Better Fbx Importer & Exporter

by meshonline in Scripts and Addons

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  • Jeff LaMarche over 1 year ago

    This is definitely better than the built-in FBX importer/exporter, but it still shares a couple of its major flaws.

    Biggest issue is, if you use the importer to import, for example, a skeletal mesh exported from UE4, the bone orientations look right (unlike the built-in importer), but when you export the same file using the exporter from this package, and then import that into UE4 onto the same skeleton, the animations are all messed up when applied to the imported model. Clearly something is still happening with the bone orientation that's not being accounted for.

    Also, animations imported from UE4 and applied to the UE4 skeletal mesh have some problems with the arms being detached from the body (looks like it's related to the arm twist bones, but doesn't happen if you import into, say, Maya).

    This is definitely a good tool, but until you can round trip models and have the animations work in UE4, Unreal work is still challenging.

    • [email protected] over 1 year ago

      The issue is cause by automatic bones orientation, when imported, the imported armature is not same as the armature in UE4, to make the exported armature work in UE4, you need to use the exported armature instead of the original armature in UE4.

  • Yorai over 1 year ago

    I purchased this in an attempt to remedy a flaw in the default in Blender's default FBX exporter into Unity3D resulting in broken armature / mesh rotations. (at least if you don't use hacks)
    While BetterFBX did not originally fix this, the developer responded within less than a day and I was given a version which does fix the flawed rotations, resulting in a clean perfect export/import into unity.
    I think this is worth every penny, it serves my purposes, and I definitely recommend it.

  • Cottonsfield over 1 year ago

    Dev was a great help with something I contacted them about and the plugin has been working well. Would recommend, the author clearly cares about this product.

  • Alex Fleming over 1 year ago

    I had a minor problem with the exporter and it was fixed in less than 24 hours. Five Starts! Many thanks to Mingfen Wang for all the hard work he has put into this.

  • William over 1 year ago

    I have only used this product for an hour so far, but it has already proven itself worthy of the title **Better** FBX Exporter. I am very satisfied with my purchase and recommend this product.

    I purchased this product for use in exporting FBX models to use with XNA/MonoGame. The default Blender exporter creates mangled FBX files that XNA's integral processors cannot handle (most often, bone weights randomly vanish into the void). Better FBX Exporter has entirely resolved the issues I was having with Blender's default exporter. In other words, Better FBX Exporter appears to meet the FBX spec whereas Blender fails to.

    I have not yet tested the import functionality of this product.

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