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Trees, palms, shrubs & plants library Botaniq: Trees for Blender 2.8+ Cycles & Eevee 


2020/05/22: 5.3 Fixed a crasher bug on OSX when no IP address is available, Fixed incorrect usage of gamma correction for normal maps, Fixed a name clash related to random transform operator.

2020/04/20: 5.2 New succulents category with 9 models of cacti, 16 new coniferous tree models, added a search bar, fixed "Convert to Editable" to work correctly with 2.82+, fixed automatic install path issues on Mac, fixed the empty square to always be filled with first tree of given category, improved the UI with added icons and fixed some minor issues mostly relating to some material settings.

2020/02/08: Seasonal versions of deciduous and coniferous trees, new shrub and pine variations, installer is now one big .zip file, fixed issues with missing textures and altered some materials, added "Find Missing Files" for botaniq when textures/models are missing and redid most of the naming system to be more consistent for the future.

2019/10/19: added 23 plants, 24 various pots, fixed some albedos and a couple of small issues like missing alpha, improved documentation and button labels + descriptions

2019/08/14: added 26 tropical trees, 3 shrubs, fixed some textures alphas and couple of alpha clip settings

2019/07/16: added 15 trees, 6 shrubs and improved previews with common English name of given species

2019/07/08: botaniq first release with 63 trees

About botaniq

botaniq is an extensive library of optimized & realistic 3D Trees, Palms, Shrubs and Plants for Architectural Visualization, Environmental Design, Rendering Forests, Landscaping or other Scenes that could use a bit of various Greenery.

The library is expanding as time goes by with more greenery joining in. Latest additions are even more trees, shrubs, tropicals, plants+pots and seasons.

There are also plans to add new features like wind animation, level of detail, tree painting and more based on requests and feedback.


There are 2 product variations containing different amount of trees: 

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