Tree And Grass Library Botaniq Tree Addon Trees+Grass Trees

by polygoniq in Models

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  • [email protected] 12 days ago

    Waited for a money-off deal and picked up the full version of 6.2. With all the new assets and functionality, this is an absolute steal. I have no idea why you wouldn't want Botaniq! It now sits alongside Traffiq in my adding panel. Looking forward to future updates and support for the Everything Nodes system.

  • Damian 15 days ago

    Excellent Add on but the convert to editable button doesn't work on scatter assets on a plane like grass since the update? If you try to convert via modifiers tab Blender will crash even with little number of assets. The Make Local option does not work either on the plane. Please help fix this. Keep up the add on!

    • polygoniq 15 days ago

      Hi Damian,
      could you get in contact us either through message here or through our discord channel?

      We will need additional information to help solve this issue

  • Ryan Mottershead 26 days ago

    Such an awesome addon! Before creating dynamic and realistic grass may have seemed intimidating, whereas now it's a pleasure. No regrets with purchasing this addon. Using it over the last few week has been brilliant and the UI is simple and sleek. Brilliant!

  • D Eric Harmon 29 days ago

    So far it is easy, but I am having trouble with the weight paint and scatter. I wish there were more step by step documentation for these parts...are there any online tutorials available?

  • David Schwalbach 29 days ago

    This is an amazing addon! With the new update to 6.2 getting the new features felt like christmas a bit, the vines and ivy as well as the rocks and garden assets are amazing! It saves tons of time especially on background nature and is very performative too! The only tiny thing i would wish for with this would be twigs and branches and general forest debris. That would tie everything together and enable full forest creation with botaniq.

  • Reinhard Werner about 1 month ago

    Great addon, easy to use and absolutely worth to buy!

  • Mustafa about 1 month ago

    I am in love with this add-on. If you work with Blender & you work with vegetation (Trees, Grass etc.), you must buy this add-on.
    All future updates are free. It gives you so many items like Trees, Grass, Flowers, Palms, Shrubs & Plants, both for Cycles & Eevee. With every release, there are new features and new items. Its so easy to use. I want to write so many things about it, but I want to say that "I Love Botaniq".

    • polygoniq about 1 month ago

      Mustafa, thank you for your 5-star review! We hope that botaniq saves you a lot of time in the future! :)

  • RJ about 1 month ago

    Really loved the look of this, but Scatter Assets doesn't work. When attempting to add anything in Scatter Assets, the message "nothing found" displayed. Though I was able to spawn grass, trees, etc just fine. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. Still same error. According to the YouTube demo ( it showed that I should be able to click on Scatter Assets and choose what I'd like. So I'm fairly certain this is bug.

    What bothers me most is that I couldn't locate any troubleshooting at all. Unfortunately, I have to request a refund.

    • polygoniq about 1 month ago

      Hi RJ,
      We are sorry about the issue you've encountered with botaniq 6.2, it has been reported a lot via our inbox, Discord and email, where you can easily reach us.

      We have now released botaniq 6.2.2 within 24 hours that fixes the scatter issue and also improves Vine draw mode and fixed rotations of certain assets.

      Let us know if you encounter any other issues.

  • thi about 1 month ago

    Looks great, and easy set-up! Cannot wait to see how Botaniq could work together with the new Geometry nodes.

    • polygoniq about 1 month ago

      Thanks, Thi, much appreciated! We are already experimenting with geometry nodes ;)

  • butthe4d about 1 month ago

    Fantastic addon. Saves so much time, its fun and easy to use. 100% worth the money. Probably my best blender addon investment.

    • polygoniq about 1 month ago

      Hey, thanks for the ultra-positive review! User experience like this is what keeps us motivated! :)

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