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by polygoniq in Models

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  • Christoph 17 days ago

    works so fine for me!

  • Allan about 1 month ago

    Very convenient and easy to use! great support from dev as well!

  • Damian about 1 month ago

    Great quality assets!

  • braj about 1 month ago

    I bought the Lite version, it is super convenient to get some trees in my scenes, and will probably upgrade to the full version sometime. The only thing missing for me are bones, but I didn't expect them to be rigged, so I won't complain. But it would be a nice future addition.

  • Robert Wesseling about 1 month ago

    I checked the assets in multiple HDRI's and compared textures with other high quality textures (Quixel) and I must says these assets are perfect if you need assets that fits right into the scene. What I mean is the albedo values are very plausible and therefore I call it PBR. It's quite rare to find quality like this.

  • Jerremia about 2 months ago

    Great collection of realistic vegetation that's well worth the money. The models are even good for high-poly game projects, well optimsed!

  • Nik about 2 months ago

    In love with this addon!

  • Santo 3 months ago

    Been extremely happy with this product, was getting a little impatient with the 2.82 update breaking the convert to editable function but very glad it has been resolved. Loving the free updates too.

  • matthieu 4 months ago


  • Magenta Reader 4 months ago

    Mind is absolutely blown. This is an AWESOME addon. No muss, no fuss. Addon itself installed with no issue, and adding greenery is a matter of choose, click, and put it where you want it. And an awesome variety of greenery, too, plus seaonal variation. This addon, plus a grass-related addon, and you've pretty much got everything you need for adding greenery to your projects.

    (Only requests, for future developements, would be if there can be lower-poly versions, particularly the trees, for very large-scale landscapes.)

    This is awesome, awesomer, and awesomest!!

    (Also, why does Blender Market cap ratings at 5 stars? This product deserves at least 10!!)

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