Auto-Rig Pro

by Artell in Scripts and Addons

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  • LU 7 months ago

    Good tool but Facial rig can be more better

    • Artell 7 months ago

      Sorry that it doesn't meet all your expectations.

  • clinford 8 months ago

    This product saved me hours of time, would recommend 100%.

    • Artell 7 months ago

      Thanks a bunch for your review!

  • Adam 8 months ago

    It is so far my best Blender addon. Very frequently updated (not only in fixes, but new features), well documented and maintained with visible enthusiasm. Thank you!

    • Artell 7 months ago

      Many thanks, more to come :) Happy blending :)

  • Grimask4496 8 months ago

    Great plugin and great support! Thank you!

    • Artell 7 months ago

      You're welcome, thanks a lot!

  • Kerillians 8 months ago

    Bought this a few months ago and it has worked wonders for me. Absolutely great add-on well worth the asking price.

    • Artell 7 months ago

      Thanks for the extremely positive review, happy blending :)

  • c789a123 8 months ago

    I purchase this item more than 4 years ago when it was just released with a great price. So thankful for the author keeps updating and improve it!

    • Artell 7 months ago

      Thanks for the great review!

  • Aaron Rutter 8 months ago

    I wanted to finally leave a much deserved review for this product. I have used ARP for multiple productions since purchasing it, and all but one of them was an absolute breeze because of it. The exception was a project that required the characters to have constantly bowed limbs, similar to what you'd see from a rubber hose rig in AE. This rig didn't accommodate that out of the box, but with a little tweaking of the useful bendy bones, we were able to get it to look great. Author's support on the matter was prompt and helpful as well.

    • Artell 7 months ago

      Thank you very much for this awesome rating Aaron!

  • Aaron Pfau 9 months ago

    An amazing value for this price! As a long time Maya rigger coming to Blender, this addOn saves a TON of time, and overall is quite easy to use given how complex the actual final rig is. Although it took a little playing around to figure everything out, the remap feature is incredibly useful for retargeting motion capture to this rig. I was able to get a variety of motion capture skeletons to retarget perfectly. Given that you get multiple rig types, biped, quad, etc, a face rig, a picker UI, and remapping, this is ridiculous value! Communication is also great with the developer, will be keeping a close eye on future updates. If you need a robust rig for a cast of characters, this is a must have.

    • Artell 9 months ago

      Thank you, it's always a pleasure to get feedback from experienced users!

  • Hannes Neumann 9 months ago

    This is phenomenal. I am new to blender. This gave me amazing results right from the start. I have done some rigging in other software but i`am not very skilled in that area. The facial expression i`ve created even without blendshapes/morph targets were great. This is the best prebuild/generated rig i`ve used so far. Posing the character is super fun. For sure this tool is the fruit of years of experience. Thanks a lot for creating it. (me

    • Artell 9 months ago

      It is indeed the result of years of working, learning Blender step by step, and building rigs for real production scenarios, with additional enriching rigging experience from other softwares as well. Not to say it's perfect though, there's still a lot to improve and i'll work on that. Thanks for rating!

  • Mata 9 months ago

    A very useful tool - the documentation is great, and the developers answered a question I had within a day. I'm amazed! Thanks for the fantastic work!

    • Artell 9 months ago

      Thanks for the review!

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