Procedural Hdr Lighting

by Picto Filmo in Scripts and Addons

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Procedural HDR Lighting addon make easy to light a scene with no lights. Get instant results with few parameters for Sky and Studio setups. The procedural environment is HDR which mean it can emit light the same way hdr image do. Difference is you can choose and create the light mood, colors the way you want instead of searching for oversized hdr images. Procedural mean unlimited resolution too...

1.4 update

- new shaded cloud system

- save settings ability

1.3 update

- better sun flares

- better sky gradient colors and sun area gradient

- bake HDR with geometry render from selected object

- Studio lights custom scale from neon to light boxes

+ some debugs ...

1.2 update

- gradient for sky colors

- soft shadows

1.1 update

- Addon now located in World Properties panel

- Sun flares Eevee and Cycles


Efficient for product, concept lighting or any scene, this is not physical sky like you can find so many of it. Want a purple sun and green clouds? yes you can have it.


Stop searching for the good oversized HDR picture with no choice for colors, mood...Create your own in a blink. No need to go to world shading. Use everything in realtime with eevee then switch to high quality with cycles.


5 presets for Sky and Studio for a quick start. Try, customise, be creative.


Want to share or save your world lighting? bake it in a blink in 1,2,4,8,16K. Just click Bake button. This will render the procedural environment to hdr image with 100% match procedural one. If you then import it in world shading you'll have 100% same result.


Render are both is "similar", you can switch from one to other without loosing your settings. Cool to use Eevee for realtime adjustment then switch to Cycles high quality light rendering. HDR doesn't cast direct shadows in Eevee, that why when you choose Eevee Sky, a sun is created in the scene, perfectly matching the HDR one. Don't select it, forget it, it's controled thrue the addon, created and deleted if needed or not.

More features, presets to come after summer break.

Have fun and let us know what you think of it!

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Published 4 months ago
Software Version 2.93
License GPL
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