big thank you from the open source community, helping Blender remaining free and accessible for everyone. And obviously you ensure the funds for this addon next new features, bugfix. I'm making my best to constantly improve the beast, based on users requests and my own ideas. Have quick look at the release log below. You receive a notification when the addon is updated, and download it for free.




Make sure to uninstall the current addon before installing the new one and restart blender.


  • 3.06: New feature: Edit Shape, to quickly edit the bone custom shape.
  • 3.05a: New features: Multi-limb and disable limb support, one more optional bone for the spine, various fixes and improvements.
  • 3.03b: Fix a syntax error with Blender version 2.68 only.
  • 3.03a: Now compliant with the X-Muscle System addon: to display the deforming bones, enable the layer 31 (bottom right last layer) of the armature. Fixed a twisting toes issue.
  • 3.0a (Incrementing straight to 3.0 to clarify Blender current version and Auto-Rig Pro :-), and great new features!) -Cosmetic: clearer, bolder font text in the picker panel -Asymetric rig support - Fixed a double translation on the thumb first phalange - Fixed the slight elbow/knee offset when snapping FK>IK with stretch (finally!) - Disabled the bendy bone feature of the humanoid armature.
  • 2.76: New feature for the Remap tool, Guess Orientation to automatically find the axis mapping. It compares the rotations of the source and target bones in Rest Pose and apply the corresponding values. Improved the hand custom bone shape.
  • 2.75g: New: Unity export, full Humanoid rig type support. Check the documentation. Improved finger detections. Fixes: Enabled deforming eyebrow bones for the Humanoid armature. A property didn't unregister in a script library. Handles space characters in bones names for the Remap tool.
  • 2.74: 'Find 5 fingers' checkbox for the Smart feature, covering cases where the character has no fingers or less than 5 fingers.
  • 2.73: New Feature: Bone Remapping. Tool for remapping any armature to another one with different bone names and rotation. Can be used with BVH imported armature. I've made a video tutorial on the ARP youtube channel, but no written documentation yet, to come soon. Remapper tutorial
  • 2.72: Improved bone shapes, 'box' style layout for easier selection. Improved hiding of IK-FK controllers.
  • 2.71: New export to Unity feature (See doc). Fixed a strange crash when appending ARP with Blender 2.68a: moved the UI text hierarchy.
  • 2.69: Fixed the IK pole snap.
  • 2.68:  Cool new features: We're going more modular! Facial, ears, tail, breasts,  multiple fingers and toes are now dynamically added or removed from the character. Quadruped controller orientation (horizontal) support. Fixed an out of memory CUDA bug occuring with motion blur + proxy picker.

  • 1.0: Release


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Item Rating

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  • Large

    Blue Driver 2 months ago

    This add-on simplifies the cumbersome rigging process. It's not as foolproof as Mixamo, yet, but offers much more flexibility and customization.

    Customer support is excellent, questions are answered swift and thoroughly. Well worth it's price tag.

    • 5aff122c9ed1a6a99b30080a4c6fdf3c

      artell 2 months ago

      Thanks Blue Driver!

  • 155c6f83873923aeaf0c2d1658b9fced

    tarava777 3 months ago

    There is a bug and it does not work properly. I will be forced to quit so it is very troubling.
    on Blender2.78a Windows 64Bit

    • 5aff122c9ed1a6a99b30080a4c6fdf3c

      artell 3 months ago

      Before rating it: if you encounter any bugs please report it. Sometime a new Blender version makes something unstable and buggy, or some special cases may be hard to predict, we're just humans! So please report it, and be assured i'll do my best it to fix it quickly. Updates are free and will remain free. Thanks for your understanding and happy blending :-)

  • 668e6140d7614278e7a692539b48ec18

    rickytv 3 months ago

    Love it, been looking for a rig that is this easy to use. Mostly made mine from scratch before. A little rough on the edges and the documentation vids are decent, but the rig is really good in quality. the updates are pretty frequent and hope it keeps on coming.

    • 5aff122c9ed1a6a99b30080a4c6fdf3c

      artell 3 months ago

      Thanks rickytv! The updates won't stop... I don't know if you use the Remap (motion capture/ any rig retargetting) tool but I've found a way to automatize the axis orientation and order part wich currently take a few minutes and may be tricky to do. If everything goes well, it will be instant and easy.

  • 87512b01cb8c268945ca949be2c77403

    Gary 3 months ago

    Awesome addon! Simple to use and such a time saver. Also, if you have any questions, the customer support is top notch. Highly recommended!

    • 5aff122c9ed1a6a99b30080a4c6fdf3c

      artell 2 months ago

      Thank you Gary!

  • 89faa594d8702df7d3efa455a2ee7e6f

    papasmurf7777 2 months ago

    Great addon! time saver

    • 5aff122c9ed1a6a99b30080a4c6fdf3c

      artell 26 days ago

      Thanks for rating papasmurf7777, hope it will be useful to you.

  • 17efc6dde38607c13c12061a112e5d70

    dd2009 about 1 month ago

    Great stuff, well worth the money. saving me bags of time. documentation is ok but did get stuck sometimes. but Artell was there to help me through it.

    • 5aff122c9ed1a6a99b30080a4c6fdf3c

      artell 26 days ago

      Thanks dd2009 , glad everything works fine now.

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