Retopoflow 3 - Retopology Toolkit For Blender

by CG Cookie in Scripts and Addons

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  • papasmurf7777 about 4 years ago

    Awesome addon!

  • Willy Lougne about 4 years ago

    very good tool. Love my new workflow. Ah by the way updater inside addon .. priceless

    • CG Cookie about 4 years ago

      I'm glad you like it Willy!

  • jayhotz about 4 years ago

    Very unstable, Totally unusable, DO NOT BUY IT :(

    • CG Cookie about 4 years ago

      Hey jayhotz, I'm sorry you're having trouble with RetopoFlow, but please reach out to us via the inbox before rating.

      The vast majority of stability issues can be resolved quickly via a couple mesh tweaks, as they're typically caused by transformations on the source object or mesh discrepancies.

      We're more than happy to help work through issues, but we can't help if you don't let us know what the problems are.

      You can reach out to us (and any other Creator that you've purchased from) via your inbox at:

  • Karen over 4 years ago

    Very helpful tool! Similar to Maya's retopology tools for Blender. Definitely helps speed up my workflow. : )

  • Paul Kotelevets over 4 years ago

    Looking awesome!
    Thanks for developing such tool)

  • Jason Hayes over 4 years ago

    So I just my updated the RetopoFlow addon to 1.3. But I seem to be having the same problem as I did with 1.2 and that the Tweak function isn't working when I press and hold T. Keep in mind I uninstalled the previous versions and Im working with Blender v2.78. So Im not sure whether its user error or a bug. Thanks

    • Jonathan Williamson over 4 years ago

      Hey Jason, thanks for the rating! As for the Tweak tool issue, I believe I know the problem, which we have a fix for in 1.3.1, which is coming any day now.

      I'll follow up with you via a private message to trouble your specific issue.

  • superion over 4 years ago

    Pros: Small learning curve makes it easy to learn, and dramatically improves retopology workflow with a good set of tools. Easy to recover work in case of an issue.

    Cons: Depending on your budget it can be pricey, and it can be buggy at times (I personally haven't experienced more than a few issues, and when I did they weren't at all destructive.)

    RetopoFlow is a great add on. If you find retopology super tedious like I do then you'll appreciate what RetopoFlow offers. I did get it on sale during Black Friday, but even with it's flaws, I recommend it, and it is definitely worth the money if you're considering it. I don't know if this is possible with Blender add ons, but if there were a trial it might help people who are unsure decide if the tool works for them.

  • Vaughan Harris over 4 years ago

    An excellent add on - really takes the pain out of retopo-ing large areas of sculpts.
    Contours, Polystrips and Polypen work very well together and represent a pretty versatile toolset.
    Retopo can be a complex subject, and this is a sophisticated add on, so there is a learning curve, but with practice it all makes sense.
    In the event of any glitches, bugs or plain user error, the product support has been excellent and swift in my experience.
    Among the more pricey add ons, but well worth it in my opinion.

  • dank0 over 4 years ago

    Love the ideas, but it is totally unusable, guys sit on your a.. and fix bugs before you ask for $.

    • CG Cookie over 4 years ago

      dank0, similar to the reply to Gregory above, please be sure you've fully uninstalled any older versions of RetopoFlow before using the new version.

      If after doing that you're still running into issues then please report them to the bug tracker:

      Reporting bugs is the single best way to help us help you; being the creators we're often too close to the development and aren't able to test all the many, many different ways that people use our tools. By reporting bugs you're not only helping us better understand your workflow, we're also able to more quickly fix the specific issues.

  • gregory wasdyke over 4 years ago

    Useful, but extremely unstable.

    • CG Cookie over 4 years ago

      Hey Gregory, I'm really saddened that you're finding RetopoFlow to be unstable. Typically many bugs and crashes are caused by conflicting code from having multiple versions of RetopoFlow installed at the same time.

      When installing RetopoFlow (or any add-on) it's best to completely remove the previous version of the add-on before installing the new one. After uninstalling the old version, restart Blender and only then install the new version.

      I suspect you'll find many of these stability issues to disappear immediately.

      Either way, I hope we can get these issues addressed, so if you come across more bugs or crashes please report them to the bug tracker so that we can fix them:

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