Flip Fluids

by RLGUY in Scripts and Addons

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  • lee simpson 5 days ago

    Great product

  • Eugenio 2 months ago

    Really great add-on for fluid simulation, well documented and quite easy to use.

  • Peter Willemsen 3 months ago

    I was just working on a Spyro model that I couldn't finish off just well enough with the original fluid simulator as it was rigged and blender's simulator can only handle that while enforcing no slip.

    I took the gamble and decided to shove the 80$ for FLIP Fluids, after trying the demo on Linux. It worked perfectly and not only did it solve ALL of my problems I had with Blenders Fluid Simulator, it also offered a way better accuracy!

    For the model, see: https://imgur.com/WlFza5t

  • Tomasz 3 months ago

    Lovely addon

  • NIKOWINDY 3 months ago

    Automatically exit the software when rendering,Blender 2.8 Beta Windows 64 bit,FLIP Fluids may-2019.zip

    • Ryan Guy 3 months ago

      Blender 2.80 is in beta and our support is experimental. Render crashes are a known issue in Blender 2.80 and the Blender developers are working on fixing this problem: https://developer.blender.org/T60094

      You may use the Blender Market messaging system to contact us about any problems or issues that you encounter.

  • Taimaz 3 months ago

    Awson package, lots of options and easy to use. Very good and fast support. Highly recommend it.

  • Chris Heuer 3 months ago

    Flip Fluids is simply AMAZING! I am doing a shot simulating water thrown from a cup onto a wine bottle. I have run dozens of simulations to get the look I want. Well into the process, we decided to film actual water thrown onto a wine bottle for reference. We were shocked at how dead on Flip Fluids sims were to the footage we shot.
    This Add On is amazing. The support team goes above & beyond to help if you have questions. Buy this product!

  • oleksii 4 months ago

    Great job guys! Thank you a lot for this addon.

  • rangarig 5 months ago

    This is a huge timesaver, it has some known buy in the linux version (I knew what was coming) that I would love to see adressed, but these are really just a minor hassle, and it is still a lot easier to use than the inbuild fluid solver, and I think also a lot faster. Great work!

  • Olusegun Mosuro 5 months ago

    Great. The documentation makes it easy to get started with the add-on.

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