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  • Frank Hilton
    6 months ago

    One frustrating thing I deal with is textures that are supposed to be seamless but are not. This add-on provides something that should be built into Blender. From my initial test, I used a dirt texture that has a hard edge on two side. I then applied the Anti-Seam option to the texture.... AMAZING!! It hid that hard edge almost to perfection. You can still see a pattern, but only because you know its there. It is totally an expectable result!!! I love it! Seam BE GONE!

    This add-on is located in the Shading Editor (N-Panel) and the way it works is you select a texture Node in the node editor, click one of the Seam, Tile or Texture buttons (depending on what you are wanting). Then it adds a specific node that offers several options to optimize the look.

    One tip I suggest is be sure to get the size and orientation set in the UV Editor before applying the node functions. It will just help with the experience.

    I contacted support and they responded very quickly. I like that in a developer. Shows he cares about his customers and product.

    Overall, I am impressed so far. I still have more exploring to do, but my first initial test was amazing. It is about time there is a way to fix unwanted tiling of textures!!! Glad I bought it!!

  • Scott Lissard
    about 1 year ago

    This is a huge timesaver and a great bundle of useful texturing tools to deal with the ever present tiling artifacts. I especially love the debug output that allows you to see exactly how the mapping is scaled. Genius!

    Also, if anyone is wondering, it plays well with the Extreme PBR plugin.

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