Physical Starlight And Atmosphere

by RIG in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Roberto 5 days ago

    Awesome results in a few clicks! Recommend!

  • joncoy 11 days ago

    Incredibly modular, powerful, and easy to use! This add-on gives me tools that I have been trying to create on my own for a while now (and failed).

  • tcwik 12 days ago

    1.3 is Great!

  • janex 16 days ago

    This supplement can only be improved

  • RobertSchwarz about 1 month ago

    Great Addon! I Use it in EVERY Scene. The default set up alone brings enviromental scenes to life. Quick and easy to use!

  • Mathew 2 months ago

    Great product so helpful. Also does great when mixing with an HDRI. I mixed with a sunset HDRI, for some extra clouds, and the result really came out great.

  • Joe Daniels 3 months ago

    Works wonderfully, easy to use. Get this asset!

  • pedrowilde 3 months ago

    great, but add an option to rotate the sun just by choosing the time of the year and local, then with just a slider we choose the time of the day

  • Kenneth 4 months ago

    Greatest blender plug in!

  • Sergey 4 months ago


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