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True-SkyTrue-Sky 2.1ContactProbably the best sky tool available for creating realistic lighting, clouds and fogs inside of Blender CyclesUse code TVFXCONTEST for 50% off all our tools. Only valid until the 21st of June 2023Due to continued issues with coupon codes not working for users, we have removed the code and applied the flat 50% rate to the price. The price of this tool will be increased to original on the 21st of June 2023Who needs HDRi's when you can have True Skies?True-Sky is a full-featured Sky tool that's been in development since October 2021, It's been through many iterations, been through 100s of hours of testing from when we first designed the clouds, to creating the skies, and then the atmospherics.There isn't another tool that'll give results like this!Day and night cycles!You asked, we provided!True-Sky just got a complete night system with automated day/night transitions, procedural and HDRi night skies so you're never stuck deciding on the right lighting for your creative mind!Sky Presets Because you all keep asking for us to do them... So here you go. Sky presets for those of you who want to jump straight in!Complete Sky controlsYou're in control! There isn't a sky from dawn to dusk that you can't create. Need to make Alien worlds? Enable the binary star.Need a hazy morning, set the sun low and enable HazeNEW: Click to place sunYou're super seriously in control...Now you just use the "click to place" button in the UI and PRESTO; You can click anywhere in the 3d viewport to place your sun!We should get a Nobel Prize or something for that oneNEW: Use sun lampYou're super SUPER seriously in control...Sick of never knowing where your lighting is coming from while in 'solid' view mode? Not anymore! Click "Use Sun Lamp" and then rotate it around to get that lighting casting on the exact side you want! No more guessing while not in rendered mode.Clouds7 Different types to get you started. Clouds really bring a scene to life, especially when the lighting is affected by them! Cloud Shadows anyone???Cloud controls All the controls you need.Need to move the clouds, controls for that! Need to make more... YepNeed to make them thicker, or cover more clear sky?We got all the controls to make your clouds look amazing!NEW: True-SpeedUp-to 50% render time reductions! FIFTY PERCENT FASTER than True-Sky 2.0To be fair, this button will make your renders less physically accurate, but only to a trained eye. We like to keep it honest around here!Use code TVFXCONTEST for 50% off all our tools. Only valid until the 21st of June 2023Due to continued issues with coupon codes not working for users, we have removed the code and applied the flat 50% rate to the price. The price of this tool will be increased to original on the 21st of June 2023Dusty Desert scenes are a few clicks away!True-Sky make it super easy to create a moody, atmospheric scene in minutes! No longer will you have to worry about using the dreaded 'Mist' pass in the compositor!The wild-west never looked so good...Beautiful NightsWe did it!We only went and built a beautiful dynamic night system with 8 different night HDRi's, a custom SDF moon for full control, and light pollution to mimic cities and towns in the background!World Haze It ain't 'True' if it doesn't have haze!The world we know has particles in the sky, those particles produce haze... Now we bestow this great power upon you!World FogWe all love fog!Same as above... Earth has water, Sun heats water up. Water evaporates into the air, sometimes it hangs there; this is FOG.We give you FogHero FogsMORE FOGGGGSSS‍We also made some 'Hero' Fogs. It's great having the world shader stuff, but sometimes you just need a really nice, detailed and animatable fog to cover your terrains!Rolling fog (Shown above) and Surface fogs are the ones you can add to any scene to give it a bit more moodOur community Rocks!Our Community is awesome, and here's a few of the renders that's been posted there. Come and join us all at our DiscordSo who's this for?This is for the creatives that are looking for the most realistic Skies out there. If you need to create a scene and light it with the most physically accurate world lighting, atmosphere and clouds; True-Sky is the tool for you!On that note, True-Sky is powered by Cycles to make it as accurate as possible. This does come with the drawback of longer render times than other Sky tools, but we all know that "perfection takes time"It's not that we don't like Eevee... Cycles is betterStill unsure about it??If you're still struggling to decide, check out this tutorial we've made to see just how simple and easy it is to use!We promise you'll love it!Updates Free to existing users*Subscribe for news!We won't spam you with rubbish... We just want to share product updates, and our newsletter!Thank you! Your submission has been received!Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.We donate part of all our sales to the blender foundation!~5%Of each product sale100%of all our products participate$8000+in donations so far from True-VFX❤️You've all helped us do this!FAQ OverviewCommon QuestionsCan this be used with Eevee?No, this version of the addon does not support Eevee right now as we wanted to focus on the creating the most physically accurate clouds and lighting we could. However we are actively working on Eevee compatibilityWhat render times can I expect?We do have optimisations built-in to help reduce render times and keep quality as high as possible; however, we can't advise what render times you will see as there are too many factors to give an accurate answer. All we can say is that rendering on a CPU will be slower than a GPU and using mobile variants (laptops etc) will be slower again. We would advise that using a modern GPU will give you fastest results. The more compute cores (CUDA/OPTIX/Stream Processors) the faster your renders will be.What do I get with the tool?True-Sky offers a full day/night system, clouds, fogs and world volume. It offers controls for all of these options, and optimisation features for your machine. We do not offer weather phenomena like Northern lights, rainbows, tornadoes etc.Can I use this for any purpose?You can use True-Sky in any RENDERS for any purpose, be that education, personal or commercial. You cannot sell, repackage or distribute the addon in any way.Where can I find Documentation?HERE is the documentation for True-Sky((SECRET STUFF HERE))

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Published about 2 years ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1
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