Physical Starlight And Atmosphere

by Physical Addons in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Wigglepixel
    6 days ago

    Nice addon which quickly and easily adds great value to scenes. There was an issue with stars not working in 1.6.1 and it took a while to get a fix (that's why I give three stars, no pun intended), but now that it's fixed it all seems to work perfectly now. Like others said the clouds could be better (there are other add ons for volumetric clouds, one of them I use now, but for this price I think we might expect clouds to be a little more usable on itself and not as flat as they are now. Although still nice to have as backgrounds behind 'real' volumetric clouds 'below' this sky). Also a moon would be welcome for night scenes. But other than that; this is an add on I use a lot now, I'm very happy with the great results it almost instantly gives and I will definitely continue to happily use this on lots of outside scenes in the future too for sure. Would be empty without these beatiful skies!

  • chazz
    about 1 month ago

    I'm trying to be positive and give this add-on time to possibly update. But so far this addon has not worked well or in some cases at all. I've had issues with sliders not working, the presets not loading in properly, and poor optimization mainly in eevee.

    • Physical Addons

      13 days ago

      Hi! Thank you for your patience! Make sure you're using the right versions of both blender and addon, especially loading in the correct preset versions. If these problems persist, open a support ticket or join our discord community ( for some assistance. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by these issues.
  • Ronnie
    about 1 month ago

    Not sure what I am doing wrong, but the assets don't work for me anymore. The background is not changing when dragging Assets into the view.

    I believe this AddOn is really great, but not very well documented for a part time user like me. Quite a shame.

    • Physical Addons

      about 1 month ago

      Hey Ronnie, Thank you for the feedback! Indeed assets file has been corrupted due to our API changes and is partially working. Wanted to reply as soon as we had at least a workaround and here it is. You will find 2 assets.blend files attached in the downloads section - assets for PSA version 1.6.1 and below and assets for version 1.6.2 and above. In the upcoming release, we'll introduce a script that will generate an assets file and import it depending on the PSA version you are using. Sorry for any inconvenience caused due to this issue. By the way, you can find documentation here and if any questions arise - feel free to ask them on our community Discord
  • guillermo
    about 1 month ago

    After using it for several months I can say that it is a spectacular complement and it makes the colors, textures, shapes look very good with a tremendously realistic tone, its purchase is recommended

  • Kriss
    about 1 month ago

    Amazing results !

  • Scott
    about 2 months ago

    Would like to see way better-looking clouds. It looks like my Lightwave 3d from the 90s. Hope you improve that.

  • Eduardo Marenco
    3 months ago

    Great addon, just needs to improve the clouds a little bit more.

  • Sung
    3 months ago

    A time saving physics-based addon that lets you create realistic atmospheres and suns in the world shader with just a few clicks! highly recommending this for every artist but for future updates, I would really like a moon feature added as well. ofc you can use the PCO addon to do that, but a more realistic earth's moon would be a great addition to the addon.

  • Nathaniel Pabalate
    4 months ago

    This potentially has lot's of promise, but is completely unstable and unreliable in any sort of production setting because of the amount of bugs it has. Just simply turning off PSA and then turning it on again results in not being able to adjust any settings, and essentially destroys all your shaders in almost every material you have. It adds additional nodes to a lot of materials you have (not even in the world nodes).

    Good to maybe experiment with small projects but I would not use in any real projects where you have deliverables until these bugs are gone. When you're paying a relatively high price for something like this, you'd think that it would be more stable. I have version 1.5.2 btw.

    • Physical Addons

      3 months ago

      Hey Nathaniel, Thank you for the feedback! Regarding stability, we **highly suggest** updating to the latest PSA version v1.6.1 (release notes here: []( as it should tackle all issues you are facing now (issues with missing data-block nodes that were caused when disabling addon, sun position animation stutters, issues when trying to animate some of the properties and more). Also, you will gain a lot of new features that are not present in v1.5.1 (more controls over stars and clouds). Sorry for any inconvenience caused by these issues and we hope that you will enjoy the new features and a more stable addon. To follow the latest PSA updates follow us on Twitter ( or join our community Discord channel (
  • Varun K Gupta
    4 months ago

    Always wanted a more controlled approach for my world than what HDRIs offer and this was the answer all along! I have used this for many projects and it has never let me down :>

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