Retopoflow 3 - Retopology Toolkit For Blender

by CG Cookie in Scripts and Addons

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  • chrischan 8 months ago

    Thank you for the V3! What a joke, CG Cookie! 86$ for this laggy thing? Wow.

    • CG Cookie 8 months ago

      Hi there, we're currently working on solving the lag some users are experiencing before creating an official release candidate. If you email us at [email protected] I can send you a development version that should fix your issues.

  • dioib 8 months ago

    just want to know when will release beta 3 or official release, I have been waited too long for updates since beta 2

    • CG Cookie 8 months ago

      Hi there, we just posted a new release yesterday that you can download from your orders page.

  • robert 8 months ago

    best retopo addon for blender

  • Alex Niko 9 months ago

    Oh Okay, I finally figured out why on earth none of the brushes would work/show - you have to have unit scale set to 1 M! Please remove that silly dependency

    Update: I changed my review from 3 to 5 stars. The developer updated the product and now it matches my expectations.

  • Greshame Carr 9 months ago

    A money back policy would be good.
    It all looks great on the videos, but these are all on virtually pristine models which you could retopologise with a plane and shrinkwrap.
    Regarding Beta 3 version.
    1 : constantly crashes blender - I've tried it with every version of 2.3 I have.
    2: throws exceptions every 5 - 10 minutes
    3: the UI interface is so non responsive you'll think your computer has hung.
    4:The help screen can take up to 2 minutes to load, if at all.
    5: The help screen is modal so you can't have it open whilst working.
    6: SELECTION SELECTION SELECTION. For the love of god please sort out the selection process. I would estimate 10 - 20 attempts for every successfull selection of an edge or vertex. Some vertex are simply not selectable. You can click a vertex and a vertex two polygons away is selected. And it's so slooooooowww.
    7: Changing type of tool in the main menu does not work. You click the tool you want, and that goes grey, then flashes once and then stays that way whilst the tool you are currently using remains the selected tool. But to make this particularly annoying is that it only does it 2 - 3 times out of 10, so you think you,ve changed tool and are clicking away madly to select something before realising you still have the last tool selected.

  • Piotr 10 months ago

    From my own experience, this addon is only useful for low to medium count poly models and I don't recommend it for any professional work on high poly models. With any more detailed model Retopoflow will start to lag so much it would take up to 2-3 seconds to see any change on retopo mesh you are working on (for example a loop you wanted to add appears after that time). The UI is inexcusable slow to the point it also takes 2 seconds or more for it to react; the same issue applies to change values in UI settings.
    It seems the developers are unable to fix the issue considering this version of the plugin has been in beta for several or more months.

    However, if you work on low poly models only, the tool has everything it needs to do retopology with a wide variety of tools. I use it despite the issue I mentioned earlier because I haven't seen a better option.

    Have a nice day.

  • tristram2k 10 months ago

    Retopflow is one of the best retopology tools out there for Blender. You should get it if you sculpt in 3D or import models from other sources. It always seems to be in beta, however. I wish they would put more time into polishing it up and adding intended feature - especially because it is a bit pricey for an addon when you compare it to other powerful Blender addons (like HardOps and BoxCutter, which are constantly updated and improved for a lot less money - I know they are not the same category of addon, but the amount of development put into them at the price should be consider by the Retopoflow folks as a model). Don't overprice your stuff.

  • hyunwoo kim 11 months ago

    this is really great.

  • J. G. about 1 year ago

    I've used retopoflow for probably 20 or 30 hours in the past month or so. It's the first retopology package I've used, so my comments are based solely on my experience with retopoflow; I have no idea how it compares to any other package. I *am* glad I bought this package, but it's also a bit frustrating at times because it feels like it's right on the edge of greatness, but doesn't quite make it over the line...

    Specific comments:
    - The support is pretty durned good. I originally suffered from the "can't rotate model (and other problems)" bug, and they worked with me to figure out what the issue was and how to fix it, so I could even *use* the tool, even though I very much seemed to be in the minority of users with that bug.
    - If you have to interact with the retopoflow interface directly (e.g. to change a setting), the UI is incredibly, unbelievably, spectacularly slow. It's hard to overstate *just* how slow it is. It is also sometimes unresponsive to things like tool changes. It's maddening, and I really hope it gets fixed soon!
    - The performance when actually doing retopology is usually okay, though it does sometimes get pretty slow for no apparent reason (and frequently, faster again for no apparent reason)
    - Startup time is relatively slow, which wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't need to drop out of retopoflow so often (see below)
    - It'd be really nice if there were a 'select this segment' by clicking on one end, and ctrl-clicking on the other end of an edge
    - Please please give us circle-select or the like
    - retopoflow really needs a reasonable way to select verts that are occluded by the source mesh. Working on the retopo mesh outside of retopoflow is almost guaranteed to leave some verts hidden 'under the surface', where all sorts of camera maneuvering is needed to be able to select them just to get them back on the surface
    - I find myself needing to drop back to the main blender interface to accomplish various tasks. Some of these may or may not be reasonable to expect retopoflow to do, but some of those things are:
    * set flow/set edge flow, to spread verts/edges more evenly after moving things around (this is probably my #1 most desired feature)
    * drag verts/edges while restricting the movement to one or two specific axes (useful when trying to lay out an area and be precise)
    * hide geometry (of both the input mesh and the output mesh) to be able to work properly in really tight spaces
    * to be able to add faces using the normal extrude+scale paradigm

    Overall, the tool is definitely useful, but to me it feels like it suffers from "take an interface with nothing and add features" (and leave out a bunch of things the user already had in normal blender), when it seems like it would be far more beneficial to leave us the original blender interface, and build the tool on top of that. It's really frustrating to be using a tool that's supposed to help, but have it hide other useful tools in the process...

  • Jay about 1 year ago

    I have to say my experience with Retopoflow has been great on one side but on another not so much. Great Tools for retopology love the patch tool and strokes tools some of my favorites in retopoflow. Making hardsuface retopo easy. Though it suffers from a couple of things that mainly take away from this promising tool. One of them being its a addon that basically is a program within a program and not a part of blender itself which takes away certain things like scale, rotate and other tools such as loop tools which would be very helpful. Thus once inside of retopoflow you can not access them while your in that mode thus making you jump back and forth which hinders the workflow. I Also noticed a bit of interface lag that happens when clicking on the tools just using the interface not so much if you use the shortcuts on the keyboard.. Another problem i see is that once the mesh starts to somewhat get a bit dense the viewport starts suffering and performance starts to take a hit . Retopoflow has a lot of potential and the tools are wonderful but these problems need to be addressed for sure. I would love to see retopoflow be integrated into the N panel with its tools possibly in its own header in blender with the possible use a low level language in association with python instead of the whole program written in python this would be a great and would increase performance boost thus making this one of the best retopo tool in the biz. I hope that can come to exist. cheers

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