Flip Fluids

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  • Harrowing Hell
    3 days ago

    I made this purchase today only because you said we get FLIP 2.0 for free. Thank you for the soul crushing work you put in to make this masterpiece.

    • Ryan Guy

      2 days ago

      Thanks for the support! From the start we have always had a goal to provide all updates to the addon at no extra cost, even for large updates such as the FLIP Fluids 2.0 project. It has truly been a delight for us to continue development of the addon over the years, and it's largely due to the kindness and support from the Blender community that has made this a wonderful experience.

  • randray
    4 months ago

    Incredibly stable! I killed Blender over 100 times by built-in fluid sim, but this sim never kill Blender.

  • Sunlite
    4 months ago

    Just awesome!!

  • aPOP
    5 months ago

    Still fantastic and so useful in 2023!! It blows my mind that this is created by non-blender devs for how fantastic and well thought out it is.

    Every little thing you might want in an add-on is here. Considerations for ease of selection, ease of baking and rendering, ease of just general use and most of all FANTASTIC documentation. The answer I need is almost always already written and even the one time I couldn't find it, the devs got back to me immediately and helped me fix my issue no problem.

    This is worth your money!!

  • Thomas Schaedel
    7 months ago


  • Isak Fjeld Rasmussen
    8 months ago

    super hard to work with. some times it kinda works but you try to do the exact same thing later with the same settings and it doesn't work anymore. very inconsistent and hard to use

    • Ryan Guy

      8 months ago

      If you're experiencing difficulties using the FLIP Fluids addon, please send us a message. I'm sure we can help you, and perhaps there is something missing that is causing these issues.

  • david
    11 months ago

    works for simple scenes or some middle level complex scenes but dont try to put fluid inside enclosed space as it can result in instability ... i made the mistake of trying to move the blender file with cache to another PC for rendering and some how this corrupted it (not sure if it was that) ... tried control Z .. tried append to new scene even tried to re simulate it ... all now result in that scene crashing blender

    tried applying scale to all mesh objects which oddly seemed to corrupt the blender save after trying to render it out

    in short ... if you want to simulate fluid in organic situations and have it look convincing without crashes ... dont use control Z or try to transfer the file to another PC (unless you aim to transfer BEFORE you simulate)

    when this addon works it really works well... much better than mantaflow .. sadly in my experience getting it to work is a dice roll at best even with the latest supposed updates it still is unstable and some areas lack definition in the domain settings panel in reference to size or impact

    if you want a weeks worth of headaches with the potential to corrupt your blender saves with the slim chance it works as intended then sure go ahead and buy this addon but if you are able to get mantaflow to work for you the dont ... the added fidelity of this addon is not worth corrupting blender saves and heaps of crashes just to get added detail in fluid sims

    i will edit this review when the stability problems are addressed and corrected

  • Andrzej Sliga
    12 months ago

    I was a bit hesitant before buying FLIP Fluids, but it's absolutely worth it. The amount of control is amazing and the customer support is quick and helpful. I think it's the best support I have ever came across!

  • Saunier
    12 months ago

    Pfffiou....!!! Very worth the money spent !
    FF is easy to get started with if you take the necessary time to read the documentation and to watch and at least the 1st one of the provided video tutorials .
    Stable and featured, results are impressive.
    A pro tool (with some mentioned limitations), affordable, with no subsciption... Thank you !

  • Loopiss
    about 1 year ago

    One of the best addon made for Blender. With a very good documentation. Thank you guys!

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