Botaniq - Tree Library - Cycles+Eevee - 2.8

by polygoniq in Models

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  • Richard Osborn 27 days ago

    Absolutely amazing!
    I'm creating an architectural fly-over of a site and needed some trees - fast! botaniq is the perfect solution.
    It has a simple to use visual menu system - just pick the tree icon (there's lots to choose from) and click '+'. It really is that simple!
    But the things I like best are;
    1. the models are linked files, therefore they have very little impact on the scene's memory footprint. And if you duplicate trees they add virtually no additional memory - superb!
    2. there is a simple 'Randomize Transform' button. Just select (all) your trees and click - they now all have subtle random scale and rotation - genius!
    This really is a very well thought out solution for adding trees (and bushes) to your scenes.
    (sorry about all the exclamation marks but it really is that good!)

  • griantalamonti 2 months ago

    I just love this plugin, the updates you're making are amazing and on point. I especially love the speed of the plugin and the quality of assets. Thanks a lot for your work!

  • Nicola Sisto Vaccarone 2 months ago

    Amazing work. Trees are optimized and the plugin works like charm. A+++

  • Gav 2 months ago

    When I purchased this I thought about other purchases where the developer says "more to be added in the future" and that rarely happens, sometimes I don't purchase until I see some things being added as promised. Well, I purchased this a while back because it is a great add-on, and was really hoping that a few more trees, etc would be added. I was so impressed when some extra trees were added last month and again this month, this takes it from a great plugin to an Awesome one! I have full confidence in this product, thanks so much!!

  • Ian Dainton 3 months ago

    Working on my first project with this add/on and it's really great! The trees seem very optimised and it's very easy to place trees! Can't wait to see some more trees and shrubs and flowers maybe?? :D
    It would be great to have a slider to change the colours of the leaves, everything is very green at the moment!
    Looking forward to the future updates!
    Keep up the great work!

  • Saunier 3 months ago

    Very good stuff ! Nice optimised trees, nice textures, the addon works like a charm and is not too memory consuming allowing to populate a scene. The price is really fair (more than really fair if you took advantage of the release offer) and already an update with more cool stuff. Thank you !

  • bunnyvoid 3 months ago

    Very good stuff, will you make tropical trees too? Like palms and maybe flowering trees? Thanks, Love the add-on

    • polygoniq 3 months ago

      Hi there Bunny, yeah after reading your rating we've already started on some tropical trees. Right now we've got the first Cocoa nucifera done and more will come. If you'd like, send us a list of tropical trees you'd be interested in so we can include them too.

  • Nhia Lee 3 months ago

    It's good, fast and it works. Mayve for future updates add tree animation to it as an option?

    • polygoniq 3 months ago

      Yes definitely a planned feature. We just need to sort out a good way to add it to all trees somehow elegantly. Right now the focus is still on more trees though.

  • Riley Brown 3 months ago

    Not just a great pack of trees, but one of the best model packs I've come across on Blender market to date. Priced very well. I'll be keeping an eye out for your future model packs.

    • polygoniq 3 months ago

      We're pleased to hear you like them so much. Will keep more products coming. Feel free to contact us about which model packs you'd be interested in if you'd like.

  • david 3 months ago

    really nice trees, and help me solve my problem when installation the addon.

    • polygoniq 3 months ago

      Thank you for the rating David, happy to hear you like the trees and glad it works!

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