Better Fbx Importer & Exporter

by meshonline in Scripts and Addons

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  • Vicente Aranibar about 16 hours ago

    Love it! You saved me a lot of time!
    Just one thing, if you left the 'Auto Keying' funtion activated when exporting an animation, the first frame is replaced with the default pose, maybe it's a bug

  • Scott Foust 5 days ago

    Picked up this add-on because the standard FBX tool in Blender wasn't doing the job. I'm extremely glad I did. First, this FBX tool works well and has all the features needed for working with well constructed rigs. Second, the developer provided excellent customer service. A recent contract job required me to work with a rig that was NOT well constructed which resulted in the finger bones having a bad roll after import. The developer was quick to respond to my questions and even offered a suggestion which totally fixed my issue and saved me from having to redo all my work.

    Thanks so much for a great tool and awesome support.

  • Abrasic 7 days ago

    Switching from Maya to Blender, I've been having such a hard time trying to import rigs into Blender using their internal FBX importer; meshes would be too big or too small to fit the armature, and some bones would just be placed out in space not being connected to armatures at all. This plugin however, fixed all my problems! Still had to do some manual tweaking to fix the rigs a bit but other than that works perfectly for what I need!

  • Stephen Lambert 22 days ago

    Lifesaver. Thank you.

  • tyveras 28 days ago

    I work in an office where we use Blender as our primary 3D toolkit, but recently we've had to work with another company that uses Maya. They provided us with animations, and we had to get them into Blender. This plugin made importing those animations a breeze.

  • Zbigniew about 1 month ago

    I am using it on daily basis, and it's being updated regurarly by the author (for me it's ver important to have support )- very good product.

  • Rafael about 1 month ago

    I started using it, I had a strange issue that adds a T-Pose on the animations when I export them.

    artgolf1000 (seller) answered via messages and was in contact for support. Solution was very easy, just lock all your channels on the graph editor before exporting so now I export all my animations very fast and clean. This add-on is faster than the Standard .fbx exporter or at least I feel like it works a little bit better.

    Anyway is really good to have different ways to do things and having this add-on for .fbx export from Blender can be very helpful in some situations when the standard .fbx Blender exporter doesn't do what you want.

    I do recommend people to NOT use the "Selected objects" option, just clean your scene with all the objects you don't want to export and then export all. Well at least that is what mostly works for me. I do really recommend it !

  • 123 about 2 months ago

    doesn't export animations

    • [email protected] about 2 months ago

      Hi, if you want to export the current NLA animation, you need to clear the current action in action editor; Otherwise, if you want to export the current keyframe action, you need to clear all tracks in the NLA editor, details refer to the online document, if it still don't work, please contact me by clicking the 'Ask a Question' button in the page. Thank you.

  • Kosyne 2 months ago

    So much better than the default importer/exporter, saves SO much time! Dev is very responsive, this addon is worth every penny.

  • Thanh Tan Vo Van 2 months ago

    Hefty price, but works as intended. Tends to crash the software often when you try to Undo while still having an imported object selected when working in an existing scene, which is rather annoying.

    • [email protected] 2 months ago

      Hi Thanh, I also find that 'Undo' may crash Blender recently, but I guess that it might be Blender's bug.

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