Tree Library Botaniq Trees+Plants

by polygoniq in Models

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  • punker3d 9 days ago

    This is one of the best asset library addon's I have purchased. I have bought many different addon's over the past two years, and this is one that I use the most. The quality of the textures and models is great, the new variations from updates, greatly appreciated. And, something I find extremely important is the help and feedback from the developer. I have had some hiccups here and there, and they were very helpful in getting me where I needed to be. You can be confident that they care about their product and their customers. Looks like I'll be buying the materials asset library next!

  • hand 11 days ago

    Great quality assets, good to still see updates rolling out. Please continue to.

  • JasboJones 20 days ago

    Very hand addition if you have need for adding one or hundreds of trees to your scene.
    Good communication from developer.
    I have noticed no problems using with 2.82

  • Andy S about 1 month ago

    It's one of my biggest purchases for Blender and have to say that I am very pleased for what it's done for my renders!

    Great product and great support as well.

  • Yung Hahn about 1 month ago

    I bought Botaniq 2020 full version, Real tree, Some trees from 3dshaker. Like others, Botaniq has its own Pros and Cons.

    1. Very convenient to use. especially fast selection with preview mode.
    2. Memory friendly with good quality trees. well-optimized.
    3. Value!! Much more collections with better prices against competitors.

    1. Shapes of some trees look a bit artificial, too round or triangular shape.
    2. In my opinion, the default color value is too dark with my usual light setting. (I used nice HDRI from Vizpeople with sunlight and checked material color value of other objects looked in proper exposure.)
    3. It doesn't work with 2.82 blender version. Every material node in shading panels was locked up in 2.82. So, I couldn't edit any value in nodes. hope this will be fixed any time soon.

  • Russell about 1 month ago

    Coming from Sapling tree gens add on this is like Night and Day.

    The models are very high quality and its a ton of fun to use and very interactive and simple while still having a ton of different options to choose from. Will be looking for future add ons from the creator

  • abdoubouam about 1 month ago

    I highly recommend it!

    Botaniq became my go-to solution when I need to add trees for my scenes. The tree selection is really huge, high quality and efficient. I don't need to look anywhere else for trees to use in my projects and I don't have to create them from scratch!
    The add-on makes the browsing and importing process extremely easy and fast, pupulating your scene with trees is only a matter of a few seconds now.
    The most important feature is the quality, the trees look great for architectural visualizations, environment art, details...etc. There might be noticeable geometry and texture seams on extreme close-ups, but in most cases they look great. The leaves materials simulate subsurface scattering and give the distinct look of the leaves being illuminated from the opposite side.
    The trees work well with EEVEE, as well as Cycles.
    The addition of the vases and indoor decorative plants in the new version are very much appreciated!

    Even if the price seems a bit high at first, the value is extremely great for the content you get in return (that's about 160 trees, plants and vases, as of February 2020). And there's even a lite version if you don't need everything the full version has to offer.

    Once again, I am very satisfied with the product and I highly recommend it. Kudos to the developer(s) 👍

  • Fabrice about 1 month ago

    I've just got the Lite version and it's awesome!! Great Job!!
    The ramdom variation is wonderfull. Easy to use and detailed.
    Just one thing... There is 2 lite versions to download (1910 and 2002) , Is installing the 2002 is ok? Greetings from France and thank you again

  • Jeremy about 1 month ago

    I don't know why I haven't heard of the product before! so easy and simple to use and doesn't destroy your computer with lots of polys. Is it possible to upgrade to the full version from the lite?

    • polygoniq about 1 month ago

      Hi there Jeremy, happy to hear that. To upgrade, simply send us a message here and we'll give you a discount coupon that covers the price difference! ;)

  • George about 2 months ago

    Wonderful plugin, amazingly easy to add your wonderful trees - especially love the winter trees with snow added already!

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