Ossim - Simulation Baking Tool (Now With 2.91 Support)

by Peter Gubin in Scripts and Addons


  • Put python file inside Blender scripts folder (Blender\2.**\scripts\addons)
    • OR simply press Install Addon From File button in Addons tab (Preferences)
  • Enable addon by clicking on checkbox

How to use

  • Bring any mesh to blender and break it however you want 
    • You can use built-in Blender addon called Cell Fracture
    • You can also use PhysAssist addon
  • Set rigid body physics for all geometry pieces you want to simulate. You can make simulation conditions as complex as you like (adding wind, vortex or another rigidbody colliding with your mesh)
  • Select just geometry you want to bake. Move it to separate layer for convenience.
  • Specify target layer for skinned geometry.
  • Run armature generation (Tool located under Tools->Misc->Ossim)
  • After you have got armature you can keyframe it in Pose Mode.
  • Select armature and skinned mesh and export it.


You can download demo scene here to get familiar with the tool.

Video below demonstrates basics of using built-in addon called Cell Fracture addon for Blender which can be used as a way to break down your mesh you want to simulate.