Retopoflow 3 - Retopology Toolkit For Blender

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  • Steven Denton
    6 months ago

    A real time saver. sometimes you want the right tools for the job in one place with no clutter and no distractions. That's pretty much what you get with Retopflow It feels almost like it should be a core part of Blender. I'm a traditional artist who dabbles in 3D and I found it very easy to pick up.

  • Manu 3D
    6 months ago

    I searched for a good Retopo Addon and this one is working very good for me. I like the tools and different approaches we get from the tools :)  I don't care if it's a bit slow since it gets improved time by time, and does the job. (Others didn't work, topogun 3 beta crashed very often etc.)

  • Shaun Boundy
    6 months ago

    Retopoflow 3 is an excellent add on, it will speed up your workflow when performing retopology within Blender. However, there is a matter of the lag, it starts on my machine at around 3K above. Adjusting clip values and zooming in closer on the area that you're working on can alleviate some of the lag. Despite this, I was fully aware of this matter when purchasing this add on and it is also stated in the documentation. The support I received on giving them suggestions and feedback was fast and informative, so that's why I'm giving them five stars. Many thanks.

  • Austin
    6 months ago

    Originally I had left a 3 star review but I've returned to increase to 4.

    The team behind RF reached out to me and solved a handful of my problems, showing me that the features I thought I were missing were implemented they just need to be clarified.

    With that said, I cannot express how much RT has increased the speed of my workflow. I had the face of my sculpture retopologized in a fraction of the time it would've taken me to use modifiers and snapping in vanilla Blender. I'm thoroughly impressed and can only recommend this plugin/tool.

    With that said, the only issues that remain for me are:
    - slight lagginess & low framerate, more so than high-res sculpting
    - preview face of polypen sometimes disappears (support team has reached out to me about this)

    One feature I'd really like to see which would be immensely helpful to me:
    - paint/color topology to keep track of important loop structures

    Originally I had thought the buy price was much too high for what I had received. However the fast support response time, clarification of some tools/usability, and sheer convenience/power of this tool has shut me up.

  • Cody Harder
    7 months ago

    This is my favorite retopo tool by far. I've used a number of other in a professional setting (3dsMax, Maya, Zbrush, 3DCoat) and each of them had individual strengths, but a lot of weaknesses. Retopoflow has all the strengths, with practically no weaknesses, aside from a few minor bugs I've come across (which were easily fixed by restarting Blender.)

    Simply put, I've grown to look forward to retopologizing models thanks to Retopoflow.

    • CG Cookie

      7 months ago

      Thanks Cody! Please report any bugs to [email protected] and we'll get those taken care of.

  • Julio
    7 months ago

    Overall I think is a great suite of tools from what I've seen in Youtube videos. Sadly, I've come across some very discouraging issues:

    My main issue is the lag. I downloaded the latest version of the addon and installed it in a blender 2.91 version. I am trying to retopologize my sculpt into a low fidelity geometry, say 8 vertices loop around a limb, so far 116 faces in total, and I am already getting a 1-2s delay after every action.

    Another issue is the pixelated/broken UI. I searched this issue up and it looks like this is a known and open issue for Catalina Macbook Pro users.

    My last issue, which I don't know if its a bug or just me not knowing how the Symmetrize function works happens when I use Polypen and try to bridge the geometry to the center. The vertices don't snap. I was hoping it would work like when I have clipping enabled in the mirror modifier. I.e. I cannot fill/bridge geometry to the center (I think the tool is called patch) because adjacent vertices to the center are not merged.

    I don't mind the UI since the text is readable enough and I can still click around, but the perfomance is somewhat of a letdown.

    I think the price for the value the suite offers it's alright, but was def expecting a more polished product. I won't submit a refund ticket because I have faith these issues will be addressed and I want to support the team, since I am also a subscriber in the CG cookie courses. Also because I will be upgrading hardware in the future so hopefully I wont be experiencing these issues anymore.

    • CG Cookie

      7 months ago

      Thanks for letting us know Julio! If you're still having trouble with lag, please reach out to us either through the Blender Market support button above or at [email protected] We'll get those issues fixed as soon as we can find the cause of the problem.

  • CH
    7 months ago

    Truly amazing stuff. If you are looking for a decent tutorial on version 3, the content at "" is pretty good so far.

  • Patrick Wilson
    7 months ago

    Great set of tools, I am really happy to pay to support this endeavor, my only single gripe is that the help part of the UI seems badly implemented, I'd rather not have it and just rely on a web page I can sit on another monitor, keeping the UI of the tool simpler and feeling more grounded within Blender.

    • CG Cookie

      7 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback - a web based help is coming soon!

  • Hartmut Döring
    8 months ago

    Old time user and really impressed with the update. One of the best tools to retopo overall.
    The Interface is greatly improved, and much more intuitive now.

  • Neil S.
    8 months ago

    Latest release appears to have fixed the user interface lag which is brilliant. Very useful add-on and well worth the money.

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