Marble Run Kit

by Blender SimulARTion in Models

Building 100 blocks isn't a fun task. With this Marble Run Kit, you can create your marble run course right away!

I always want to own a CUBORO set when I'm small but it's just way too expensive. So I started to model my own virtual CUBORO set and make 3D marble run videos with it during the pandemic lockdown. Feedbacks from my YouTube channel are surprisingly positive. Even Clint from pwnisher commented and subscribed! Many viewers asked for more and even threw me awesome ideas on what theme they would like to see. For sure, I couldn't do all the themes, that's why I create this kit. I would like to help marble run fans who got fun ideas to create their own course.

Ready for simulation
You don't need to know Blender physics to use this kit. All blocks already have rigid body setup. Just click 'play' and it'll start running.

Easy to snap
The grid scale is optimized to match the block size. Simply enable 'snap to increment' and you can join all the blocks together perfectly.

100 blocks
Every block is different. Explore their use and build your unique course!

4 materials
With variations of 1 monocolour and 3 wood colours - Mix, light and dark wood shades.

Full kit contains:
- Marble Run Kit_Wood_Mix.blend (100 Blocks)
- Marble Run Kit_Wood_Light.blend (100 Blocks)
- Marble Run Kit_Wood_Dark.blend (100 Blocks)
- Marble Run Kit_Monocolour.blend (100 Blocks)
- Demo 1.blend
- Demo 2.blend
- Moby Motion - Demo 1.blend (Created by Moby Motion!)
- Textures folder
- Renders

Mini kit contains:
- Marble Run Kit mini_Wood_Mix.blend (60 Blocks)
- Marble Run Kit mini_Wood_Light.blend (60 Blocks)
- Marble Run Kit mini_Wood_Dark.blend (60 Blocks)
- Marble Run Kit mini_Monocolour.blend (60 Blocks)
- Textures folder
- Renders

Videos created using the kit:

Discover more!
Personal IG: @alan_____luk
IG: @blender_simulartion

Looking forward to seeing your marble run course!

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