Tree And Grass Library Botaniq Tree Addon Trees+Grass Trees

by polygoniq in Models

Are there any tutorials?

Yes! We have an active Youtube channel so check it out!

How Many Assets are in Botaniq?
How to Upgrade from Lite to Full?

Yes, If you already own the lite version of botaniq you can upgrade to full using coupon code botaniqfull and that mostly negates the price difference.

It's also a good idea to upgrade during sales because we lower the price of the full version for those weeks.

Then just carry on as usual with first removing the lite version and then installing botaniq full.

How to Update to New Version?

1) Go to 
2) click on Go to Downloads next to botaniq
3) download newest version
4) remove old version of botaniq from blender
5) install new version (don't unzip)

How to Send to Render Farm?

Remember that after this the scene will be much bigger as everything is in it even the geometry. You might want to save the new .blend as _PACKED.blend and send that to the render farm while reverting to the non-packed version later.

When you use Make Local, all the linked geometry+material collections are made Local. So your file size inflates let's say from 230 MB to 800 MB depending on how many different assets you had in the scene.

1. Select all linked collections (all botaniq assets) and make them Local with pressing L and selecting All.

Then you Pack All into .blend as usual: