Physical Starlight And Atmosphere

by RIG in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Collin Pence 2 months ago

    Amazing add on. Been using it since 1.1 first came out, and as a environment and landscape artist I use this add on constantly. Extremely useful for concept pieces and previewing the lighting of a scene. And it also holds up for certain final renders. And 1.2 is even better! Love this add on, and cant wait for the future releases.

  • Steve Jarratt 2 months ago

    This is a brilliant, must-have plugin for instant realistic renders. No fuss or hassle. I wish Cinema 4D had anything this good!

  • Max 3 months ago

    This is majestic.

  • Geoffrey 4 months ago

    Don't let you fool by the simplicity of its interface, this addon is extremely powerful and doesn't lack controls to its finest details !
    I only wish it came by default with blender.

    Super excited for the future cloud update ! Keep up the good work

  • Ian Letarte 4 months ago

    I've only had this for a few weeks and holy cow it is so useful. In the past whenever I was doing a scene outside, there was always the question of "What do I put in the background?". This is an easy answer to that question. There is also a really nice amount of control.

    Well worth the money.

  • Keith Talbot 4 months ago

    works like a dream in Eevee and Cycles, the sunrise and sunset effects are stunning.
    Looking forward to the addition of clouds then it will be perfect

  • Achil 5 months ago

    Amazing. Thank you for making this <3 Cant wait what the new updates will bring

  • Saku 6 months ago

    This addon is simply clever..

    Getting your outdoor lighting is not super hard but its really tedious to set up. Been using this addon for few months now and I could not be happier. I know that my lighting is top quality each and every time I click physical starlight and atmosphere addon tickbox. It really makes my art process smooth and pleasant!

  • lunad4rkness 7 months ago

    Simple and easy instant beauty for atmosphere T_T I love it.

  • Paul 7 months ago

    Any time of day to night colour system, amazing!

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