Grass Scapes For Blender

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          Grass Scapes is out!

Grass Scapes - The Fourth Edition of Plants Library from Terrascape is released: 

What is inside:

25 species of fully animated render-ready ornamental grasses with up to 8 variations for each family.

Integrated into the Scatter Environment:

TerraScape products are now part of the SCATTER Ecosystem - the first Powerful Scattering Plugin for Blender created by BD3D (Dorian Borremans). The plugin includes 16 custom-made grass presets for generating landscapes with 2 clicks. 

For more information, please visit: 

Scatter website  and

Note: animated models are not yet directly integrated into the scatter manager, but this feature is coming soon, In the meantime, you can scatter them manually by selecting the animated assets, choosing a preset and hitting scatter. You can also distribute the plants using Blender's Particles System.

The main feature of GrassScapes:

is that all the plants come with 3 options:

1. Static: regular plants with no wind effect.

2. Static: but affected by the wind.

3. Dynamic: continuously animated.

LOD: Save your memory.

Probably you frequently run into problems with scene freezing when working on large-scale scenes?

Then convert everything to low-poly or proxy models with 2 clicks to speed-up viewport performance. 

Particles Systems. No more headache!

An old issue in Blender: when instancing an object using a particle system, the resulting duplicates are rotated 90 degrees on Y axis. 

All the GS plants have proper tracking axis (set to +Z instead of +Y) direction and you don't need to rotate anything anymore.

Adapted to SAM!

The library is adapted to the Simple Asset Manager.

Choose the model from the gallery and append files into your scene or link them very quickly. 


 11/24/2020 - Scatter 4.0 package is available

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