Retopoflow 3 - Retopology Toolkit For Blender

by Orange Turbine in Scripts and Addons

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  • Zach Lambert
    19 days ago

    I used to be in denial about the value of this addon. Every time I saw the price, I thought to myself "Excuse me? ~$90 for a modeling addon?!?? HELL NO!!!"

    I finally caved once I started doing really complex modeling that absolutely needed top-notch retopo and now my "hell no" is a "HELL YEAH".

    This addon SLAPS. The amount of things that it gets under the hood to change for the retopo process is astounding. It's like using a separate program within Blender! (While still feeling like Blender) It is JUST NUTS how much this has helped my work-flow and made me a more proficient and capable artist.


  • Raphaël Alegria
    about 1 month ago

    I've tried Topogun/Zbrush/maya retopo tools, Retopoflow is by far the best imo.
    I never had problem with it, run smooth on 3.2 ihave have it since quite a while it's simple and fast to learn, interface is nice.
    I win time and it's satisfying to use, really nice design.
    I don't really get the people who crashed, maybe they don't decimate their 15 M poly model from zbrush idk, blender has limits.
    Please keep it up to date ! Super usefull tool

  • butteredtoast
    about 2 months ago

  • G
    about 2 months ago

    Very happy with this product and very happy with the RetopoFlow support on GitHub. There was an issue with the saving function when I first used this product and I was pretty disappointed. But I created an issue on RetopoFlow's GitHub and worked with one of their awesome developers, Jon Denning, to fix the issue which he resolved quickly and efficiently. I encourage every one to try this amazing product and to let the developers know on GitHub whenever you encounter a bug, as they truly care for their product and will work tirelessly to fix any problems so that we may all enjoy RetopoFlow to its fullest potential. Cheers

  • ireneus brewka
    about 2 months ago

    I give it only 3 stars because the addon uses the mirrorModifier of blender.
    Making it not possible to turn on mirroring on the fly. Like i am used to do in Maya.
    The other star i subtract because of it keeping you locked in its "own" UI.
    But that would not be as much of a drawback as i consider the lack of a proper mirroring solution. Maya with its quadDraw (tho lacking the nice features) is still better in my opinin for retopo because of it, tho the video of Retopoflow looked so promising.
    Anyway i have still high hopes for the devs to "fix" these shortcomings.

  • aruman
    3 months ago

    im sorry, but being one of the most pricey addons on this store it is also one of the worst. the concept is great but the performance is extremely bad and the constant crashes just adds to the pain. here i am learning to manually retopo in blender after having dished out $86 on this addon.

    i hope the devs are able to turn this around now that one of them are working on blender via a grant, otherwise i can never recommend this addon to anyone.

    • Orange Turbine

      3 months ago

      Hi, if you're experiencing crashes, we would love to know more so that we can fix it! Please send us a message if you experience an issue - any information is helpful. We're certainly hoping that the work on Blender will allow us to simplify and streamline the experience.
  • Juan P. Rivera Caraballo
    5 months ago

    Nice addon, definitely way better than blender's current retopology tools.

  • Nerijus
    5 months ago

    Frequent crashes when clicking multiple mouse buttons in some order I can't reproduce. When this happens all the progress is lost because retopoflow also saves the invalid state to the autosave. Save your money and nerves and avoid this plugin!

    • Orange Turbine

      4 months ago

      Hi, we've fixed the issues that it sounds like you were having in our most recent version. Please message or email us if you have any further issues so that we can get to the bottom of them faster!
  • Todd Shaffer
    5 months ago

    This is a great add-on; sadly the dev team doesn't appear to be keeping up with the MAJOR Blender releases. Each new major Blender release causes something else to break in RF. Take a look at the bug reports for RF and you'll see what I mean. For being a paid product, I find this a bit sad. Tens of years ago I purchased a program called RetopoGun for nearly the same price as this plugin and not only was it more responsive, but I didn't have to deal with random issues each upgrade. My constructive criticism for the RetopoFlow team: make this a stand-alone product!

    • Orange Turbine

      5 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback! We do test RetopoFlow with every new Blender beta well before it's officially released and work to fix every bug we know about. Please let us know right away when you spot one! You're totally right that keeping up with Blender's pace of development is a constant challenge and we're actively exploring options that should help us be more flexible going forward.
  • Harley Miller
    5 months ago

    It constantly crashes blender. I have a really low poly model I was remeshing. I couldn’t get past the hand. It’s a great idea but it just doesn’t work as well as it should. In my opinion, it’s not worth $86. This is a $15-20 to try add on at best. I really wish it was more stable.

    • Orange Turbine

      5 months ago

      Hi there, please reach out with details about your crash so that we can find the issue and fix it! Please also be sure that you're using the correct version of RetopoFlow for your version of Blender as noted in the documentation.

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