Retopoflow 3 - Retopology Toolkit For Blender

by CG Cookie in Scripts and Addons

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  • arkinum almost 3 years ago

    I got this add on when v1.00 first came out. After tying it for a few hours I found it to be too clunky and buggy for any piratical use. While I appreciated what the developers where trying to do, I shelved it and just used Blenders in house tools.

    Fast forward to now at v2.00 (Though I honestly feel that this is the real v1.00). The clunkynes is gone and while there are still some bugs here and there, it's nowhere near the level that was during the initial release.

    While it may not replace all of Blenders in house tools, I can now exit, do my edits, then continue on in polystrips (without it crashing or bugging out on me).

    I'm glad the developers chose to polish this up, because it brings some much needed functionality to the re-topology workflow.

  • linograndi almost 3 years ago

    An awesome tool. Just that.

  • nirblu almost 3 years ago

    This tool saves me so much time making animation with scanned faces. Total retop control.
    Love it. Recommend it.

  • Lucas Falcao almost 3 years ago

    Retopoflow 2.0 has everything I wanted the previous versions have and it's much better now, working seamless between modes is really great. Before I used to use Retopoflow only for some parts, now I do the retopology of the entire model, even ears, hands and small parts.

    This is a very important tool in my workflow, it turns the retopology process into a very pleasant and relaxing process. A big thanks to you guys, for making this awesome tool available!

    • Jonathan Williamson almost 3 years ago

      That means a lot coming from you Lucas. Thank you so much for the encouraging support! We could not agree more on this being what it was always intended to be.

  • D. Cook about 3 years ago

    I have dreaded retopology for so long, I usually tried to avoid it. I would often end up using the decimate tool to reduce the number of polygons, but my models suffered because of it. With this tool, I might actually end up hating retopology less. Thank you, I'm anxiously waiting for version 2.0

    • Jonathan Williamson almost 3 years ago

      Thanks for the rating D.! Version 2.0 is now available so give it a shot!

  • xun about 3 years ago

    Hello I am a game developer from China. Like the concept of Retopoflow's functionality. Your work is admirable.

    Ask a question for help. The blender plug-in manager cannot update the version. This may be related to our Internet policy.

    Please give a downloadable, patched network address (the way the patch is downloaded is suitable for me. If there is a patch description, it would be even better!!)

    By the way, I would like to ask when the official version 2.0 can be released? I look forward to thanking you again for the great work!

  • helge about 3 years ago

    This is an awesome addon, I didn't do much retopology until 2 weeks ago, was always a little afraid of it, thought it would be cumbersome and time consuming. Then I bought this during spring sale and now I do retopology for FUN. I have used the 2.0 beta version most of the time, because the workflow is so much nicer than in the previous version. It feels beta for sure, sometimes I get error messages, the selection is still kind of flimsy especially in polypen mode but it never really crashed to the point where I would lose any progress. There are still a lot of features that I think should be added to make the workflow even smoother. right now for certain things I have to go back to edit mode. But I guess they are on to it. (I would really like to be able to rotate/scale a selection regardless of the tool, ripping and extruding a selection would be fantastic and some of the tools could be merged, like ctrl+relax=tweak for example)
    Performance is ok, not as responsive as the same mesh would be in native blender modes, but I have been retopologizing lots of detailed stuff on my old laptop and it is doable up to a point.
    It definitively has a learning curve. Some procedures feel a little different to the usual blender approach. Patch tool is great.
    Buy it.

  • Nemanja about 3 years ago

    Ok so i finally find the way to contact developers...I'd like to point out that i was so overwhelmed by the idea of retopoflow that i made a quick purchase. However, my updated 2.0.0 version never actually worked! Errors that im getting are eather my mesh is too high res (this is very odd considering what retopoflow is all about) and my obj file is around 11mb and poly count is around 100000 faces which is not nearly enough that this add on should support. I want to say that also another issue that i have is that my object is too big? i don't get this eather...and the last but not least i can't update it from blender 2.79b downloaded from the website directly. At the end i want to say that i really like the idea of retopoflow and the old version is somewhat working nicely still i mainly got the add on because of a promised 2.0 update and the way it was supposed to be great. So any help from developers would be nice.

    • Jonathan Williamson about 3 years ago

      Hi Nemanja,

      Please do send us your test model by uploading it to and then sending us a message via the widget on the right side of this page, where it says Create Message.

      This way we can test your model and determine if it's an issue with RetopoFlow or something specific to that model.


  • Yegor R about 3 years ago

    Guess I'm lucky to start using it since 2.0 beta, because I'm not familiar yet with any sort of instability of 1.3.2. The tool is totally a game changer, no doubts. It is incredibly functional and intuitive. Provided with nice interface and comprehensive documentation about each tool inside the addon. I'm absolutely satisfied

    • Jonathan Williamson about 3 years ago

      Thanks for the review monkok; it's great to hear that it's working well for you!

  • Bennie Griffin about 3 years ago

    Hi RetopoFlow Team,

    I recently transitioned to version 2.0.0 beta and must admit that I am SUPER IMPRESSED by the new interface and how all tools works seamlessly together in just one mouse click. The thought to have merged the "Loop Cut" and "Loop Slide" tool (version 1.3.2) together was a GREAT concept!

    And to think this is only beta! Can't wait to see what you guys have next in store! This is by FAR the BEST add-on I will ever own! You guys have made Retopo so much FUN! One negative to add (really small, but probably no headache) is that the "Welcome" screen has some grammar errors...but that is just me.

    Thanks again guys for all the hard work!


    • Jonathan Williamson about 3 years ago

      Thanks Bennie! That's so great to hear and thank you for the rating.

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