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  • Jim 14 days ago

    Useless, I want to export an FBX to Unity without a 90 degree rotation, at least the built in exporter can do this.

    • [email protected] 14 days ago

      Hi Jim, There is an 'Optimize For Game Engine' option, activate it can export the armature and 3d model with unit scale and zero rotations, I have verified in Unity, Unreal and Godot.

  • Steve Warner about 1 month ago

    This is a fantastic tool that is quickly becoming *the* definitive import/export tool for Blender. It solves most (if not all) of the shortcomings in Blender's native FBX tool. And it now offers import/export for OBJ, DAE and DXF files as well. It's continually updated and the feature set keeps growing. If you're using Blender with other programs (UE4, Unity, Maya, 3DS Max, etc.) then this is well worth the money. My only hope is that we eventually get vertex animation export along with the FBX. Maya and 3DS Max can do this. Here's hoping this addon will eventually as well. :)

    • [email protected] about 1 month ago

      Thanks, I'll consider the feature request. Though it is not difficult to export vertex animation along with the FBX, I have found that Unreal Engine is experimenting an Alembric importer, while Unity uses 3DS Max's pc2 format at present, but it already has an Alembric importer as well. So I guess that Alembric format may defeat other formats in the end. The FBX solution has some shortcomings, for example, the exported vertex animations are lack of normals, UVs and materials information, to use the vertex animation, you have to bind it to the corresponding FBX file, which lead to complicated workflow.

  • Benedict Varga 2 months ago

    Works Great! I was skeptical but then I visited the developer's website and realized that they are the same creators of Mantis LOD, which is my favorite Unity LOD editor, so that boosted my confidence significantly in getting BFIE and I am definitely not disappointed!
    I was having no luck at all importing this one *.fbx character model from Unity. It was a mangled mess and blend shapes weren't importing no matter what I tried. Then I tried BFBIE and it imported perfectly! :-D
    One thing to note though is that there were slight errors to the blend shapes when I used the BFIE exporter to export back to Unity but using Blender's default *.fbx exporter worked just fine as a workaround.
    Anyway, couldn't be happier and I think this is a must-have!

    • [email protected] about 2 months ago

      Benedict Varga replied: "After importing the model back into Unity using BFIE, I found that simply changing the Blend Shape Normals setting to Import under the Model tab in the Unity Inspector corrected the problem.

      Is there a way to edit my review? It bothers me that someone might read that part of my review and decide against getting BFIE. Especially since what I wrote is wrong."

  • Antoine Nougaret 4 months ago

    Better import do nothing on Blender 2.81. (last ver)

    • [email protected] 4 months ago

      Would you send me the issued file? So I can address the bug. Thank you.

  • haddock 5 months ago

    This FBX importer does a much better job importing armatures from Maya-exported FBX files, the main reason I needed it for, but unfortunately it doesn't translate hard/soft edges as well as the default importer. Having to redo these by hand after import is quite time-consuming. Any chance this could be fixed in the future?

    I still haven't tested the export

    • [email protected] 5 months ago

      When importing, please set the 'Normal' option to 'Import', the original hard/soft normals will be reserved, I'll add the question to FAQ, for many customers have encountered the problem.

  • juggie 5 months ago

    After responce from artgolf1000 i let changed my rating.
    With the right settings the addon makes very well imports and that very fast. Hardsurfaces and Sculptings.
    For Hardsurfaces i changed normal as import, and smoth to flat.
    Sorry for my mistake.

  • Joshua Martin 6 months ago

    This is a pretty significant upgrade over the built in FBX importer. It's not perfect but it will save you so much time.

  • Eddie Christian 6 months ago

    Very good Plug-In! I am hoping that cameras are added because I use outside programs for motion tracking and having a solid Import for camera data and motion would be very helpful.

  • Nigel 7 months ago

    I am having some problems, I tried to export an animation from blender to 3ds max but i am having some strange flickering issues when animation is playing in 3ds max, if you can help me fix that I give you a five star

    • [email protected] 6 months ago

      The jiggle bone need to be moved into the bones hierarchy.

  • Jeff LaMarche 7 months ago

    This is definitely better than the built-in FBX importer/exporter, but it still shares a couple of its major flaws.

    Biggest issue is, if you use the importer to import, for example, a skeletal mesh exported from UE4, the bone orientations look right (unlike the built-in importer), but when you export the same file using the exporter from this package, and then import that into UE4 onto the same skeleton, the animations are all messed up when applied to the imported model. Clearly something is still happening with the bone orientation that's not being accounted for.

    Also, animations imported from UE4 and applied to the UE4 skeletal mesh have some problems with the arms being detached from the body (looks like it's related to the arm twist bones, but doesn't happen if you import into, say, Maya).

    This is definitely a good tool, but until you can round trip models and have the animations work in UE4, Unreal work is still challenging.

    • [email protected] 7 months ago

      The issue is cause by automatic bones orientation, when imported, the imported armature is not same as the armature in UE4, to make the exported armature work in UE4, you need to use the exported armature instead of the original armature in UE4.

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