Flow 2.4 - Ultimate Asset Manager & Asset Painter For Blender + Basic Nature Pack

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Paint attention to the details!

Discover Flow 2.3 Asset Painter - the ultimate tool that allows you to PAINT your assets directly ito the scene, making the workflow just instant! Create breathtaking environments literally just in few minutes! Check the example below to see how fast and easy is now using the Flow addon!

Protip! You can also try using a drawing tablet to paint assets even faster!

Basic Nature Pack for Asset Painter is included! 

3 photorealistic grass brushes in different variants, 6 weeds & flowers brushes in different variants, 4 rocks in a few variants. So you can start painting right after downloading the plugin!


Build your OWN asset library!

Save your time on searching for your assets among hundreds or thousands of your Blender files. Gather them all in one place and speed up your workflow with any kind of projects! With Flow you can add assets to your scene with a few mouse clicks, but also you can add ANY objects and materials INTO the library directly from any Blender file you are working with! Gather your favorite assets from any asset packs and libraries just in one place. Most of the popular assets libraries should work with Flow! Check the docs to see how the file structure should look.

Flow 2.4 helps you to easily manage your:

  • Models with Custom properties
  • Materials
  • Textures
  • Node Groups
  • HDRI Textures
  • Worlds
  • Template Files

And provides lots of useful tools to make the Blender workflow much easier and more enjoyable!

Add objects & materials to the library EASILY

Organize your assets in custom categories and subcategories

You don't need any skills for adding the new objects! Simply select whatever you want, click just one button and that's all! This takes literally seconds and you can already find your objects in your library! You wan to use any materials later? Nothing simplier! Select object, click the button, select the material and it's already quickly reusable.

Create your own adjustable assets with the custom properties

Adjust your assets from the panel level easilyYou can now adjust your model's material or shape, directly from the panel, without making the instance editable or entering it's data. Creating the custom properties for your objects is really easy, and you can also do that quickly using the Flow panel. What you can make tweakable is almost any Blender setting - material property, shape key, color, array number etc. Discover the new possibilities with Flow!

Texture & Node Group manager!

Load your textures easily and quickly! Add textures to the library directly from Blender! Save time on adding and setting nodes for each image you want to load. Just use Flow and add the selected texture (or even all images from the selected directory!) just with a click!

HDRi Management

Do ou have dozens of HDRs somewhere on your disk, and need to search for them and load them each time from the Shader Editor level? Save a lot of time by using Flow! Copy your HDRs to the Flow Library directory, and then just select your HDRi from the library, add it to your scene just with a mouse click and tweak it's settings just from the Flow panel! You can also find the desired hdri by loading the next or the previous one. All automatically!

New Sketchup-like instance editing tools

Improve your workflow with any instance collections

Flow tools make the work with instance collections easier than ever! Create quick instance collections from any selected objects, edit any instance collection without the need of performing numbers of actions, explode the instance to it's initial meshes or convert the whole instance to the single editable mesh! Save your time and your disk storage re-discovering the amazing instance collections!

Many other handy features!

Alongside the main functionality, Flow provides set of other handy functions, like quick object transforms with the special pie menu, quick PBR material generator to create the simple materials without the need of entering the shader editor or tiles generator making the shuffled real-size tiles instead of repeatable seamless texture.

Discover our ready to use Interior Essentials library for Flow!

If you're an architect or interior designer, you may like the Interior Essentials - the amazing asset library containing almost 400 objects, of which many are already using the pre-built properties. 

If you want to get the library, remember, that the Flow plugin is also included

And what if you've already purchased Interior Essentials? Just go to your BlenderMarket downloads page and grab the latest Flow version - you should see it among your files.

Check out Interior Essentials on BlenderMarket

Add objects from any other libraries you are using!

You are using any other asset libraries for Blender and you want to have all the assets in one place? Use Flow plugin to add them to your ONE ultimate asset library and use them quickly whenever you want!

Boltheads set & Basic Nature Pack are included with the plugin!

The current product includes:

  • Flow Asset Management addon for Blender 2.83+ (latest Blender version is recommended)
  • Startup library with 4 materials, 14 models, Nature Pack described above and bunch of textures from cc0textures.com and HDRis from HDRIHaven.com

If you want to purchase Interior Essentials asset library with almost 400 objects, that also includes the Flow plugin, visit Interior Essentials on BlenderMarket

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