Retopoflow 3 - Retopology Toolkit For Blender

by CG Cookie in Scripts and Addons

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  • Kristians Dzenis
    15 days ago

    Amazing tool, great support with bugs and feedback driven updates

  • Cliff Hansen
    17 days ago

    While I wish this wasn't so expensive, it is worth it. The creators are kind enough to maintain a free version on github, which I was using for some time, but ultimately wanted to purchase it to support it since I have found it so necessary for my work. I've tried so many different solutions for retopology, and I HATE retopology so much, so frankly the high price tag on this addon has been worth it since it does exactly what I need it to do. Retopoflow makes it really easy and is intuitive to use. It takes a tedious chore and gives me full control over it. I wish these features were built into Blender, but since they're not, I'm so glad this addon is available, and due to the powerful features, I do think its high price tag is due to the cost of development, not greedy programmers. (I saw evidence of this in that the programmers leave notes for people using the free version on github or youtube or somewhere where they were helping people get the free version working rather than just sending to buy it!) This is such a key part of the community model of Blender, and makes me happy to know that people who can't afford it are still able to get the powerful features, which is why I wanted to actually purchase it to show my thanks. It's been one of the best purchases I've ever made for Blender, and if you ever sculpt, use external programs like Marvelous Designer, or use a lot of models other people have made (which might come with dreaded triangles...) it's essential!

  • Ishaq Al Asyja'
    27 days ago

    What makes it useful for me is the tools (Contours, strokes, tweak, relax, etc). But, I rather use a native blender when the matter like make face, bridge edge loops because the user interface and the hotkeys of Retopoflow feel stiff for me. Overall this tools is excellent.

  • Nikola Roglic
    about 1 month ago

    I love this addon for retopology. Makes the tedious work of topo a bit enjoyable.
    I find that when you go high with the poly count performance drops but you can hide part of the mesh on regular edit mode and then it performs fine. Also I would love if this add-on had the regular grid-fill feature that blender has, patches are fine but I think grid fill is more flexible. Other then that add-on is great. Keep up the good work !!

  • 최현준
    2 months ago

    I love retopoflow. Retopoflow is an amazing addon.
    However, I'm getting quite annoyed by the bug of which my verticles turn irreversibly invisible in certain conditions. I've sent a short video (about how this bug is shown in the viewport) to your email. I hope this bug get fixed in the next update soon.
    Nevertheless, thanks for the awesome addon :).

  • Marc Volkers
    3 months ago

    Awesome tool, hope the developer keeps expanding on it.

  • Riccardo Piezzo
    3 months ago

    Awesome Asset.
    It would be perfect if the loading time to switch from Blender Edit Mode to Retopoflow were less:
    I switch multiple times between Blender Edit Mode and Retopoflow during my Retopology and every time there is the Source Meshes and Interface Setup, which are a bit boring.

    But apart from this little problem, i think that this tool is very useful and a must be!
    Well done, guys!

  • Olliver
    4 months ago

    Best Retopogoly addon and software. Period. I have used many other retopology software like 3D-Coat, ZBrush, and Maya, etc. Nothing comes close to any of those software when using this add-on in Blender. It's fast and super easy to do professional-quality retopology for your 3d models.

  • TJ
    5 months ago

    Great set of tools! The tilde key is a bit broken for me in 2.91.2, it's all clumped together in one side so it doesn't really work, and the polytool seems to have problems when you're creating quads around tigher edges, which can be a little frustrating, but other than that it's great!

    • CG Cookie

      4 months ago

      Hey TJ, thank you for letting us know! Could you please email screenshots of any issues to [email protected]? We'd be happy to include fixes for you in the next update if we can and earn that last star :)

  • renanfab
    5 months ago

    I love this. I used to do retopo in 3dsmax and when i tried Retopoflow for blender i got very impressed.

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