Retopoflow 3 - Retopology Toolkit For Blender

by CG Cookie in Scripts and Addons

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  • Tom about 1 year ago

    New to retopo but I like how simple this made the process. Using 3.0 I found it a little slow at points but generally worked fine for me. Think i would have liked some more fill options. Also found my end result had some gaps where the polys didnt connect. Would be great to have some sort of highlight feature for the edges of the mesh to identify if something didnt snap together correct.

  • lkt about 1 year ago

    bug bug bug

    • CG Cookie about 1 year ago

      Hi, if you find a bug please let us know what it is! That way we can fix it. The new release of 3.0 beta 2 fixes all known crashes and several slowdowns.

  • SPAC5R about 1 year ago

    Awesome tool! It really speeds up the process of retopologizing your mesh with a lot of helpful fine tuned tools.

    Don't expect this to do it all for you though (unfortunately). You still have to go in there and do it. And you should also know a thing or two about the retopology workflow. If you're ready to watch some tutorials and willing to learn, you'll be rewarded with a tool that awards with little successes.

    I found the tools to be very intuitive and easy to manipulate once I got the hang of it. Recommended!

  • funksy about 1 year ago

    This review is for 3.00 Beta only. Retopoflow has been in 3.00 Beta stage for several months now and there has been no updates or communication on the progress from the developers. I'm starting to think there are some bigger issues with the development of this addon.

    The tools work great, aside from some occasional and relatively minor usability issues.

    The UI however is horrendous at the moment. It's sluggish and unresponsive and as other reviewers have pointed out, you can't even change values in input fields in the Options menu without losing you mind. The dropdown menus are slow to open and sometimes it takes several clicks to open them. Same with the Tools menu. Quickly switching between the tools with a mouse is painful since it doesn't always register the mouse click. For fast retopoing the UI really needs to be way snappier.

    I really love this addon and its incredibly versatile and intuitive tool set, but the UI performance needs to improve. I personally consider this addon unusable in its current state. I will reconsider my rating if and when these issues are fixed.

    • CG Cookie about 1 year ago

      Thanks for the honest review! We've addressed several of the UI slowdowns in RetopoFlow 3.0 Beta 2, and are working to fix the last lingering one before release. If there are any other issues you run into, please let us know!

  • Pirri66 about 1 year ago

    $86 for what, if I could, would I reverse the purchase!
    Same as "Steve White"
    --- I bought this the other day and frankly, I can't get much of anything to work. The interface it opens seems super sluggish, I can't highlight text fields to change values, can't rotate around the model, it crashes constantly... Its really not intuitive at all. Any ETA on when this might get fixed and updated? I don't mind paying for an addon, I like supporting developers but this isn't what I expected.---

    • CG Cookie about 1 year ago

      You can! There's a full refund policy. Please let us know whenever you find bugs via the support inbox or email us at [email protected] - that way we can be sure to fix them.

  • Steve White about 1 year ago

    I bought this the other day and frankly, I can't get much of anything to work. The interface it opens seems super sluggish, I can't highlight text fields to change values, can't rotate around the model, it crashes constantly... Its really not intuitive at all. Any ETA on when this might get fixed and updated? I don't mind paying for an addon, I like supporting developers but this isn't what I expected.

    • CG Cookie about 1 year ago

      Hi Steve, we've pushed out several bug fixes since then and have more on the way. Please let us know via the support inbox if you have any issues! The faster we know about them the faster we can solve them.

  • Hedrus about 1 year ago

    So far so good. I am using 3.0 which isn't finished. The tools and documentation are great. I think there are things that could be improved but overall it's a really nice tool. I had no trouble installing it or using it. I would love to give ideas on ways to improve it. A Discord channel or something similar would be great.

    • CG Cookie about 1 year ago

      We now have a Twitter account! Feel free to reach out to us on there, or email us at [email protected] with feedback.

  • killerferret over 1 year ago

    Add-ons are suppose to make your life easier, not more frustrating. Everytime I try to run Retopoflow, it either locks up blender or wont allow me to rotate around my model. When I try to update Retopoflow, thinking that will fix something, the addon is nowhere to be found and therefore unusable. Its a constant, unnecessary battle that isn't worth the trouble.

    • CG Cookie over 1 year ago

      Hi, thank you for letting us know! If you contact our support we're happy to help resolve any issues or help diagnose any bugs you're experiencing. That way we can make sure it runs smoothly for everyone before 3.0 is out of beta.

  • fadi over 1 year ago

    it has potential! but the developers just need to put some actual work into this thing. The intention is good but the foundation is not solid. I have had a terrible time trying to even get the add on to work. Half the times i get an error or it just doesn't install the add-on, and the other half was just errors trying to enable it. there used to be a documentation tab but it is a 404. Tried to find a way to contact the developer to get "support" i didn't find a single way of communication. looked for a discord or any tutorial to help troubleshoot this but i think the devs don't think that such problems would arise, so a setup guide is no where to be found in form of a read me or text document in the add-on folder. after finally figuring it out and getting the add-on to work, all the guides and pop ups came after launching the add-on, but just prior to that you are on your own pal.the add-on works on blender 2.82 !!!! so that's good news. you'd think that once you have it up and running it would be smooth sailing from here, NO! it is not! it feels like the same frustration that came out of blender 2.79 version. immediate reduction in performance, it is sluggish and choppy. simply put you have to carefully follow a guide or a tutorial, because you have to either use contours or polybuild beforehand, the polypen is just not an option. Yet, trying to use the polybuild you have to find a good stretch of geo to drag a stroke on it or else good luck getting any quads applied. The way that this add-on is coded it just doesn't handle trying to jump between the retopo options fast enough, and for that reason you have to go really slow, This just simply defeats the purpose. at its price point, you are either taking a laugh at people or just trying to upsell an unfinished product.
    My suggestion:
    most of what you are trying to get done in blender can be done manually but either takes longer time or more key strokes, the purpose of an add-on is to simplify the process and make it easier so:
    - get rid of that awful overlay, just disabling the views of other tabs and constricting you to just a slow software is not the way to do it, just bring it back to something that sticks to the side panels.
    - add documentation, remapping of hotkeys, and other customization of the UI elements to the add-on tab just like any other professional add-on.
    - add a hotkey that align selected edges to the X axis. having to drag them into place and not seeing them snap just feels sluggish, so try to improve on merging and snapping and clipping.
    - maybe some buttons to toggle between view port visibility (in front), wireframe and back face culling if you are gonna keep an overlay that restricts you from clicking anything other than the add-on's tabs.
    Long story short you have to find common grounds between the users, make the add-on flexible.
    Retopology was never fun, it is will also always be a fine line to cross while to deliver on such a topic, but the main tipping point is that this is up for 86$ on a free open source software. most other great add-ons are at half this price range or are free with the option to support the devs. if this stays like this for long you are better off with speedretopo or using Bsurfaces for retopo, at least you'll be in full control.
    i got this add-on to help my workflow but instead it became an obstacle..

    • CG Cookie over 1 year ago

      Hey Fadi, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a thorough review. We don't have a Discord, but you can always reach us directly from any product page (on the right hand side under the info), from our GitHub repository, or from emailing us directly at [email protected]

      We have had a few reports of sluggish behavior in the 3.0 Beta. Most of the issues were fixed from the jump from Alpha to Beta, but we still have a few to investigate before releasing 3.0. This is still beta software, so some bugs are to be expected. The faster we learn about them the faster we can fix them!

      Thank you for letting us know your preferences. We definitely aim to make retopology fun, and with the bug reports and requests from users like yourself, I'm confident we can get there.

  • Arafat Khaskheli over 1 year ago

    I love this product and it is really making my work easy. Sadly it starts to bog down and now freezes the application altogether when I am so close to finishing my work. I hope the creators will fix this soon.

    • CG Cookie over 1 year ago

      Hey Arafat, thanks for the love! If you find RetopoFlow to be too slow, please send us a support email so that we can help diagnose the issue and fix any bugs we haven't seen yet.

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