Physical Starlight And Atmosphere

by RIG in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Zondac 4 days ago

    I was a bit apprehensive if it could replicate the light I needed, but it was extremely good. Within minutes I was excited how well it did in Evee. Adding clouds and maybe background will make it outstanding and fast.

  • Nico van der Merwe 10 days ago

    Honestly the best add-on for blender and worth every cent paid, waiting with anticipation for the next update with clouds and other features but as it is currently in version 1.2 just amazing! Works perfectly in both cycles and eevee + animations.

  • tleedz 17 days ago

    Must have tool! Cannot wait for future releases! 👍🤙

  • D Eric Harmon 19 days ago

    Great tool!

  • Alex Cutler 23 days ago

    Very good = docked it one star because it doesn't yet do moonlight (or my ignorance has got in the way). The fact that it is resource light,. and yet an incredibly effective dynamic outdoor lighting setup makes it a must for many stills and much animation

  • Stephen noble 24 days ago

    Really happy with this plugin. I think if falls under the must have list for sure.

  • Bobbie Richardson 24 days ago

    Awesome plugin! Super easy to use!

  • Collin Pence 25 days ago

    Amazing add on. Been using it since 1.1 first came out, and as a environment and landscape artist I use this add on constantly. Extremely useful for concept pieces and previewing the lighting of a scene. And it also holds up for certain final renders. And 1.2 is even better! Love this add on, and cant wait for the future releases.

  • Steve Jarratt 29 days ago

    This is a brilliant, must-have plugin for instant realistic renders. No fuss or hassle. I wish Cinema 4D had anything this good!

  • Max about 1 month ago

    This is majestic.

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