botaniq - tree library - Cycles+Eevee - 2.8

by polygoniq in Models

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  • bunnyvoid about 6 hours ago

    Very good stuff, will you make tropical trees too? Like palms and maybe flowering trees? Thanks, Love the add-on

  • Nhia Lee 1 day ago

    It's good, fast and it works. Mayve for future updates add tree animation to it as an option?

  • Riley Brown 5 days ago

    Not just a great pack of trees, but one of the best model packs I've come across on Blender market to date. Priced very well. I'll be keeping an eye out for your future model packs.

  • david 5 days ago

    really nice trees, and help me solve my problem when installation the addon.

  • noob13 6 days ago

    Really nice and well optimized. I was trying to use image planes and having a nightmare with shadows. I have The Grove but those are some HEAVY meshes and slow things down real quick. I saw this and seeing as I how impressed I am with Materialiq I didn't hesitate to buy this. Polygoniq puts out quality products and I recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

    • polygoniq 6 days ago

      What a nice review! Thank you and glad to hear you're a materialiq user aswell. I think Grove is great for hero trees but not so much for dense forests. We will keep those products coming!

  • eduardo 7 days ago

    Awesome add-on! Trees are optimized and good looking!

    • polygoniq 6 days ago

      Thank you Eduardo! That's great to hear!

  • peter 7 days ago

    Thank you for this awesome add-on. I'm looking forward to future versions.

    • polygoniq 6 days ago

      Thanks, the next version will come sooner than you might expect:)

  • Luke Hayne 8 days ago

    An excellent add-on for blender, it is fast, responsive and a pleasure to work with. I recommend it for anyone who needs good looking trees to fill your scenes at the click of a button...

    • polygoniq 8 days ago

      We are glad to hear it, truly! More is coming! More trees, more shrubs, more green!

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