Physical Starlight And Atmosphere

by RIG in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • ravi vaghasiya 10 months ago

    It's my first purchase here and it's worth it. Really happy with lighting.

  • Dorian Borremans 10 months ago

    if you read this, buy this immediatly.

  • Brenner 10 months ago

    Fast, easy to use, and looks amazing. Makes setting up outdoor lighting a breeze.

  • juggie 10 months ago

    The first time I like my light in Blender.
    The addon is fantastic.

  • Sascha Henn 10 months ago

    To be honest, this Addon is beyond amazing. It's running so much smoother than a HDRi and the Atmosphere Settings are brilliant. I can't wait for all the future features for this. Amazing!!!

  • chermozak 10 months ago

    Amazing sky, I have been looking for a photorealistic atmosphere for a long time. Now my searches are over! The sky is like a living, real! Brilliant!))

  • Laszlo Rumbold 10 months ago

    Lovely addon!
    Can't wait to see clouds on the sky.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Sav Scatola 10 months ago

    Just made lighting simpler and better, even on a late 2014 iMac. :) Thank you, can't wait to see how this develops.

  • Hakan Akögretmen 10 months ago

    You Sir have crowned Eevee with this! My viewport shines in the new light! Thank you so much! I´m looking forward for your updates!

  • MN 10 months ago

    Made gigantic sunrise while humming Circle of Life,
    I wholeheartedly recommend

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