Retopoflow 3 - Retopology Toolkit For Blender

by CG Cookie in Scripts and Addons

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  • daniel313 over 2 years ago

    My score is two stars, for the effort and insight necessary of people who offered their time, knowledge and suffering to get to create something like retopoflow.I admit it, but I am not a satisfied consumer with the support offered. I got two answers that had nothing to do with my problem, send a video. I explained that when activating RETOPOFLOW by pressing scroll to move in the 3D view nothing happened, ... I did not get an answer, after having gone through many states between them ... the helplessness and the maximum frustration when trying everything and not working , I left my project for a week to solve something technical and not having lost $ 86 ... in the end I found the answer (IF RETOPOFLOW V2 IS IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE OTHER THAN THE ENGLISH WILL APPEAR THIS PROBLEM AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WORK WITH IT, IT WILL WORK PUTING IT IN ENGLISH FROM THE PREFERENCES OF THE SYSTEM) people who do not have blender in English will find the problem, (PLEASE SOLVE IT BUT ABOVE EVERYTHING IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR DUTY NOT THE CONSUMER'S). Thank you.

    • CG Cookie over 2 years ago

      We're sorry to hear RetopoFlow hasn't been working for you. An issue has been logged to try and solve the language problem; it's a tricky problem but we're hoping to find a solution.

      Regardless I have submitted a full refund for your trouble.

  • Giovanny Arce over 2 years ago

    I'm giving five stars because the work you guys have done to this addon is fantastic. Compared to the old versions the update and improvement have been outstanding. The addon still has minimum glitches like sometimes is hard to select vertices that are under the reference mesh (this means I have to get out of Retopoflow mode and move those vertices out outside to be able to pick them). Another thing is that if your reference mesh is composed of multiple parts overlapping, Retopoflow won't be able to detect it as a whole single object, so tools like Contours won't work as expected. That being said, maybe there are ways to fix this in the settings that I'm not aware. Please keep it up the good work guys, this tool is a dream come true. 10/10

    • CG Cookie over 2 years ago

      Thanks for the rating Giovanny!

      There is an option to Snap Verts to the surface under Target Cleaning, which will let you snap all verts or only the selected verts to the surface. This helps to resolve selection issues that stem from the vertices being below the source surface.

  • hitman17528 over 2 years ago

    Needless to say, 5 stars, and extremely stable in version 2.0!

    • Jonathan Williamson over 2 years ago

      Thanks for the rating!

  • Syed Sameer Hasan Rizvi over 2 years ago

    Great tool that speed up my work, but i have to exit the tool to merge two vertices. Would be great if merge was integrated to RetopoFlow.

    • Jonathan Williamson over 2 years ago

      Thanks for the rating Syed! You can merge vertices with the PolyPen tool by dragging one onto the other. There's an option to disable Auto-Merge in the tool settings, but it's on by default.

  • Miguel Salinas almost 3 years ago

    Version 2.0 is way too slow for professional production work.
    I have an sculpted mesh of 2500000 polys and a retopo i made without tools of 210000 polya and retopoflow consider too high the polygon cont for both meshes. In version 1.3 i can work freely without problems.
    I consider this version 2 a step in UI but a step backwards in usability

    • Jonathan Williamson almost 3 years ago

      Hey Miguel, please reach out to us via your Inbox so that we can look into your performance problems. RetopoFlow ought to be able to handle that poly count without issue, so long as your machine has adequate specs.

      Please send us a message with your file and we'll try and resolve it for you!

  • Firezac almost 3 years ago

    Retopoflow is one of the best addons that I have ever used at Blender. It's bring so much to the software, simple functions that I never have seeing in any other open source software. Before ir I uses to use the 3D Coat to make retopologys, but now it's all in Blender and working pretty well. For the first time, my topologys at Blender looks like profissional and are saving so much time.
    If you are a active 3D sculpt artist, you need this tool!

  • Maciej Szcześnik almost 3 years ago

    I am an indie game developer (with some 10+ years of AAA experience). I use Blender for nearly all my 3D work (modelling, animation). I love sculpting, but retopology was always a daunting task. Sometimes I even preferred to create low poly models right away and just add some details in Substance Painter to save some time. RetopoFlow 2.0 changed that. I can create a full character outfit (model it with Marvelous Designer and Blender) and retopo it in just a few days. And the retopology process is a smooth and pleasant experience :). I actually started to like it a lot - it's a lot more like sculpting now.

    I even used RetopoFlow 2.0 for... level design in one of my games. Since polystrips have this nice, even distribution of quads on a target mesh, I was able to use them as spawners for objects like fences (using dupli faces). I also use RetopoFlow to draw some detail objects on my sculpts (I use strokes and then convert them to a curve). It's simply awesome!

  • dan almost 3 years ago

    Really great add on! Definitely one of the reasons I use blender more and more in my pipeline. It'd be great if the polypen tool could create 1 click quads, topogun style - instead of creating a tri first and having to connect it every time it'd connect to the nearest vertex. Or it'd be great to at least have the option for it. Other than that it's one of the best retopo solutions out there, definitely worth it!

  • Matthias Patscheider almost 3 years ago

    retopoflow 2 is a HUGE improvement to version 1. I was disappointed and frustrated with version 1.x. It crashed, didn’t work properly in non-trivial examples and most of the time I stopped using it all together because I got too frustrated with it. Version 2 does have some minor bugs and I think some usability aspects could still be improved, but in general it makes life much, much easier. I really like the way it is designed. It seems highly polished and thought through. And the best is, it simply works! The decision to rewrite the entire core was worth it.
    One thing I really like about the developers is, that they are open for feedback and you can simply email them and ask or report issues and bugs. I have always got an immediate response.
    Retopoflow 2 is finally the product I hoped the 1. Version to be. I highly recommend everybody who does retopology from time to time and to everybody who was frustrated with version 1. Give it a new try. It’s worth it.

  • Mickael Krebs almost 3 years ago

    ok it's really great. I have always hated the retopo and clearly RF helps a lot to make it less painful. things are going much faster and clearly this tools will be central to my workflow from today. even more fluidity with a large number of poly could be cool, but the tools are already very solid at the moment. Bravo

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