Retopoflow 3 - Retopology Toolkit For Blender

by CG Cookie in Scripts and Addons

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  • gabriel montagne over 3 years ago

    It's hard to think about ever retopologizing again without this addon. Good stuff!

    • Jonathan Williamson over 3 years ago

      Cheers Gabriel! I'm thrilled you like the tool.

  • ezydenias over 3 years ago

    This is an essential plugin for blender if you ask me! It would be an essential plugin for every software if it was available for them. Now it might be buggy from what I've heard but I didn't encountered any bugs. But even if there are they are solvable with support of the creators I guess. But anyway, this cuts down the time for repology from hours to minutes! I am not joking, it even totally killed my box modell workflow for characters. Because now retopology is so quick that there is no reason not to sculpt a character. It actually was my fault not to purchase this a year ago and wasting my time making really good box modelled character, even if they rivaled sculpted models in some parts the topology just can't compare. Just buy it, even if it is not on discount, if you are into character design, if you work professionally and want to stay competetive than buy this plugin!.

    • Jonathan Williamson over 3 years ago

      That's very encouraging ezdenias! Thanks for the great review and stay tuned for 2.0! It's coming quite soon.

  • Steven Wyatt over 3 years ago

    Just purchased this with the Holliday sale. It's a great addon for speeding up your work flow. I do anticipate version 2. I have only seen one glitch with the program that wasn't an obvious fix within about 7 hours of use. I rate five stars because so far it has made (in my opinion) on of the most boring parts of 3D slightly more enjoyable.
    With that said I would however like to see the polygon pen tool work more intuitively, like quad draw for Maya. It is almost just as much work at the moment as not even using it in the first place. Please add the ability to create faces without having to select verts. Please investigate quad draw.

    Thank you very much for the time and effort on this product. Looking forward to the future of this!

    • Jonathan Williamson over 3 years ago

      Thanks for the great review! We'll absolutely look into ways of making Polypen more intuitive. Reducing the selection requirement would be a good starting point, as that is easily the slowest aspect.

      Stay tuned for 2.0 news very soon!

  • Forrest over 3 years ago

    Its a great addon, when can we expect more news on the 2.0 update?

    • Jonathan Williamson over 3 years ago

      V2.0 is coming soon but we don't have an exact release date yet. We're finishing up the missing features and polishing it. We'll be emailing all customers a link to download the beta as soon as we can!

      Stay tuned and thanks for the rating!

  • jfishe25 over 3 years ago

    Great product. Very convenient; can't wait until version 2.0!

    • Jonathan Williamson over 3 years ago

      Thanks for the great rating! Stay tuned. 2.0 won't be much longer.

  • alanhperry over 3 years ago

    Hi guys, I just bought Retopoflow and while I can work with it, I'm having a bit of trouble with the mesh turning black when I go back into it after my initial setup. Is this the best place for support issues or should I go onto the Cookie website?

    • Jonathan Williamson over 3 years ago

      Hey alanhperry! You can get RetopoFlow support via your inbox at

      That will send a message straight to myself and the rest of the RetopoFlow team so that we can help troubleshoot.

  • mh76 almost 4 years ago

    I love it! The best tool for retopology on the market. And with 2.0 it will be even better :).

    • Jonathan Williamson almost 4 years ago

      That's great to hear mh76! Thanks for the rating and stay tuned for 2.0 :)

  • Jack Kimberley almost 4 years ago

    [T]here's no alternative to these tools in blender. I hope to see them in 2.8

    • Jonathan Williamson almost 4 years ago

      Hey Jack, I'm sorry to hear it's not worked out for you. I really wish you would consider sending us a message via support before rating it so poorly, though.

      In the vast majority of cases we've been able to find a solution to the problem.

      I've sent you a message to try and resolve the issues. We can only fix the problems we're aware of...

  • Faeriel almost 4 years ago

    Very versatile and precise control over geometry. Easily right up there with old the industry giants like 3Dcoat, and with a very reasonable price too.

  • Craig Jones about 4 years ago

    This is a great addon and the support is top notch - I can make a simple observation online and get a response almost immediately...I wish the people that made the software we use at work were so quick to respond :D The tools are continuing to evolve, and that is nice to watch happen, but the strongest part of this addon is the way that the help functions are right there to assist if I forget what I used to know.

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