Tree And Grass Library Botaniq Trees+Grass Tree

by polygoniq in Models

How many assets are in botaniq lite?

Botaniq lite is approximately one third of botaniq full

You can see the assets here - click for full resolution:
(older 5.4 version, newer has slightly more)

And contains following scatter presets:

Can I update from botaniq lite to botaniq full?

Yes, If you already own the lite version of botaniq you can upgrade to full using coupon code botaniqfull and that mostly negates the price difference.

It's also a good idea to upgrade during sales because we lower the price of the full version for those weeks.

Then just carry on as usual with first removing the lite version and then installing botaniq full.

How to update to new version?

1) Go to 
2) click on Go to Downloads next to botaniq
3) download newest version
4) remove old version of botaniq from blender
5) install new version (don't unzip)