Baga Pie | Architecture & Vegetation, Rocks, Trees

by antoine bagattini in Addons

Asset Browser Integration

Directly pick assets from the Asset Browser, selecting from any available libraries with ease. The ability to select multiple assets at once is also fully supported, simplifying your workflow and saving you time.

Quickly generate parametric stairs spiral, fence, handrail, tiles, pipes, cables, walls, floors, beams wire, ...

Parametric Presets

Since we have a lot of procedural generators, we have added a library of over 100 parametric presets using these generators. Remember to enable it in the addon preferences > Assets.
Arrayyyyyyys Random

We have Circular, Linear, Grid and Curve randomizable array !
+ Draw Array : select any assets and spread them along the curve.
Ivy Generator

Optimized, fast and easy to use ivy generator. Two growing methods are available. It detects collisions and uses gravity.

Zip Generator «addon» made in 1 min - no scripting

BagaPie GeoPack is a free tool that simplifies your Blender workflow. It enables you to group your geometry nodes and assign custom actions for setup during their addition, saving valuable time and simplifying complex node trees. Additionally, you can link an asset library and export everything to a .geopack file, which can be easily installed by anyone.

Your packs belong to you, share them, sell them, send them to your team, do whatever you want with them !

Try it with our free demo pack !
For Users
  • Simplify and speed up your workflow
  • Everything is pre-configured automatically: No need for tedious setup or imports
  • Packs & Modifiers are grouped in a pie menu for quick access.
For Creators
  • Transform Your Geometry Node Trees into Modifiers
  • Define custom actions for easy node tree
  • Join an Asset Library
  • Packs works like add-ons for users & require no scripting for you

Smart Shader :
Easily adjust the season and randomize it to improve realism !
Asset Pack Installation
Once the addon installed, you just have to install the assets packages : BagaPie_Assets_Vol_X.baga
BagaPie’s Library will be automatically setup in the asset browser.
Select our assets to easily teak the assetssset is selected, the shader is displayed in the panel.
We optimize our materials to avoid useless data and make these assets fit in your GPU memory.
Some assets uses procedural textures, others 2K textures and other up to four 4K UDIM. Textures are adapted depending on the assets.
Our plant species are carefully named and at the right scale.

This list is for BagaPie Assets Full, you can see the asset list for other versions here:

  • BagaPie Modifier V9 + Assets Packs for Blender 3.4
    Starting from BagaPie V9, we’ve implemented a Pack system for BagaPie Assets.
    For more details, please refer to our FAQ section.
  • BagaPie Modifier V8 + Assets V4 for Blender 3.2 / 3.3 / 3.4
  • BagaPie Modifier V7 + Assets V3 for Blender 3.2
  • BagaPie Modifier V6 + Assets V2 for Blender 3.0 / 3.1
  • BagaPie Modifier V5 + Assets V1 for Blender 3.0
  • BagaPie Modifier V4 for Blender 2.93

Future updates are included for all plant and mineral assets.
We have added over 500 new assets since the first release !

Want to know more about BagaPie ? Take a look to the documentation.

Something wrong ? Don’t worry ! We’re here ! Feel free to contact us !

License :
BagaPie Modifier is free, you are free to use it for any purpose. All of the code in BagaPie is licensed under GPL/MIT. Textures in BagaPie Modifier come from : and
Nodes Trees in BagaPie Modifier are under Royalty Free licence. You can use it for personal and commercial use but you can’t sell or share it (although sharing with your team is ok). If you want to modify them to use them elsewhere, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are open.
Textures, Nodes Trees and models in BagaPie Assets are under Royalty Free licence. You can use it for personal and commercial use but you can’t sell or share it’s content (even modified).

Laura Mercadal

Antoine Bagattini

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