by Picto Filmo in Scripts and Addons

Dupli-curve has been developped to simplify objects distribution along a path

What for?

-environment design :  distribute trees along a road on a terrain

-asset modeling : distribute rivets, bolt on curved shapes


-random objects from collection of the first choosen object

- space between objects setting, never goes off the curve

-randomise location, rotation and scale

-realtime setting adjustment

- z lock for everything stay vertical

-convert to one global mesh 

-convert to individual instance meshes


quick and easy to use


- spred on one spline at a time

- one element spline only, other segment will not be filled

- clones mesh data only, no modifiers supported yet


tutorial 2 (animate offset parametter)

in version 3.1.5 fixed the overlap problem of distributions objects along the cyclic curve:

tutorial 3:

differences of random lacation with "follow curve" active or not