Natural Elements - Tree, Grass, Vegetation Library + Flow 4 Pro Addon

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Initial Release: June 2023

Connect yourself with (3d) Nature!

Natural Elements is a vegetation library of more than 250 absolutely new models and over 50 unique ready-to-use materials (so far). We've travelled around and gathered the real-world data to bring to you large amount of realistic and diversified natural assets - trees, shrubs, grasses, weeds, flowers, rocks and even more! Save time on searching for perfect assets, as you can have them all just inside one library! 

Hundreds of assets, just one addon!

Natural Elements comes with the Flow 4 Pro addon, which provides our authorial user-friendly asset system, that can help you creating more optimized and better looking scenes, with no effort. Combine Natural Elements with our other Flow libraries to achieve the ultimate results and create alive and realistic scenes in Blender. The addon was designed and developed while working on the real projects, and it's goal was to optimize the workflow time, maximize the results

Combine the power of Natural Elements and Flow Pro together to create breathtaking and natural looking environments like a professional 3d artist, no matter if you're beginner or advanced Blender user. Our high quality assets are render ready and the plugin is very easy to use, so you could achieve better results instantly!

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Plant greenery the new way!

Asset Painter is the click & place and click & drag tool included within Flow 4 Pro, that helps to precisely distribute the assets. As scattering systems suit perfectly for filling larger areas with the assets, they may look a little bit generic and repeatable. Asset painter is here to fill your scene with those tiny details, that will make it look unique and stunning. In literally minutes, you can plant diversified clusters of grasses, add some wild-growing trees and shrubs, then throw around some rocks. Those tiny details are your key for creating more realistic environments!

Protip! Asset Painter supports graphic tablets, so you can literally draw the assets into your scene, controlling their size with the pen pressure!

Create Breathtaking Environments LIKE A PRO!

Stop thinking how to create those amazing environments with lots of assets and details. You can now do it yourself, with no extra knowledge needed! With Natural Elements and Flow, creating complex and detailed scenes is just effortless. You can fill your environments with dozens of Natural Elements assets just within minutes, making your scenes look alive and stunning in minutes.

The presented architecture assets comes from our other libraries: Interior Essentials and Architecture Elements

Paint attention to the details!

Asset Painter is the click & place tool included within Flow 4 Pro, that helps to precisely distribute the assets. Create detailed environments in literally no time! Fill up your scattered grass with tons of new details like grass clusters, flowers, rocks, weeds with no effort, just by clicking on the viewport. Discover how easy it is to paint the assets right into the spots you want, without tweaking the complicated systems to achieve the result you want.

Adjust assets look without leaving the 3d viewport!

Transform the look of your assets or entire scene without leaving the 3d viewport. With Flow and the help of pre-made material node groups, you can tweak the materials of assets directly from the panel level, even for the collection instances! This saves tons of time on adjusting the assets to fit to your scene perfectly!

Manage assets with Flow or Asset Browser!

Choose your way to manage the assets. The library comes with our Flow 4 Pro asset tool, which will help you with adding your assets to the scene, manage them, tweak them and more. Also all assets are ready to use with the Blender Asset Browser, and are already marked and categorized! With Flow, you can also easily expand the library with your own assets

Trees, Shrubs, Weeds, Flowers and MORE!

All Assets List

When browsing our library you can find large variety of deciduous trees, coniferous trees, shrubs, rocks, weeds, flowers, grasses, decorative grasses, ground particles and even more! Be sure to check the entire assets list!

Balanced Polycount / Asset Quality

It's really difficult to achieve extremely realistic natural assets with low polycount. Our goal was to balance the number of polygons, while keeping as good asset quality as possible, which resulted in very realistic models with satisfactory polycount!

Flow tools for the better workflow!

Natural Elements is just the package of assets, but what makes it extremely powerful is our Flow 4 Pro Addon with a lot of extra tools. Along all the library functions, we've also developed the unique set of handy tools, to make the workflow with Blender even quicker and easier. You can now create much better scenes with no extra effort! Discover what you can expect from Flow!

Asset & Material Painter

Paint your assets into your scene to make it more detailed within seconds. Use any of your pre-saved library assets or objects from the current project. Randomize it's scale and rotation to make it look even more natural. Create environments in no-time! Protip! You can also use the graphic tablet to improve your works!

Properties System

Add properties to your assets, so you can later adjust them just from the panel level, without the need of entering any other editors. You can change color, material properties, objects size, modifiers, almost any value you want!

Brush Tools

Speed up sculpting and texture painting with our special brush tools pie menu and Flow extension for brushes tool panel. You can now load brushes and textures, or select the existing one from the single menu!

Instance Tools

Working with instance collections in Blender may be really annoing. We've made a set of functions, to make it even enjoyable. You can now edit any instance collection (even the nested ones) really easily and improve the performance of your scene

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