Tree And Grass Library Botaniq Trees+Grass Tree

by polygoniq in Models

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  • Andy Redwood 5 days ago

    Really worth the money, great realism - and even better now it's got the Scatter system!

  • Steven Lee 9 days ago

    This is an excellent and ever improving and evolving product. Many many thanks for producing it!

  • G. Nakai 13 days ago

    Pretty nice addon to have specially if you are on making some nature stuffs, it's a time saver. Although here is my reason why I put 4 stars.

    My only concern is that it needs more tree in the collection it's still not enough, I would like to see something like Sakura tree model and maple tree as it is quite essentials for making Spring season scenery. Also there is no autumn tree option, Although this one can be change within material, it would be a life saver if there is a one stop button that can do it faster rather than going to the nodes to change it.

    Other than that I have no problem with the add-on, it's stable in my side.

  • slum about 1 month ago

    Incredible time saver and the quality is top-notch. Worth every single cent.

  • Randy Quaiscer about 2 months ago

    Not one asset isn't beautiful and realistic. Responsive and great author, a must have for anyone who enjoys environmental art

  • Vlad Sofronie about 2 months ago

    Great addon! Outstanding details for the assets! Worth the price!

  • Johnathan 3 months ago

    Fantastic product! I have been recommending this pack to my friends and other digital artists. For future updates, I would like to see some LODs, more dead leaf variations to match the different trees (e.g. dead Maple leaves under a Maple tree), and if you really want to push it, animated assets!

    But overall you should buy this product if you are interested in it, you won't be let down.

  • Yugo Risfriwan 3 months ago

    Worth every single penny

  • dynamics 3 months ago

    Pros : Beautiful, Realistic Trees and grass, Reasonable Price, Easy to use
    "Snap to ground" function works to other assets
    Need to be update :
    1. Levels of detail.. dozens of trees are too hard to render(but no problem with solid display mode). It is not suitable for forest. But they said they are planning add this feature. hopefully they add this feature as soon as possible
    2. Many tree types don't include small trees. for example, there are only very big maples... small trees should be included
    3. It would be nice if "scatter assets" function is capable to other assets
    4. more dead leaves variation needed (yellow and red mixed for example)

  • drfugazi 3 months ago

    Just bought this lovely piece of addon. I didn't even see at least 5% of the content, but I just love and I have to tell it to everybody :-D. Thanks for it!

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