Jungle Scapes For Blender

by TerraScape in Models

Updates/ changelog:


- The entire animation data has been rebuilt. Wind quality Improved. Speed increased. 

- Added low-poly and proxy models.

- Fixed mesh deformations when meshtocache modifier applied. Fixed minor issues. No object rotation (+90) needed anymore when scatter with particle system.


- The plant shaders have been re-created

- Scatter 4.0 package is added

Meet the "Jungle Scapes"!

Meet the Jungle Scapes, the second product solution 3d models pack of diverse jungle and rainforest vegetation.

27 species. Huge Library

Explore the library of 27 species of plants, including tropical trees, herbaceous plants, grasses and large-leaved shrubs. Each plant species includes from 5 up to 15 variations.

Package for Scatter 4.0

The asset includes plants package to be used within Scatter 4.0  

Note: animated models are not yet integrated directly in the scatter manager and this feature will come soon, but you can scatter them manually, by selecting the animated assets, choose a preset, and hit scatter. You can also spread the plants with Blender's Particles System.

Everything in motion!

Empower your creativity and bring your projects to life with animated plants, ready for use in videogames, movies, illustration and in interactive experiences.

The collection is divided into two types: static and dynamic, giving you continuously looping animation, which ranges from 150 to 170  frames (24-30 fps) depending on the complexity of the plants. 

Adapted to SAM!

The asset is adapted to the Simple Asset Manager  SAM, thanks to Dawid Huczyński.

Here is a tip how to append files into your scene:

And how to link them:

Cycles and Eevee, hand-in-hand.

The entire pack uses Principled BSDF materials and prepared for both Cycles and Eevee. Just switch to your render engine and start rendering.

One purchase, free updates

Make purchase only once and all subsequent updates are free of charge. Plus new animated models are coming up soon!

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