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  • Oli Gerber
    3 days ago

    perfect :D

  • Charlie Schmeling
    19 days ago

    Quite instantly became my go to choice for lighting my scenes!
    The amount of control and the quality of the sky and especially the haze and fog effects are worth the small increase in render time!

  • Studio 3 Points
    2 months ago

    Really impressive result, I agree with that, but unfortunately when you activate this add-on with other assets and try to create a realistic scene, it's 90% of the time crashing or freezing. Even when starting from scratch and just trying to have a nice sky, it's already super heavy. I'm disappointed about my order. I know you are working hard to develop this add-on, and I respect the great job your team did. But from my opinion, this add-on should be more optimized.

    My configuration :
    AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS with Radeon Graphics 3.30 GHz
    32,0 GB (31,4 GB usable)
    Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 (6GB)
    Blender 3.3

  • Mike Carnevale
    3 months ago

    Such a great addon! The team behind this is always top-notch!

  • Gazz
    4 months ago

    An awesome product - made my scenes like better then any HDRI I had.
    Worth it.

  • Lincoln
    4 months ago

    that benchmark was hot. really hot. Instant buy, I'll have to experiment later but this seems like an essential tool for my filmmaking.

  • Guido Schultz
    4 months ago

    nuff said! :-)

  • Brian Terranova
    4 months ago

    I always love tools and plug-ins that will speed up my workflow as well as improve the quality of my renders. I normally am skeptical about sky plug-ins for Blender and generally will use an image plane or use an HDRI, but I took a chance on True-Sky and I am satisfied with my purchase. Right off the bat loading in one of the presets and adding a few minutes of customization, I was able to get a sunset render will great volumetrics that is far better than assembling all the parts I normally would have done. As with any Blender plug-in, there is always room for improvement, but ultimately a worth while purchase at a solid price. Already looking to go back and use it some of my older projects just to see what I was missing out on.

  • Joseph
    4 months ago

    All your work is amazing thank you!

  • Eric Estingoy-Devignac
    4 months ago

    Bought it Day One. There aren't any cons fo rme, since I only use the default sky and tweak the way I want. For some scenes I'll stick with my HDRi but I'm surprised that in 90% of the time, I switch to True Sky. It's indeed better and in my opinion I, in no way, feel scammed. Concerning render time, I don't really see a difference between TS and the 16 to 19K HDRi I normally use so it's not a problem for me.

    My only question is : how do you make the sky invisible? Since I make a lot of product design rendering these days, I need a good realistic lighting but a transparent background. I tried a lot of things and can't find a way to just get the light out of the add on but not the background. If that's not possible, well, that would be a great con.

    • True-VFX

      4 months ago

      Hi Eric, You can make the background (Sky only not clouds) invisible in renders by heading to the 'FILM' tab in the properties panel, and enabling the 'Transparent' checkbox. If you wish to make also the clouds invisible, then you need to turn these into Shadow Catchers. Glad to hear you're liking the tool so far, if you have any feedback please join our discord and use our feedback form there. Kind regards, Rich @ True-VFX Discord:

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