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  • ahmad over 2 years ago

    well done plugin with no crashing or freezing, great for humanoid, but for animals it needs extra work and time, i just hope to see more support for animals especially those that have tail and long neck, support is also great and fast, thanks artell, great work

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thanks ahmad! The multiple neck bones feature is now there, simplifying the process.

  • jordanb over 2 years ago

    Was a great addon when I purchased it a year ago and has only gotten better and better since then, the new finger detection works very well and the fbx exporter simplifies the export process to Unreal.

    Addon is well maintained, well documented, and the developer is responsive to bug reports and support. Couldn't ask for more.

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thank you jordanb, glad you enjoy!

  • Shunsuke Izumi over 2 years ago

    It works great! So much time reduce.
    I followed up video tutorials but somehow head box to control head does not come out on my env.
    Like "Auto-Rig Pro: Export as Mannequin for Unreal [v3.25]" movie.
    Is there any tips/settings or something?

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Hello, the head box shape has simply been replaced by a circle on top of the head. Note you can change any shape though, by clicking "Edit Shape..."

  • Brad Beer over 2 years ago

    Works out of the box, does what it says it does. It let's me rig faster than I could with better results than before. The rig is really nice and has the open/close hand controls which really help when I'm not explicitly animating hands. The export to unreal works nicely and simplifies my workflow. Oh, and it has toes!

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Hehe yes there are toes! Thank you warweasle!

  • blackdragonbe over 2 years ago

    Super easy to use! I managed to rig a human with some weird proportions in just a few minutes of tinkering. The author also regularly updates this add-on. Stop reading this and go and buy it, 40 dollars is a steal for what you're getting!

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thank you blackdragonbe!

  • Bryan Stone over 2 years ago

    Great addon, just a plethora of updates. Good to see the support though.

    • Artell over 2 years ago


  • alexandergin over 2 years ago

    I got your full version of addon i that is amazing thing! Now working with pleasure! Thanks, man to you!!! Ten stars from five! ) Respect!

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thank you!

  • Steven Babb over 2 years ago

    This addon is truly stunning. It just works out of the box so well I'm amazed. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in a very powerful and very user friendly rigging system. For me, as a real time Unity artist, getting good rigs exported cleanly to Unity has always been a bit of headache, but this addon 100% fixes all issues I've had with exporting Blender rigs and animations to Unity. Also, the price is impossible to beat. If you regularly export characters from Blender to Unity or Unreal, buy this and save yourself days work.

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thanks for this positive echo Steven!

  • IzwanShaari over 2 years ago

    I just bought Complete version today (3am) and tbh i know how to rigging a character but only basic (Not fully). So i found out that Auto Rig pro has full body IK tracking and im glad because it can save alot of time than doing it manually. Im still new with Blender (i only know how to rig)also gonna learn more by checking out your videos.



    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thank you! Glad it's useful to you.

  • Warren Reed over 2 years ago

    This is fantastic. All the lightning updates and usability makes this so helpful. And with the remap of animation... I'm still not done with my feature animation but I am rerigging some of my zombies using this. I also forgot, the voxel relationship is also great, I could go on and on. Did I say how much I love this add on! Artell will be a cherished anointed Blender Saint.

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thanks a bunch Warren :D
      Good luck with your movie!

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