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Multiple Views
Multiple worlds
All within one Blender Scene!

What is PolyViews?

Polyviews is the simple, yet powerful view manager to help you with rendering multiple views within one .blend file. It stores the selected camera views, with their worlds and collections states. You can add custom rendering settings such as resolution or sampling to the selected views, and in the end render them all with one click and autosave in the selected directory. All this is packed within the simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to use for any Blender user, both beginner and advanced. 

Update 1.1 - 2023/08/18

  • Animated clips can now be saved like other views, with their own start/end frames settings, video output format and custom rendering settings
  • Batch render counter was rebuild for the better performance and to avoid potential issues
  • Image output format selection has been added to global / view properties
  • Minor bugfixes & UI improvements

Camera + World + Collections = View

Each view consists of the selected camera object, selected world and current state of the collections. Simply select the camera, make it active, set the world and click the button to save this view! It is really easy to make a mistake when switching between lots of cameras and worlds, particularly in more complex scenes. Polyviews provides this operation within just one mouse click! Furthermore, for each view you can set, which collections should be enabled and which disabled, so you can show or hide objects in the selected views really easily, directly in the Blender outliner, without any other additional lists or settings in the addon panel. Each view will be saved with the currently enabled / disabled collections, and when switching, this collection state will be restored. And naturally you can later update your views, change the cameras, worlds, update the collections state!

You can now also save any animated scenes with their custom cameras and with setting different start & end frame for each of them!

Switch between saved static views or animated scenes easily

All you need to switch to another saved view is to click the button in the polyviews panel. The addon will automatically change the camera, world, collections state and other settings just within this one mouse click. All views are stored within one Blender Scene, so the operation is very fast, and does not require any additional loading. It's also about your animation scenes. You can simply switch between them with a button. That's all!

Use custom rendering settings for the selected views & animations

Usually, not all the views require the same samples number to look good. Sometimes some of them should also be in different resolution or with different aspect ratio. Polyviews allows you to use the global rendering settings for the current project, but also to tweak some most basic settings for the specified views. You can save unlimited number of views and each one of them can use another resolution, sampling or look settings. 

One click to render & save them all!

One of the Polyviews features is the Batch Rendering. Just one click is all you need to render the enabled static views and autosave them in the specified folder. You can decide yourself which views are to be rendered during this operation, and turn the views on / off just with a click. You can also just render and save the currently active scene if you need it.

Intuitive Interface

Our goal was to keep the addon as lightweight and simple as possible, so any Blender user could use it with ease. During the entire development process and after lots of testing, we've created the minimalistic and very intuitive interface, without dozens of hidden options and settings, so everything is clear and ready to use. We've made it all just to simplify the workflow as much as possible!

Developed when working on real projects

Though polyviews is really simple addon, it has been designed and developed for a longer period of time, when working on the real architectural visualizations projects. During this process, we've refined the addon as much as possible, creating extremely easy user experience combined with  very simple and intuitive interface. This is what makes it so comfortable to use and makes us sure that the addon can be really useful in the Blender workflow!

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