Extreme Pbr Evo With 1100+ Materials Addon For Blender

by Andrew_D in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Rodney over 1 year ago

    I wish that I had found this product sooner, but then again I am relatively new to Blender and it greatly enhances my other texture libraries. Of course, it works well as a standalone product in it's own right. In addition, the very in depth, but easy to follow online tutorials are a must watch to fully benefit and unlock what this amazing addon can do! Great Job!

    • Andrew D. over 1 year ago

      Hi Rodney , Ty ♥ This comment flatters us, we worked on this even when we were on "vacation", so we are proud to have done something good.

  • magdesign over 1 year ago

    Great addon and very kind support.
    Finally we can store materials.

    • Andrew D. over 1 year ago

      Hi Maddesign, Here we are, we send you a big thank you, because you believed in this product and finally we were able to do this :)

  • jangstudio over 1 year ago

    Very good product. Could you add some feature to paint materials and mix them with masks?

    • Andrew D. over 1 year ago

      Hi Janstudio, Thank you for your suggestion ! It is nice to have constructive opinions, we will take this request into consideration and evaluate this.

  • Robert Wesseling over 1 year ago

    I contacted the developer with an issue and described the issue quite complete; Describing the issue, what I tried, some specifications and some notes. That took me half an hour to write.

    Then I got as answer that he didn't understand the problem and if I could make a screenshot. (That was all).

    I felt a bit upset because put quite some effort to make the issue clear. And now the first reply was something that didn't bring me any step further. He could at least explain what part he didn't understand, or provide some steps, ask questions, or explaining from what he wanted a screenshot.

    Later on I got a reply in Spanish or Portuguese. I then replied back in Chinese and the ticket got escalated and since then (three days) I didn't hear anything. (It's easy to find out how to contact me).
    I got it solved by myself, but not in the mood to contribute the knowledge.
    Also I placed a review before on Blendernation and that is removed because this was a paid entry on Blendernation . That review short: The addon technically works good, but has barely anything to do with pbr since there is no assurance we get plausible albedo values in this whole workflow. So the name extreme pbr sounds a bit odd for me. (Unless Extreme refers to the amount big free library of textures and not means Extreme good pbr). Qua price: considering how long the addon is being developed, the amount of effective code lines / price ratio, and considering Blender's philosophy (Blender should be accessible for everyone), I found the price a bit to high at the moment. (But it's not my business.). That was in short the review. And that got removed. (Because we are doing business here?). It's a paid add.

    That developers should get some compensation, ok. We know that Donation buttons don't work as we've seen with the Manuel Bastioni lab, so yes a reasonable price, ok.

    Still I give it three big stars despite of this whole situation. This just to prevent to much bad feelings. I just want to write something from my chest in these 3 lines high editor.
    So this is my story at the moment.

  • hongyu fu over 1 year ago

    Truly amazing

    • Andrew D. over 1 year ago

      Hi Hongyu, ty , we are really happy to receive this from you!

  • Keith Talbot over 1 year ago

    I've only just started to use this add on but the quality of materials, ease of control and sheer number of materials is amazing. Also any material that is created is still a standard Blender node setup so if you do need to customize any of the materials beyond the huge amount of controls it already gives you then you can simply dive into the node editor.
    And now it's just been updated to the Combo edition which I get a free upgrade which looks great once I download it all. It looks like the Combo edition will address the couple of niggles I had such as not being able to adjust UV's from the editor panel.
    Definitely value for money in my book.

    • Andrew D. over 1 year ago

      Thanks Keith, we worked a lot on the requests of Extreme PBR users and requests, it all seemed really great and so we did an update in "Record Time" as we thought these features were really indispensable. Thanks to our customers we can continue the development of the addon and we are really happy to find positive feedback. Thanks again Keith

  • Martin over 1 year ago

    Great product

    • Andrew D. over 1 year ago

      Ty Martin !!!

  • clinford over 1 year ago

    Extremely useful and time saving, cant wait for the updates. dont be mistaken, this is for newbies and pros.

    • Andrew D. over 1 year ago

      Nice to have kind customers who appreciate the work, you are the first to understand how beautiful but difficult this 3D world is, we try to solve problems and make it easier

  • Karl Xuthus over 1 year ago

    When I create the VR project,the library saves me a lot of time.It is very easy to use and I love its UI.Now I am looking forward to updating.

    • Andrew D. over 1 year ago

      Thanks thanks thanks!Stay tuned for updates

  • noob13 over 1 year ago

    Worth the price, good but not great material add on. Textures are okay for quick mock ups or to get an idea of what materials look good in a scene, but not for final renders at even a medium distance (especially the wood). That being said I do use it for previews and backgrounds and the UI is very helpful and clean.

    • Andrew D. over 1 year ago

      Hi , We have taken this very useful and constructive comment into consideration, the next version there will be many improvements, stay tuned

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