Texture-Tools | Ultimate Bundle

by Thatimster in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Introducing the Ultimate Texture Toolkit for texture generation, modification and improvements.

Instantly remove tiling patterns from repeating image textures! (Product Page)

Generate multiple PBR maps from a single image! (Product Page)

Remove seams from the edges of any image! (Product Page)

All 3 Texture Addons in the Same Blender Tab:

What you get:

  • Anti-tile Addon
  • Anti-tile User Manual
  • Super Texture Addon
  • Super Texture User Manual
  • Super Texture Demo file
  • Anti-Seam Addon
  • Anti-Seam User Manual
  • Free Lifetime Updates (and Email alerts)
  • Good Karma for Supporting the Blender Foundation :)