Retopoflow 3 - Retopology Toolkit For Blender

by CG Cookie in Scripts and Addons

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  • Cesar
    12 days ago

    Development on this addon is halted. Just so you know.

    • CG Cookie

      10 days ago

      Hi Cesar, that is absolutely not the case. We are temporarily pausing adding new features (but not pausing bug fixing) so that we can try to help fix core issues with retopology in Blender. Once that's accomplished, we will be able to improve RetopoFlow in ways that are not currently possible due to those limitations. It's a true win-win for everyone.
  • Jeremy Anderson
    14 days ago

    This is absolutely a game changer for me. Retopoflow easily beats other tools I've used, even dedicated software. My only complaint was that I found myself often wishing it was easier to reach my regular modeling tools (for example, insetting a face or group of faces within another face), but that's easily handled by tab switching back to the normal editing workflow. I imagine keyboard shortcuts would help there as well, but to be honest, I suck at remembering those.

    Best plugin I've purchased for Blender, and more useful on its own than my old Modo and Topogun licenses.

  • ahmad
    about 1 month ago

    a must have add on and I like it, but I hope you find a way to assign tweak vertices on every function without a quick shortcut.

  • David Clabaugh
    about 1 month ago

    Great RetopoTool, has been my go-to (and Topogun ;) ) Love it, simple, intuitive, bought it at 2.x love all the new features in 3 and looking forward to future enhancements, helps keep my workflow opensource.

  • Philipp
    about 2 months ago

    this addons is full of love for the artist. the usability is top and it kinda makes retopologizing fun. i can't go back now to normal blender tools lol. if you have to do a lot retopo work, this speeds ups like 10 fold, it saves you the pain of navigating around cylinder shaped topology to place a face, you can change the number of faces of a strip to your liking, you can draw out lines which then are filled with faces matching closely your lines etc.
    with this i really can focus more on stuff like the actual structure i'd like to create, and easily edit them.

  • Song
    about 2 months ago

    Great addon

  • Asim Khan
    about 2 months ago

    I like the way of retopology.

  • exitalterego
    2 months ago

    I've found myself really enjoy using RetopoFlow, as it has taken so many of the headaches out of retopology. It's such an easy, quick system to get to grips with.

    However, it isn't perfect (yet). Vertex and line selection could do with some work to allow more intuitive unified selection method. For example, to select a loop you must first use the 'Loops' tool, select the loop, then switch to the tool you wish to actually use (Relax/Tweak/Patches etc). A more unified selection method could improve user efficiency.

    The add-on would also be improved if edge loops could be 'marked' as permanent 'boundaries' for masking purposes when using the relax tool. This is a particular niggle of mine when working on hard body sculpts where edge loop position can be particularly important to the overall shape of the model.

    Despite these niggles, RetopoFlow gets a hearty thumbs up from me and I'd gladly give it a full 5 stars if a mark boundaries system was implemented!

  • Peter Arata
    2 months ago

    One of the best retopo tools I've used. I'm excited to see how it continues to improve and evolve over time. Huge quality of life and productivity booster for me. Cheers.

  • Jeff Lange
    3 months ago

    I love this add-on so much.

    • CG Cookie

      3 months ago

      Thanks Jeff!

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