Desert Scapes For Blender

by TerraScape in Models

New Volume has been released!

Desert Scapes - the fifth edition from Terrascape is out!

The library includes 26 species of fully animated render-ready desert plants with up to 8 variations for each family. 

LODify has been updated!

Convert plants to low-poly or proxy models with 2 clicks to speed-up viewport performance. LODify add-on is to help you with this.

Plants Library for Scatter 4.0 

The asset includes plants package to be used within Scatter 4.0

Note: animated models are not yet integrated directly in the scatter manager and this feature will come soon, but you can scatter them manually, by selecting the animated assets, choose a preset, and hit scatter. You can also spread the plants with Blender's Particles System.


The plants use external mesh data for animation by the meshCache modifier (150 frames/ 24-30 Frame Rate).  

Speed up the motion easily:

You might want to increase the wind speed, for this just change the "Frame Scale" value (1.0 by default) for example to 2.0 in the meshCache settings, this will double the movement speed. 

But take into your account that in this case you will also have to double the scene animation timeline.


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