Physical Starlight And Atmosphere

by RIG in Materials, Shaders, Textures

"Physical Starlight and Atmosphere" documentation

User Variables explained:

Sun settings

Azimuth - moves the Star (Sun) horizontally (0)

Elevation - moves the Star (Sun) vertically. Sun is at the zenith at 90° and on the horizon at 0°

Sun Disk - toggles Star (Sun) disk in the sky.  

Sun Lamp - toggles Sun lamp in the scene. If disabled, sun disk is used as Sun radiance. 

Angular Diameter - Star`s angular diameter in the sky. Larger the diameter, larger the star and brighter it gets.

Temperature K - Star`s color temperature in Kelvins

Intensity - Star`s radiance intensity

Atmosphere settings

Density - Atmospheric density at sea level in kg/m3

Height - Atmosphere height where density is 0.0

Intensity - Atmosphere radiance intensity

Color - Atmosphere (gas) particle color

Inscattering - Atmosphere scattering parameters

Absorption - Atmosphere absorption (color extinction) parameters

Mie Scattering

Intensity - intensity of Mie scattering

Anisotropy - directionality of Mie scattering

Artistic Controls

Distance Scalar - scales the scattering values to increase/decrease apparent scale

Falloff - fog falloff curve

Sun Radiance Gamma - Star`s radiance color gamma (increase/decrease color saturation)


Ground Albedo - parametric ground plane color

Ground Offset - parametric ground plane offset