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New release: Plants Library for Scatter 5.0 is out! 

The new plants package for Scatter 5 includes 30 custom-made biomes of stunning design. 

Achieve fast results with 2 clicks. 

For more information please visit: Scatter 5.0 and Manual

Vertical Scapes is a pack of high-quality 3D models for all your vertical gardening needs. Create an unlimited variety of beautiful, photorealistic green walls with just a few clicks.

39 plant species + many variations = unlimited green wall designs.

The library features 39 plant groups, each with variations, as well as a set of 9 pre-made walls, allowing you to create unlimited green wall designs.

Just append the ready-made particle systems into your scene and start rendering – or use the Scatter add-on to make the process even faster and easier.

Recently added models:


Creating green walls with Scatter couldn’t be easier – just follow these 4 steps:

Decorate spaces

The library includes all the vegetation you need to create realistic green walls for high-end hotel projects, commercial spaces, residential apartments, gyms, luxury spas and many other spaces.

LODify it!

Ever run into problems with Blender freezing up when you’re working on large-scale scenes? The answer is to use low-poly or proxy models – with just 2 clicks, you’ll dramatically speed-up your viewport performance.

Just install the LODify add-on (developed by Dorian Borremans - BD3D)and you’re done!

Batch proxy operation support:

Seamless biomes

The asset comes with 3 unique, seamless biomes to use with the Blender particle system – you only need to adjust the UVs of your wall. By mixing the biomes, you can also create totally unique green walls, as shown below:

Full control over materials. Cycles and Eevee friendly.

Switch between Cycles and Eevee whenever you like, and customize your textures. The shader nodes have all the options you need to quickly adjust materials settings like hue, saturation, brightness etc.


1. Vertical_Scapes_All_Plants.blend should not be renamed and no plants should be removed from the scene (only operations such as moving, rotation and scaling are allowed), otherwise the linked wall scenes won't open.

2. Please only link individual plants, not pre-made walls to your scene, otherwise the particles system data may be lost. You can append them instead.


 07/8/2020 - Vertical Scapes are now compatible with Scatter - the first powerful scattering add-on for Blender. 


- Package is now available for Scatter 4.0 (includes 20 biomes)

- New wall plants added (12 species) with different LOD.

- Lodify 2.0 comes with new features


-Added Terra Scape Manager v1.0

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