Extreme Pbr Evo With 1100+ Materials Addon For Blender

by Andrew_D in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Little thought for those who have chosen the 2.79 blender:

Do you prefer blender 2.79? This is a thought of many and we respect it 100%, because we know that blender 2.79 has a lot of potential yet, on many things it is faster than blender 2.8x. On the other hand, blender 2.8x has an interface and the new eevee engine is fantastic, the choice is difficult, but we are going to support updates for version 2.79 for a long time to come! We think it is necessary to keep this version alive, so if you had any doubts, now you know that by purchasing version 2.79 you'll be happy to have support for this version!

  • 1127 Materials inside 14.8GB Total size.

Materials:Count:Asphalt24Bricks32Bricks 0221Car PaintColors 900+Christmass Ornaments3Concrete32Concrete 0212Fabric40Fabric – Carpet22Fabric – Leather19Facade17Fence4Fingerprints5Food9Glass Easy1Granite7Gravel11Ice4Marble25Metal29Metal – 230Metal – Corrugated10Metal – Diamond Plate14Metal – Painted13Metal – Pipe4Metal – Plates12Metal Walkway11Paint6Paper3Paving – Cobblestone16Paving – Exterior32Paving – Exterior 232Paving – Interior8Paving – Tactile3Paving – Wood Parquet21Paving – WoodFloor29Plaster – Painted10Plaster – Wall22Plastic5Rock32Rock 0214Rocks17Roofing22Rope3Scratches10Smear7Snow11Stone Blocks – Sandstone11Stone Blocks – walls15Street30Street decals33Surface imperfections13Terrain32Terrain 220Tiles40Tiles 240Tiles 317Travertine6Water Animatable1Wood30Wood 0213Wood – Bark32Wood – Fine20Wood – Chipboard4Wood – Mix5Wood – Planks33Wood – Planks 0210Wood – Siding8Total1127