Ossim - Simulation Baking Tool (Now With 2.91 Support)

by Peter Gubin in Scripts and Addons

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  • Mateusz Borkowski 2 months ago

    doesn't work with 2.91 even though in description it says 2.8+

    I'll adjust the review once it's updated

    • Peter Gubin 2 months ago

      I update the tool until the end of this week, thanks for feedback!

  • Josh Rawlings 10 months ago

    Works perfectly! Just what I was looking for, thanks a bunch!!! :)

  • Aeon over 1 year ago

    Cant seem to find any info on cloth simulation bake, nor is it working for me in blender 2.8.

  • Fractures over 2 years ago

    Great tool which streamlines the process of porting baked simulations into a game enviroment.

    I'm looking forward to the features purposed in 1.2 and then on.

    The only issue I have faced with this plugin is the keying, the keying does not key the constrained location properly, although this can be bypassed by exporting to a FBX, importing, and then exporting to any alternative formats that are are exclusive to other engines.

    For Peter, I would like to suggest (if possible) to a function which would merge the skin mesh, and make the rest pose the same as the origins of each object, rather than every bone being at the origin of the world.

    Overall, great tool.

    • Peter Gubin over 2 years ago

      Thank you very much! I'm glad that it is useful not only for me but for several users at this point.

      About your suggestion - sounds reasonable, I'll take a look at this possibility. Thank you!

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