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  • Jeff LaMarche 8 months ago

    Not only does Auto-Rig Promake rigging and skinning in Blender so much more pleasant and efficient, it pretty much singlehandedly makes Blender a useful tool for doing character modeling and animation for Unreal Engine. It's absolutely a steal at this price and I'd give it more stars if I could.

    Be aware, though: Blender 2.8 is still changing at a rapid pace. Auto-Rig Pro for 2.8 doesn't work 100% using the current nightly build of Blender 2.8 due to some recent API changes. It was working as recently as the nightly build from a week or two ago. This is completely expected given that 2.8 is still beta (the 2.79 version still works a dream) and I was able to tweak the code get it running in just a few minutes. Still, you should be aware that if you update Blender 2.8 frequently from nightlies, features very well might break at times. I'm sure Artell will provide us with a blessed fully compatible version once Blender 2.8 becomes final, if not before.

    • Artell 8 months ago

      Many thanks Jeff! Yes unfortunately I'm aware recent changes in Blender 2.8 broke the compatibility, i'll be working on it, thanks for reporting.

  • louiswu 9 months ago

    works well in 3.40,but in blender 2.8, 3.41 never works ,every time i hit the botton "go", it comes out an error report that "axis unregonized".

    • Artell 8 months ago

      Hello, thanks for reporting the bug. Unfortunately the 2.8 version is still very unstable and can break at any moment due to changes in Blender 2.8.

  • Neatrior 9 months ago

    Awesome addon. I love Blender, but The main Issue with the program was that it was hard to find any rigs to use, but with this Addon I'm able to rig any character I please easily and efficiently, especially Game Models that I've loaded into blender with OBJ, I was pleasantly surprised when they worked out of the box without changing the mesh to quads. Thank you for this Add on. It was everything I wanted and more! Can't wait to use it in Blender 2.8 when the Final version releases.

    • Artell 8 months ago

      Thanks, glad you enjoy :)

  • Tommaso 10 months ago

    Probably the best add-on of this kind, at a great price. Simple to use. The developer is ready to clarify any doubts.
    I advise you to view the clear and complete documentation before contacting the developer, you may immediately find the answer to your problem.

    • Artell 8 months ago

      Thanks for sharing your opinion Tommaso!

  • [email protected] 10 months ago

    Great add-on! I love the smart feature, just a few clicks then an armature matching the character be generated, which will save me a lot of time.

    • Artell 10 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback Mingfen!

  • tadokorokoji 12 months ago

    When reporting the bug, a renewal has come in 15 minutes.

    • Artell 10 months ago

      Bugs are treated as a priority, thanks for reporting the issues!

  • loveordie 12 months ago

    It's amazing! Remember to read documentation of installation and check blender set up "auto run Python Scripts", I didn't click "auto run Python Scripts" at first so the software doesn't work well, after I read documentation of installation and check blender set up "auto run Python Scripts" , it works and it's amazing!

    • Artell 10 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback! Yes the installation instructions are important to make it working :)

  • Syed Sameer Hasan Rizvi 12 months ago

    Love it so far.

    • Artell 10 months ago


  • Christiaan Bruinsma about 1 year ago

    Recently I bought this plugin as I needed to rig various creatures for an Augmented Reality game I am making with Unity.

    When I started I couldn't get it to work, so when I reached out to customer support I was simply amazed. Within the hour I got various responses with all sorts of suggestions. After a few messages back and forth my issue was solved the same evening!

    Conclusion: great customer support and the plugin saves me loads of time! I still have lots to learn as the plugin has quite the options but so far it's been awesome to work with.

    Hats off to the author, you rock!

    • Artell 10 months ago

      Thank Christiaan, glad the addon is useful to you and I hope your project is progressing well!

  • Daewoong about 1 year ago

    I bought this add-on only for UE4 skeleton making and exporting.
    It will be much better if there is just only the essential bones for UE4 exporting.

    But there are too many bone structures
    and it is hard to use with complex bones hidden in many other layers.

    Binding with the default Blender automatic weight is easier to use and control and good enough for UE4.

    I understand that you wanna give more functions for the users, like sophisticated binding and controlling.
    And many users like your way of binding and controlling bones.

    Still there should be other users who like their own way of binding and controlling bones.
    But this add-on forces users to use only the binding and controlling system within the add-on only.

    I wish you give users more right to select options.
    Here is an idea.

    For the next version,
    the basic UE4 essential skeleton making and exporting menu should be default.
    And the complex and sophisticated binding system should be optional so that users can decide to use it or not.

    Thanks for the add-on and waiting for the next version.

    • Artell about 1 year ago

      Thanks for your feedback Daewoong.
      The controller bones are necessary to pose and animate the character accurately. The hidden armature layers should not be used/display by users by default.
      The binding feature is based on the Blender's Automatic Weights native tool (heat map skinning) with some improvements made on top of it, such as splitting the objects, smooth the twist weights, low resolution meshes... These features were added from user feedback and experience to ease the workflow. However be assures this is not mandatory at all to use it, you can of course use the default Blender's Automatic Weight feature if you prefer. Just parent your meshes to the "rig" and "rig_add" armature using the "Automatic Weights".

      About making a default choice between Unity or Unreal Export "Universal", "Humanoid", it's hard to choose: it depends on users and project :)

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