Better Fbx Importer & Exporter

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  • Simon 18 days ago

    I tried this addon and I found that it has less options than the regular exporter from 2.90.

    Would it be possible to add thoses options from the native FBX exporter :
    - transforms (scale, forward / up, etc)
    - primary bone axis / secondary bone axis

    My issue is that I had to convert some skeletons from 3dsMax to Blender to an already existing pipeline and humanoids in Unity. It's working great at removing the "armature" node that we can't use, but poorly at fixing bones axis.

    Thank you for your reply

  • Dan Rossner 20 days ago

    Very, very good tool, and a clever way of getting around Blender licensing issues by calling an external program via command line to do the FBX conversion work. Effectively two tools in one, with the blender python scripts acting as an interpreter for newly dumped data. Works like a charm!

    I've got a few issues still, and that's mostly due to the FBX utility being a black box. Not being able to dig in and fix problems / add functionality is a bummer, and for that reason I can't bring myself to score this any higher than 4. It does what I need, but if I needed more custom utility--like having the exported FBX use the measurement system defined in the scene (i.e. metrics vs imperial), something this tool currently does not do, I'm out of luck, and would probably need to convert the scaling manually via script (which can be a headache). That's probably all I'd have for a feature request though. Regardless, as good and useful as this tool is, I can't bring myself to give 5 stars to a blender tool that's partially closed source, heh.

    All that aside, great work, and thanks for saving us headaches!

    • [email protected] 20 days ago

      Yes, it is a bug, I'll fix it as soon as possible, thanks for your catching the annoying bug!

  • Joel about 1 month ago

    Massive timesaver for my workload and I greatly appreciate how helpful the dev is.

  • David about 1 month ago

    We heavily work with Blender and UE4, and this addon has been a gift for us. We had a problem with a specific shaking effect in one of the animations, which we tried to solve for a week of so, and the author was kind enough to highlight the error we were making.

    Before giving 5 stars I checked the previous reviews. One of the 1 star reviews has problems installing, I have no idea where he or she could have had problems, but whatever they are, they are in his or her side only.

    The other one is about IK bones and constrains. I don't think this addon is advertising itself as fixing that, and baking the animations as we do anyways gives perfect results.

  • Manuel Alberto Avila Solarana about 1 month ago

    Love it, Solve mostly of my problems
    The issue/feature I need is to have to Import Only Animations into an existing File/model
    I have FBX files that only contains animation info (bones with keyframes)
    In 3dsMax/Maya the Option is called (Update Animations Only)
    Here's the Feature:
    Other than that, works like a charm

  • Gareth Cross about 1 month ago

    Was having weird issues with Blender's build in FBX export. This solved it like magic. The build in implementation is just buggy frankly. This is worth the $25 easily IMO.

  • Eryk about 2 months ago

    I like this exporter - but it is not perfect. When I export animation it inserts frame with default pose of the rig in first frame, even when animation is baked. Any solutions or fix?

    • [email protected] about 2 months ago

      Please check if you have locked all the channels in the graph editor.

  • bantha 2 months ago

    Worked for me. Way better than Blender's own tool. Seeing the other ratings, the tool may be less than perfect, but worked with everything I tested it with.

  • Matthew McKenzie 2 months ago

    I have tried for a week to get this add-on to simply load. Every other add-on loads without issue, yet this add-on has never worked. I add using the instruction, the same method for every other add-on, and there is no error or any indication of what is wrong, simply nothing happens. Pretty expensive zip file. Very disappointing.

    • [email protected] 2 months ago

      Please unzip the product, then install from 'addon/2.7/' or 'addon/2.8/', type 'better' in the search box, activate both the importer and the exporter, done.

  • Nolan 3 months ago

    This plugin still does not solve the primary usability issues that blender has with FBX: bone constraints are not considered when exporting animations still, so IK, copy rotation, limit rotation, etc, are all not going to work. When exporting an animation it also inserts a default pose keyframe on whatever is the current frame in the timeline that makes it impossible to actually export animations unless you can manually clean up the export.

    • [email protected] 3 months ago

      In some cases, you need to bake animation before exporting, I'll add 'Bake animation' feature in future version.
      To insert a default pose keyframe? Please check if it contains any keyframe at the current pose.

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