RetopoFlow - Retopology Tools for Blender

by CG Cookie in Scripts and Addons

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  • ani about 1 month ago

    Simple to use! Has some minor flaws, but I love it! Can't wait till its released for blender 2.8. :)

  • Roman 2 months ago

    It would be a good addon, if not for the bugs and non-working preservation. Killed 3 hours, saved the file, but nothing was saved. $ 86 is not a small amount of money and such problems should not happened.

    • CG Cookie 2 months ago

      Hi Roman, I'm really sorry that you've had a bad experience. If you're able could you please report these bugs to ?

      We are always looking to fix bugs and improve the experience for everyone but we're only able to fix the bugs that we're aware of.

      Please get in touch and we will resolve the problems or issue you a refund.


  • Anne Webb 3 months ago

    Hi. I initially sent a support request about it but didn't get an answer (I think). But I found out it was just a small part of the program (contours). I tried other programs for retopology but nothing felt as nice to use as this. So thanks for making this guys! The only problem I have is most of the time when I try to use the contour tool, the third time I use it in a row it crashes blender. So my advice is if you're using it, save before you use contours.

    • Jonathan Williamson 3 months ago

      Thanks for the rating Anne! Be sure to check your inbox via - that's where replies to your support request will show. You should have also gotten an email notification about it.

  • Pete Burges 4 months ago

    I have zbrush, topogun, 3D Coat, 3DS Max and Blender. All have decent retopo tools, although some are better than others. I bough Retopoflow yesterday and already I like it best out of the lot. It's smoother, more intuitive and more forgiving than anything else I've used, and unlike ZBrush's topology brush I get consistent results every time. I am using it to retopo an Alien xenomorph, which has lots of protrusions and bridges and is generally pretty challenging but Retopoflow is helping me make light work of it. Money well spent.

  • Andreas 5 months ago

    Very nice tool i like it so far. I am very new to retopology and after i watched some demos from CG cookie youtube channel i could retopologize a simple pair of pants i sculpt in zbrush. I would like see an option for partial symmetry. I mean at some points i wanted to use symmetry on a mesh and then turn it off without loosing the other half so i can proceed manually to the rest mesh. If its already a thing and i didnt noticed my bad. I still explore the tool.

  • flaken 6 months ago

    Really love it! I had the earlier versions, but this version improved hugely! The only thing which is hard to get used to is the mouse and keyboard controls.... Good work

  • Yellow Runner 8 months ago

    Excelent, the new version it's working greath, brutal, amazing, i can say, the best topology tool in 3d world.

  • Papantoa 8 months ago

    Excellent so far! In love with the PolyPen tool
    Wishing for:
    1) Masking option: mask Un-selected option
    2) Point counter: showing the current point count of the new mesh as you work. A tris, quad, ngon breakdown would be cool too (for the new mesh)
    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Kirill 8 months ago

    Works like a charm within homely felt Blender. Extremely simple to use.

    • Jonathan Williamson 8 months ago

      I'm glad to hear you like it Kirill!

  • Pino 9 months ago

    It was hard to get use to the keybinds at first, but now that I've been using it for a month I can practically retopo anything in a few hours. Amazing tool, keep up the good work!

    • Jonathan Williamson 8 months ago

      We absolutely aim to improve the keybinding system, eventually allowing full customization and integration with Blender's regular keymap system.

      Thanks for the rating!

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