Extreme Pbr Evo With 1100+ Materials Addon For Blender

by Andrew_D in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Warren Reed about 1 year ago

    Best Add-on Oscar winner! I've used this in two projects already, it is beyond helpful, and they are working like creative psycho engineers with these amazing updates. I have acquired quite a lot of add ons, and this is one of my top favorites. Let's keep these guys motivated! Look, it saves you tons of time, and you can quickly try out different looks, faster than changing your shirt. They have put in the thought and work to make it easy for us.

    • Andrew D. about 1 year ago

      Hi Warren, thanks for the support, we are very motivated, I'm glad it's useful, I like that this is also used in professional fields, it's what it was born for, I like the comparison to the shirt :), that's what I I say a fabulous vote! Thanks

  • grantpb about 1 year ago

    Incredible useful and tidly organised. Superoperative support! Fantastic addon!

    • Andrew D. about 1 year ago

      Hi Grant! Thanks for the nice words, for the support, and for this fantastic vote! This makes us happy with the work we are doing.

  • delazouch about 1 year ago

    Andrew It all started with a lot of help, the showed outstanding customer service, which leads to trust in your other products. Love the add-on and will save me hours of time blocking out and final renders, Looking forward to updates and more.

    Thanks again for customer support

    Best wishes


    • Andrew D. about 1 year ago

      Hi Dela! I'm just seeing this comment with a smile. It's not easy but it's fun, we work every day on our products, and we try to follow the requests in the best way.
      So I thank you very much for this good vote!

  • Carlos Zamora about 1 year ago

    Andrew created a powerful. Easy to use once you understand the basics of faces, subdivide function and edges.
    I asked plenty of questions and Andrew provided links and insights to my problems.
    I wish more creators were this committed to giving that extra much needed help.

    • Andrew D. about 1 year ago

      Hi Carlos, Thanks for the nice words!
      This thought flatters me, it's a nice thought, we really have a lot of customers who write to us, we always try to follow everyone, it's not easy, but reading these words I think maybe we're doing well :)

  • Thomas Scott Nelson about 1 year ago

    The Extreme PBR Combo is superlative, covering a very broad and useful set of materials, comprehensive editing capabilities, and ease of use.

    I have just begun experimenting with its capabilities and I am very impressed; it is exactly what I need for my architectural work.

    Also, Andrew supports his work and was immediately available to graciously answer a question that I had.

    • Andrew D. about 1 year ago

      Ehi Thomas, Thanks! This addon was born exactly for architectural needs, we have done years working for architects and engineers on CAD software, this experience has been very useful to us.

  • Gav about 1 year ago

    Andrew_D has put together one of most useful PBR packages available, 1000 textures which is amazing and the best part is you can create your own textures and save them to build your own library of ready to use textures, saves so much time and works really well with the special scaling slider to get your detail just right.

    • Andrew D. about 1 year ago

      Wow Gav! You summarized the strong points, and I thank you for the support, thank you very much, this vote is fantastic

  • Prettypicturegirl about 1 year ago

    Impressive amount of textures, easy to add further ones. Fast replies by Andrew upon questions & suggestions.

    • Andrew D. about 1 year ago

      Hey, thanks for the kind words and for the 5 stars, this makes us happy with what we do every day. We try to do our best, because this must be a fun but professional job.

  • Susannah Keegan about 1 year ago

    It's a very large library, quite complete.

    • Andrew D. about 1 year ago

      Thank you very much for your support! This is also thanks to the guys who produce textures that we support with donations every month.

  • Bunny Void about 1 year ago

    amazing add-on and superb support!
    hopefully, in the future, it will have integration with substance files, the same way unity plugin works

    • Andrew D. about 1 year ago

      Thanks bunnyvoid, every day we work on add-ons and we follow the requests carefully, ours is an experience that never ends, so every day we try new things and we also learn, your support makes it possible for us to continue working on this project which has evolved very quickly.

  • kratzdistel over 1 year ago

    Saves a lot of time and the new shader maker is superb. :)

    • Andrew D. over 1 year ago

      Hi Kratzdistel, Boom, you make me Happy, Shader Maker it was made possible by the numerous requests of our customers, so we should also thank you all ♥

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