Better Fbx Importer & Exporter

by meshonline in Scripts and Addons

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  • Kosyne 1 day ago

    So much better than the default importer/exporter, saves SO much time! Dev is very responsive, this addon is worth every penny.

  • Thanh Tan Vo Van 14 days ago

    Hefty price, but works as intended. Tends to crash the software often when you try to Undo while still having an imported object selected when working in an existing scene, which is rather annoying.

    • [email protected] 12 days ago

      Hi Thanh, I also find that 'Undo' may crash Blender recently, but I guess that it might be Blender's bug.

  • Ryan 14 days ago

    Solved all of my FBX issues! Thank you.

  • Klein about 1 month ago

    Perfectly fix my max to blender issue, I love it. But import speed can be optimized, it took me 15 minutes to import a max scene

    • [email protected] 12 days ago

      Yes, the import speed is not fast, for it uses a neutral interchange format to avoid license problem.

  • Areg about 1 month ago

    Works as intended!
    Thank you

  • Alexander Filippov about 2 months ago

    The importer seems to be nice, but the exporter doesn't export animations correctly with my hacked custom rig.

    • [email protected] about 2 months ago

      Please try baking the animation first, then export the animation, usually baking can solve the problem.

  • Ghostroots 2 months ago

    Mis à jour fréquemment et fonctionne correctement, il permet de vous épargner des cauchemars entre Blender et Unreal Engine 4.
    Il se montre également très utile pour des fichiers de type ASCII.

    Je ne peux que recommander l'achat.

    • [email protected] 12 days ago

      Thank you, Ghostroots.
      I have translated your review to English with Google translator:
      Updated frequently and working well, it saves you nightmares between Blender and Unreal Engine 4.
      It is also very useful for ASCII type files.
      I can only recommend the purchase.

  • Sergey Lysov 2 months ago

    Prior to version 3.7.12, there were problems: the character has a facial rig, facial expressions are made by shapes and tied through the driver to the bone. When exporting facial expressions did not work. After the update on 3.7.12, everything worked. But I will still test. But overall, this is a fantastic addition. Helping out constantly, I hope for further development!

  • Jarred 2 months ago

    Thank you. Just works, literally.
    Using blender 2.83, tested 10 bones deep in the hierarchy, all transform at 0 when in comes into unity. Fantastic.

  • Kayiet 3 months ago

    Good Addon,but I encounter some bug.
    I painted some value in the alpha channel of the vertex Color, but it is lost after Exported using the addon, while the RGB channel is kept. but the default Exporter can deal with it correctly.
    Hope it can be fixed soon, cause Vertex Color is useful in Game Graphic.

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