Better Fbx Importer & Exporter

by meshonline in Scripts and Addons

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  • Jarred 6 months ago

    Thank you. Just works, literally.
    Using blender 2.83, tested 10 bones deep in the hierarchy, all transform at 0 when in comes into unity. Fantastic.

  • Kayiet 7 months ago

    Good Addon,but I encounter some bug.
    I painted some value in the alpha channel of the vertex Color, but it is lost after Exported using the addon, while the RGB channel is kept. but the default Exporter can deal with it correctly.
    Hope it can be fixed soon, cause Vertex Color is useful in Game Graphic.

  • Nikhil Shringarpurey 7 months ago

    I really had high hopes for this tool for export of multiple objects to Unreal Engine for one reason: Blender's built-in FBX export does not export objects with no position transform no matter how you set it. This is important if you have several meshes so that each will export using its own origin without having to be moved to an overlapping mess at the world origin.

    Unfortunately, this add-on has the same problem - there is no way to set it to reset each objects local position to its own origin instead of the world. This negates the time savings I was hoping for when doing large static mesh exports in one FBX.

    • [email protected] 7 months ago

      Please disable 'Optimize For Game Engine' when exporting, the origins of each mesh will at their own origins.

  • dallas 7 months ago

    Are there known bugs in 2.83? I keep trying to export my character and it just terminates with no message. No output file either. I stripped it all the way down to just the mesh and still the same issue

    • [email protected] 7 months ago

      I am sorry you have encountered such a problem, there must be something wrong, would you contact me via the inbox? I need more informations.

  • Dmitriy 8 months ago

    Thank you saved me!!! My problem has been resolved !!!

  • Ben 8 months ago

    Waste of money. I was blended by the feature section and didn‘t pay enough attention to the limitations. I didn‘t think it was possible that a supposedly „better“ FBX exporter isn‘t able to properly export multiple animations. Wow. Also leaf bone export is not supported. Quite a step back. That’s not „better“...

    • [email protected] 8 months ago

      Hi Ben, you may request a refund, no problem.
      The add-on really does not export multiple animations like the default export.
      The add-on supports leaf bone exporting, you mean the orientation is not expected?

  • saige199 8 months ago

    Great exporter! The developer is very fast in answering support questions.

  • Benjamin Rivera 8 months ago

    Anyone who needs, either import or export files from Blender, and want to skip the annoying part where the errors comes up or files are somewhere in the cosmos except where you need them to be, this is the perfect tool. (Who knows it could save your keyboard from being destroyed). 0 issues, keep the AWESOME tools going!!! P.D. If you are reading this as a potential buyer, please read the installation instructions as well after buying this awesome tool, don't be me :D

    • [email protected] 7 months ago

      I agree, to install the product, you need to unzip it first, then install the add-on from the subdirectory.

  • Daniel 9 months ago

    Sweet mother of all that is holy... Thank you for this! I tried another addon that was advertised (and more expensive) as exporting skeletal meshes, armatures and animations to Unreal Engine 4 (which I think we all know is a pain in the rump to export/import to) and it only partially worked. This addon? Worked like a charm... The first time... And was insanely easy to use. To a game engine? Check. Want the animation? Check. Done.

    I have genuinely been frustrated trying to get my mesh/skeleton/animations to UE4 for the last 3 days so that I can continue my game development and this is so very helpful - Thank you very much!

    • [email protected] 9 months ago

      Thank you Daniel, I'll continue updating the add-on, if you have any suggestions, please tell me.

  • ArieLeo 9 months ago

    Perfect plugin, it fixed the issue that built in fbx exporter cannot. And great support from the devs too.
    Totally recommended if you work for game assets or working with team that using different 3d software

    • [email protected] 9 months ago

      The armature is compatible with other 3d tools now, thanks for your advice.

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