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  • Eric 3 months ago

    Could not get it to work for my character workflow Make Human => Blender => ARP => Unreal...fingers, no matter what I do, always messes up. I would have to correct them but the exported model has issues with the animation (using default ue4 anims, and even ALS all using the default ue4 mannequin skeleton). If I create the skeleton that was created by ARP, the skeleton cannot be retargeted as the default ue4 skeleton, or even ALS does not show up in the list for retargeting, meaning the bone structure is not similar. This may be fine for creating new characters not based on the default ue4 skeleton. Even had issues with Mixamo, could not upload the skeleton created by ARP.

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Bad rating are acceptable when they're justified. Giving a one star rating for such user errors is totally not legitimate.
      Auto-Rig Pro does work with UE, exported rig are compatible with the UE mannequin. If it doesn't (error message when importing in UE) it means you have modified the UE mannequin skeleton, or you use multiple neck bones while the Mannequin supports a single neck bone. These are error on the UE side, not the add-on.

  • Rino 3 months ago

    Not only do you get an awesome addon with regular updates but you also get support from the developer himself. Pretty neat. The value given is above the price given honestly. Kudos.

    • Artell 3 months ago

      A bunch of thanks sent your way!

  • antonio 3 months ago

    really awesome tool to fast rigging models of any type, but I feel that lacks a few things for anthropomorphic non-human models as:

    - more nose bones (for elephant-like characters)
    - more ear limb options (some IK controls would be nice for huge ears that need flapping)
    - an actual way to remove safely the head bones without breaking the addon (the complete head become intrusive when you only need certain bones, would be ideal have it's individual parts separated)

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thank for the feedback!
      - More nose bones: for elephant/trumps, Spline IK limbs are recommended for such long bone chains. It's quite convenient.
      - Ear bones IK: that's an interesting point, I add it on the Todo list
      - I assume you mean facial bones, yes this is on the Todo list

  • jgstyle 3 months ago

    Killer product. I was sweating over how I was going to bring some super old Daz Studio characters into Blender.

    Turns out I didn't have to worry.

    You can get a figure rigged up and posing very quickly. If you spend some more time you can really trick out the rig.

    Great stuff!

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thanks jgstyle!

  • Jonathan 3 months ago

    Wonderful addon, that makes something very complicated very simple. It helped me solve my problem to great effect. It makes sense.

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thank you Jonathan!

  • fletcher 3 months ago

    With your add-on I could finally achieve my dream of rigging my own character and putting it in UE4, thank you. Great customer support and the plugin saves me loads of time!

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thanks fletcher!

  • BerMen 3 months ago

    Happy customer!

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thank you BerMen!

  • Takamasa Imai 3 months ago

    This add-on has great features and support. The author kindly answered my question. Thank you.

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thanks for rating! Happy blending :)

  • James Moore 3 months ago

    Overall a good product and easily worth the price. The export to UE4 feature produces a UE4 mannequin-compatible skeleton which is an important system requirement if you want to sell animations and / or skeletal meshes on the Unreal Engine marketplace. The other features are also very useful and allowed me to easily rig and skin my character with 90% of the rigging and skinning done in a few minutes. It takes a few attempts to learn where to place the points on the body for creating a good reference skeleton. The reference bones will still require moving manually and a reclick of the Skin button (and repeat multiple times) to achieve a good skinning base. Its not perfect skinning but much better than the built-in skinning of Blender. I recommend purchasing the Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning addon to make your skinning life even easier in areas other than the fingers, teeth, tongue or eyes because it is slightly better than the skinning in this addon. However, I have found that even with that other addon , manual corrections in the skinning will still be required to get a desirable skinned character mesh in some areas of your character unless you are making a low poly character. e.g. the fingers, teeth, tongue and eyes can need manual correction. The product is regularly updated. The level of support from Lucas is second to none and several issues that I have encountered have been promptly resolved.

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thanks for the review! Indeed there are no perfect automated solution for weight distribution, but I will look forward to improving existing tools.

  • Si49Juu 3 months ago

    Auto Rig Pro really is a big timesaver when it comes to Character Animation. It lifts of the heavy work of manually creating Skeletons and Character rigs. There are numerous options for creating more complex rigs and individual additions, yet it is easy to understand and well documented. Would recommend this for everyone who's wants to start Character Animation or is working with Unreal or Unity.

    • Artell 3 months ago

      Thanks so much! Happy blending :)

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