Extreme Pbr Evo With 1100+ Materials Addon For Blender 2.79-2.81-2.82

by Andrew_D in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • punker3d 5 days ago

    Really enjoying all the hard work and intuitive U.I. that has been put into this addon. It really makes things easy and quick for roughing out materials that you can refine and customize later. I also want to say that I appreciate the developers level of response to questions and helpful advice. You can tell they care about their product and their customers!

    If you like this addon, definitely look at HDRI Maker as well, I bought the PRO version and really enjoy the ease of use!

  • fxr 6 days ago

    Fantastic! seriously … The poor man's substance painter/designer. Huge time saver.

  • Gordon Runkle 10 days ago

    My favorite materials add-on, bar none! Thanks for a great product and your continuous improvement as well!

  • Andrew about 1 month ago

    Excellent! This combined with SBSAR Link takes care of 99% of my material needs. Best of all, Andrew was very patient and helpful with me when I had some installation issues (caused by me being an idiot, not because of the plug-in).

    • Andrew D. 6 days ago

      Hey Andrew, Aside from your name that reminds me of mine, apart from jokes, I am very happy to have you as a customer, you are very kind and I really appreciate your support and your kindness. I am extremely happy to have done something useful, I hope to continue not to disappoint. A big thank you once again

  • Rollo Bryant about 2 months ago

    Absolutely Brilliant Add-on, probably one of the best I have used.

    I would also like to say that I had some trouble working the add-on at first and when I messaged the creator for help, he instantly got back to me and my problem was fixed. 10/10, thank you 🙏

    • Andrew D. 6 days ago

      Hi Rollo ! It has been an immense pleasure to help you, I am very happy that you have succeeded where there have been problems, every day we think about how we can facilitate all this, we are trying to improve the experience, thanks to the numerous reports we are growing together with you .
      So thank you very much for your support

  • jaehyung lee about 2 months ago

    nice tool & qucik response thanks for your help andrew :)

    • Andrew D. 6 days ago

      Thank you thank you, it was a pleasure to answer you, you are very kind and I am happy to have you on board!
      Best regards Andrew

  • Cindy 2 months ago

    Wonderful Addon! I purchased the Extreme PBR Combo Pro Pack, but can't seem to find the animated water video in the download files? Where can I find it? Also, is the animated water the only included or are there other videos included too? Please let me know, thanks!!

    • Andrew D. 6 days ago

      Hi Cindy, for any problem, please write me in the BlenderMarket chat, as I am much more responsive in the chat, so thank you very much for the support.
      I think in your case you should download the new libraries, but from version 3.3 we have added an expansion installer, now you just need to download the expansion packs that are on your order page.

  • Jacques Sorgniard 3 months ago

    One of (if not) the most useful addons in my scripts. The kind you NEVER forget it's there ! I actually don't have any useful critic to make except maybe..................... This version for ProRender we were talking about ! Cheers Andrew !

    • Andrew D. 6 days ago

      Hey Jacques , A sea of thanks for this vote! You are very kind, and I appreciate your suggestions! I hope your experience continues to be good.

  • Dimitar Pouchnikov 3 months ago

    This is a pretty good plugin with many good textures. Just having all the textures in one place with an easy-to-select plugin form is very useful. A star off for installation though as the files are quite heavy and as it seems there is no auto update at the moment I am not looking forward to re-download the gb of data again. So an incremental auto update as part of the addon would be very beneficial. Also, another important feature would be to have grunge and dirt as node groups that could be inserted on top on any material with a single button to help break up the tiling effect.

    • Andrew D. 6 days ago

      Hi Dimitar ! Thanks a lot for the suggestion, we are trying to simplify things a lot, at the moment from version 3.3 there is a new installer that will update the libraries, through the new expansion modules in zip format, so as not to have to download all the files again. This can be used if you switch from version 3.1 or higher, as in the past we had to make a fix on the name of the libraries, so be sure to follow the instructions on your order page.
      Best regards Andrew, thanks for the support

  • Joseph Vella 3 months ago

    I am a total newb at Blender. I am now a bit familiar with CG modelling and sculpting but no nothing yet from there on. In time I will learn and watch tutorial and keep learning on everything but it is here the Extreme PBR helped me a lot. It permitted me to jump some steps and produce good results which I need for my current project on which many people are waiting for the final result.
    Watching a couple of videos on youtube and with the support of the creators I was able to produce the great final results I wanted. THANSK Extreme PBR.

    • Andrew D. 6 days ago

      Hi Joseph, Thank you very much for the nice words, I am happy, I hope it will always be useful to you, I am also happy to see that you have put 5 stars, thank you very much for your trust and your support!

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