Tree And Grass Library Botaniq Trees+Grass Tree

by polygoniq in Models

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  • Johnathan 3 days ago

    Fantastic product! I have been recommending this pack to my friends and other digital artists. For future updates, I would like to see some LODs, more dead leaf variations to match the different trees (e.g. dead Maple leaves under a Maple tree), and if you really want to push it, animated assets!

    But overall you should buy this product if you are interested in it, you won't be let down.

  • Yugo Risfriwan 5 days ago

    Worth every single penny

  • dynamics 7 days ago

    Pros : Beautiful, Realistic Trees and grass, Reasonable Price, Easy to use
    "Snap to ground" function works to other assets
    Need to be update :
    1. Levels of detail.. dozens of trees are too hard to render(but no problem with solid display mode). It is not suitable for forest. But they said they are planning add this feature. hopefully they add this feature as soon as possible
    2. Many tree types don't include small trees. for example, there are only very big maples... small trees should be included
    3. It would be nice if "scatter assets" function is capable to other assets
    4. more dead leaves variation needed (yellow and red mixed for example)

  • drfugazi 12 days ago

    Just bought this lovely piece of addon. I didn't even see at least 5% of the content, but I just love and I have to tell it to everybody :-D. Thanks for it!

  • Hyesung Jang 12 days ago

    You know what? this is an extremely reasonable price. Even if It's not extreme realism, but it's a reasonable choice between performance and detail.

  • Cg Crafted 14 days ago

    Wow, I just noticed the latest update with added grass assets and easy scattering options. I was about to buy another grass addon, but I guess I don't need to anymore, what a nice timing!
    The addon is easy to use, as always. It's simplicity is its strength too, as having only a few useful buttons makes adding and managing stuff much easier (and now scattering too).
    Improvement ideas that I would really need:
    1. Option to animate grass/trees (shape keys could do the trick easily).
    2. add more shrubs and ground-plants please for forest scenes, they are always left out from nature addons Although Botaniq has shrubs, there aren't enough for forest scenes The lite version really needs more, and probably the full version too, considering how little amount is left for the lite version. Forests need a LOT of shrubs and small plants that aren't grass and weeds.

  • Lisandra Gutierrez 15 days ago

    The assets look realistic, have plenty of variaton, and run well for their polycount. Also, the shaders are a nice bonus. The only things I would like added are, trees that can be scattered, wind animation, and more flower and grass models. Other than that, I don't think I'll need other grass, tree, or plant models ever again.

  • julie 17 days ago

    Great addon - Realistic asset . It's perfect

  • jimhatama 24 days ago

    Great addon. Would love to see low version of trees for large scenes though

  • knear 26 days ago

    I have a low end pc and thought the assets would be to much for my computer, but they are really optimized and run and render really well

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