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  • Dimitrios 2 days ago

    Blender has a bit of a learning curve without a doubt. Auto-Rig flattens parts of it and leads to pleasant results in a short time. Clever plugin and good support!

  • Thanh Tan Vo Van 17 days ago

    My main criticism with this add-on is that the bone naming conventions the auto-generated rig comes with can be particularly confusing and frustrating to work with, especially if you tend to sort your Vertex Groups by name often like I do and/or need to find the proper bone to re-parent something to.

    For example, a series of bones for the fingers would go like this inside Auto-Rig:

    thumb1.l (Deformable)
    thumb2.l (Non-deformable)
    thumb3.l (Non-deformable)
    c_thumb1.l (Non-deformable)
    c_thumb2.l (Deformable)
    c_thumb3.l (Deformable)

    What this means is that the vertex groups you'll work with during weight-painting won't have something intuitive like:


    but rather something like this:

    This tends to make sorting alphabetically an equally messy affair.

    Another example of un-intuitiveness is for example in the twisting part of the upper arm. While the legs and forearm use something like "X_stretch" and "X_twist" naming conventions, the arm uses "arm_stretch" but actually makes the "arm_twist" a non-deformable bone, and gives that role to some other oddly-named "c_arm_twist_offset" control bone. So if there are any methods for changing the default auto-generated bone names and if they do deform or not, I'd be really interested in knowing about them, because some of the default settings are just silly.

    Besides that, I'd say this add-on is worth every cent and is a must if you're an animator/rigger that's using Blender, but also work a lot with imported/exported models. This add-on will save you massive quantities of time in that department for sure, even with its rough edges.

    • Artell 14 days ago

      Thanks for the review, you have definitely spotted interesting inconsistencies that should be worked on later. The difficulty is to keep the updates backward-compatible with characters that are already rigged. I'll see what I can do.

  • Mario 20 days ago

    Useful addon that reduces stress on rigging 3D models with controller on it. He also update it.

    • Artell 14 days ago

      Thanks for the feedback Mario, much appreciated.

  • Bryan 30 days ago

    As a game developer new to rigging, this plugin has helped speed up my process and provided me with foundational knowledge on how a humanoid armature should be structured. Some elements of rigging such as weight painting can seem daunting for newcomers even with documentation, but the developer has been very patient in providing support from simple to more advanced issues. Would definitely recommend this plugin!

    • Artell 14 days ago

      Thanks for letting this rating Bryan!

  • momotaro about 1 month ago

    Very useful Addon!
    Thanks for developing it!

    • Artell about 1 month ago

      Thanks a alot!

  • Leric about 1 month ago

    Finger recognition often fails.
    Today I used a standard Apose character model with beautiful standard hanads which couldn't be more standard.
    However, no matter how I adjust the parameters, finger recognition is always wrong.
    And once there is a pop-up message showsthat it does not recognize the finger, no matter how you undo and change the parameters , you will never be able to recognize the finger again.
    I suspect this may be some stack bug in the program.
    This problem has existed for at least half a year, and it still exists today.

    • Artell about 1 month ago

      Thanks for reporting the issue. I confirm it, there were bugs with recent Blender versions. Depending on the hand mesh, fingers detection could fail or lead to poor results. This was related to mesh data updates and auto-merging of vertices. It has just been fixed in the 3.56 version.
      Please report bugs, critical ones such as this one are fixed as quickly as possible.

  • Robert Dowling about 1 month ago

    Auto-Rig Pro sucks, don't use it.

    Ugh, OK it's pretty awesome, I just don't like to share.

    I've happily converted old Rigify characters over to it, and have successfully exported animations over to Unity using it, without having to write my own scripts to optimize.

    I've grabbed Mixamo rigged characters from clients and discarded that shizzle without a second thought and replacing with Auto-Rig Pro.

    It's now part of my stable workflow.

    • Artell about 1 month ago


  • ChadleyGunderCrunch about 1 month ago

    Life saver! Easy to use, and results are phenomenal.

    • Artell about 1 month ago


  • Kihun Chu about 2 months ago

    Where is version 3.41 for Blender 2.9 ??

    • Artell about 1 month ago

      Older versions are not available for download, however I can send it your way. Please write a support message.

  • yigitayyildiz about 2 months ago


    • Artell about 1 month ago


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